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fichey – browse popular sites through a flash interface

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Billy Chasen has launched fichey, a flash based site that allows you to browse through websites which are currently popular.

fichey – browse sites which are currently popular

fichey shows sites from a specified date that were popular on, Digg, Downfly, Reddit and StumbleUpon.

Billy writes:

Fichey saves pages from some of the top websites and shows them to you in a static “microfiche”-like format.

Therefore, your computer doesn’t spend time rendering a page, requesting lots of separate images, running javascript, etc etc. You just get to see the content and move on (since most of the pages we see, we’re not interested in.).

Pretty neat stuff to waste some time.

Also check out downfly, Chasen’s other site. downfly lets you easily send links to friends and see what are the most popular sites amongst your friends. You can also see which of your friends clicked the link you sent, as well as how much the link gets sent around. Additionally, you have the option to join a discussion about the link.

Link via TechCrunch

Pictogame: create mini-games based on your digital pictures

Pictogame logo

Pictogame is a online service (similar to MyGame) where you can create mini-games based on your digital pictures.

From the website:

In a few clicks, Pictogame enables you to make your own game widgets and share them easily by email, on your blog, on your MySpace profile, or on any social network…


  • enhance blog readers experience with something new and fun
  • entertain your friends
  • grow your audience and popularity
  • … and much more!

You don’t need to sign up to create games, but if you get an account (free) you will also be able to:

  1. save your games and edit them later
  2. list your games on Pictogame web site for them to be rated and commented by others
  3. rate and post comments

Visit Pictogame to create your own games!

Thanks for the tip, Cyril!

Pownce Is Not Twitter, Nor Is It As Important As Twitter

I must admit I’m not with it when it comes new services like Pownce and Twitter, so it’s nice to see Tony Hung (Deep Jive Interests) talk about these in a little more detail.

Twitter and Pownce

Tony writes:

Pownce is an web-based instant messaging system that can be used ex-browser if you download the Adobe Integrated Runtime. Oh. Its wrapped up in a pretty slick package, and you can send group messages. That’s pretty much it.

It shouldn’t be confused with services like Twitter, which are really continuous partial attention services, or something that I’ve described as ambient broadcasting.

Read the article to find out more on how Pownce differs from Twitter.

MyGame: create and share flash games

MyGame logo

MyGame is a new social gaming site that brings together user generated content, casual games, and revenue sharing.

Duncan Riley writes:

MyGame users can play existing games or develop their own games using a game builder. Users pick a game template, personalize it with text, sounds and photo, then start playing. User generated games can be shared on social networks or added to blogs and websites.

Link via TechCrunch

90+ Essential Music and Audio Websites

Mashable once again delivers a nice best of list, and this time it’s all about Online Music.

Mashable Online Music Toolbox

From the article:

Online music has always been popular, and now social networks, peer recommendations and personalized radio stations are helping fans find bands faster than ever before. Here are more than 90 sites for musicians, fans, and everyone who enjoys music.

The list includes Internet Radio, Social Networks, Music Sharing Applications and Widgets, Remixing, Mobile Music Services and even Karaoke.

Visit Masable for the full article.

Second Life adds Voice to Live Grid for all users

Second Life logo

Mashable reports that Second Life has made the previously announced voice option available on the Beta grid.

Kristen Nicole writes:

What is being called the Voice First Look Viewer is available for download to use in the live grid, meaning all users can now have voice options in their Second Life game. Second Life plans to run Voice on the live grid for a couple of months, and see how t goes, based on user feedback, but the company is looking to make this a standard feature on Second Life in the near future.

I used to play Unreal Tournament online a lot, and after checking some of the servers with voice enabled, I quickly discovered I rather not hear my fellow gamers at all. Now Second Life gamers are probably a different breed (at least the percentile of female users is higher, 50% isn’t it?), but I wonder how many people really welcome this option.

Facebook vs MySpace

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Mashable took a good look at Facebook and MySpace and compared these two social networks.

Mashable Facebook vs MySpace

Ben Gold writes:

When you think of social networks you probably think of MySpace. But recently, Facebook has been gaining popularity – since it opened up beyond college users, it has enjoyed a flood of new users, boosted further by the launch of Facebook apps. It’s time these two social networks fought it out.

Each site was evaluate in 5 key areas: Design, Media, Community, Usefulness and Ease of Use.

Check Mashable for the result (hint: MySpace didn’t win it…).

Slashdot is tagging artciles (beta)

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Slashdot Tagging (beta)

Slashdot tagging:

Slashdot is currently experimenting with tagging articles. You are encouraged to use this feature to submit a handful of tags: brief labels that you think best describe this article. You might choose to say that this is an article about ‘security’ and ‘mozilla’.

This is all very beta. Currently tagging is only open to subscribers and some users.

Tags on the current frontpage include:

  • microsoft, vaporware, vapourware, windows (for an article about Microsoft’s successor to Windows)
  • fud, stupid, spain, p2p, inaccurate (Spain banning unauthorized peer-to-peer file-sharing, okay that is kind of stupid)
  • nobody (for ‘Ask Slashdot’ question Who is Going to Buy SkyOS?)

Hmm, doesn’t seem to be too useful at the moment…