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ToneBytes/Softrave Analog Noise effect plug-in

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ToneBytes Analog Noise

ToneBytes and Softrave has released Analog Noise, an effect which adds the sound and atmosphere of analog recordings to your tracks and mixes.

The purpose of the plug-in is to add sounds typically found in the recordings of existing devices. For this goal, Analog Noise has 21 sound profiles, including the sound of magnetic tape with various coverings, the sound of vinyl records, and the sound of the signal of various tube and transistor devices, such as Hammond Sounder, Moog Liberation, Akai Ax-73, JVC MI-5000, etc.

With the help of the embedded equalizer, it is possible to either emphasize or mute those parts of the noise profile you want. The features of the equalizer are selected in such a way that it keeps its use of noise sounding natural.

A big range of noise level settings makes it possible to saturate the sound a little, or to greatly distort it. This allows Analog Noise to be used not only for adding effects to sound, but also as a source of the sound of different noises to be used in experimental styles of electronic music.

Analog Noise for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for $20 USD / 15 EUR.

More information: ToneBytes / Analog Noise


Softrave releases Alice 2012 synth plugin

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Softrave Alice 2012

Softrave has released Alice 2012, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows.

This instrument is based on waveform samples from Alice 1387 vintage analog soviet synth produced in 80 ‘s. The idea was to recreate deep low sounds sounds of Alice 1387 as close as possible to original.

This synth is good for electro, techno, idm ambient and other electronica styles. This synth will be developed further, i have some ideas how to improve it. Upgrade to next versions will be free for all customers.

Alice 2012 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 11 EUR / $15 USD

More information: Softrave / Alice 2012


Softrave updates Analog Techno Kick PRO to v2.0

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Softrave Analog Techno Kick PRO

Softrave has updated Analog Techno Kick PRO, a virtual kick synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

This plugin is intended for creation of phat kicks for techno, dance and electronic music and is empowered with HarmonicsBoosting psychoacoustic technology from Syncersoft that enrich sound with low frequencies and make each kick unique to create effect

Changes in Analog Techno Kick VSTi Pro

  • Pitch control for every kick, create the sound you want.
  • Reduced CPU usage.

Analog Techno Kick Pro for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 22 EUR / $30 USD. The upgrade is free for owners of version 1.0 Pro.

More information: Softrave


Softrave releases Hang VSTi

Softrave Hang VSTi

Softrave has released Hang VSTi v1.0, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Hang is a synth based on samples of a real Hang percussion instrument.

Dr Tikov was lucky enough to meet one day on streets of Barcelona city the inventors of Hang instruments – Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer and to receive their permission to built this instrument. So if you enjoy virtual version – please go and by the real one from them!

Hang VSTi is based on the Maize Sampler VSTi sampler engine. It features 4 velocity levels.

If you like the sound of Hang, be sure to check Soniccouture’s Hang Drum library.

Visit Softrave for more information and a link to download Hang VSTi.

Note: Hang VSTi is no longer freeware.


Softrave releases Noisybox VSTi

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Softrave Noisybox VSTi

Softrave has released Noisybox VSTi version 1.0.

Noisybox is temposynced and designed for use in IDM, electro, trance and experimental styles.

I haven’t tried this one myself yet, if anyone does please let me know if it’s any good.

Download Noisybox from the Softrave website.