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Solid State Logic Stereo EQ, new module for X-Rack modular rack

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SSL Stereo EQ Module

Solid State Logic has announced the Stereo EQ Module, a new module for the X-Rack modular rack system.

The X-Rack Stereo EQ Module is a stereo version of SSL’s console Channel EQ. It is a classic SSL four-band parametric EQ that is a superb all round frequency adjustment tool kit. Whether you need pinpoint accuracy for surgical problem solving, smoother broader sound shaping, or a little more aggressive character the SSL Stereo EQ will give you what you need. This is a fully featured EQ with high- and low-bands switchable between shelving or fixed Q bell curves and two mid-bands each with variable Q control. This stereo version introduces a ‘Selective Mode’ switch which enables independent switching of high & low bands and mid bands between SSL’s E & G series console EQ characteristics to provide an even more versatile EQ design.

Stereo EQ Module features

  • Stereo version of the XL 9000 K Channel Equaliser as used on Duality & AWS consoles.
  • ‘Selective Mode’ E and G characteristic switching, which enables independent switching of high & low bands and mid bands between E or G curves.
  • High and low-bands switchable between shelving and fixed Q Bell curves.
  • EQ IN switch for A/B comparison.
  • Rear panel connections on balanced TRS Jack.
  • TotalRecall™ status LEDs.

More information: Solid State Logic / Stereo EQ Module


Solid State Logic X-Patch Remote Control, iPhone App for X-Patch devices

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Solid State Logic X-Patch Remote Control

Solid State Logic has released the X-Patch Remote Control, a free iPhone App for SSL’s X-Patch analogue routing matrix.

The X-Patch Remote Control from Solid State Logic® searches a network over Wi-Fi for SSL’s X-Patch devices and then lists and recalls the in-built Logictivity® presets. There are up to 128 presets per X-Patch found, and where more than one X-Patch is found, each device can be independently selected and controlled.

Solid State Logic has evolved over the past 40 years to become the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles and provider of creative tools for film, audio, video and broadcast professionals.

X-Patch is designed to deliver the flexibility of plug-in style routing to boutique analogue signal processing. X-Patch allows analogue signal processing units to be built into favourite processing chains and then easily placed into signal paths, for example, favourite Mic Pre, EQ & Dynamics processors recalled as the perfect vocal chain at a single stroke.

At its heart, X-Patch is an ‘intelligent’ 16×16 SuperAnalogue(tm) audio routing matrix. Control of this sophisticated processing is made simple through SSL’s unique Logictivity Browser; this allows the graphical creation of X-Y routes and chains with all configurations able to be saved as presets.

In a studio environment X-Patch speeds up workflow and aids creativity by reducing the constant physical re-patching required when using only a patch bay for routing. Each X-Patch unit also has local MIDI IO for connection to footswitches and other utility MIDI program change devices.

X-Patch Remote Control is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

More information: Solid State Logic / X-Patch Remote Control


Solid State Logic releases Soundscape V6

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Solid State Logic Soundscape V6

Solid State Logic (SSL) has announced the release of Soundscape V6, a high performance DAW for mission critical applications.

Soundscape V6 is the next evolutionary leap for the well established and respected Soundscape DAW. Designed for mission critical applications including Live Recording, Broadcast and Restoration, Soundscape is distinctive by its no-nonsense approach to workflow and reliability.

Building on the highly robust performance for which Soundscape has deservedly become known, Soundscape V6, in combination with the new MX4 PCIe card, provides ultra reliable performance, benchmark audio quality and a feature set designed for challenging professional environments. Headline features include; 128 channel simultaneous recording, benchmark audio quality, SSL Console Bundle plug-ins, dual 64 channel MADI I/O ports, exceptionally low latency, extremely versatile routing and monitoring options, local or networked file storage, 64-bit drivers and extremely efficient utilisation of multi-core processors.

Soundscape V6 Key Features

  • High channel count – up to 128 channels of simultaneous audio record/playback.
  • Optimized for real time performance – near zero latency, sophisticated monitoring options.
  • Total reliability – extremely robust system delivers industrial strength stability.
  • Requires MX4 PCIe card – dual 64 channel I/O, DSP, multi-core multi-client drivers.
  • Sounds superb – benchmark SSL audio quality inside the box from recording to mixdown.
  • Highly evolved User Interface – streamlined Audio Editing with many workflow options.
  • SSL channel EQ, Dynamics and Bus Comp plug-ins – DSP powered legendary SSL sound inside the box.
  • Hybrid Core Processing – 64 Bit drivers utilising MX4 card DSP and multi core host processing.
  • Multi format projects – 16/24 Bit & different file formats on a single track without converting.
  • Local or networked collaboration – multiple users connected via standard Gigabit Ethernet.

Soundscape V6 will be available from May 2010. The standard MX4 & Soundscape V6 bundle will be priced £1558 GBP + Tax / 2448 EUR + Tax. A range of upgrade bundle options will be available to existing Soundscape owners.

More information: Solid State Logic / Soundscape


SSL announces X-Patch

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Solid State Logic has announced X-Patch, a versatile software controlled analogue routing system.

X-Patch is designed to deliver the flexibility of plug-in style routing to boutique analogue processing. Developed from technology at the heart of SSL’s acclaimed Matrix console, X-Patch provides a 16×16 SuperAnalogue™ routing matrix that can be Ethernet controlled remotely from a standard computer. SSL’s Logictivity™ Remote Studio Browser application provides Set-up, Configuration and Preset Storage and makes the X-Patch the perfect tool to incorporate analogue processing into any production studio environment. X-Patch can function as a simple ‘X-Y Router’ or as a ‘Matrix’ to create complex processing chains. This allows for analogue processing to be built into favorite processing chains and then easily placed into signal paths, for example, favorite Mic Pre, EQ and Dynamics processors recalled as the perfect vocal chain at a single stroke. In a studio environment, X-Patch speeds up workflow and aids creativity by reducing the constant physical re-patching required when using only a patch bay for routing. Up to six X-Patch units can be controlled in parallel from a single instance of the X-Patch Logictivity Browser software.

SSL X-Patch

X-Patch is also a powerful stage or studio live performance tool for guitarists. Once configured, X-Patch can operate independently of the Studio Browser application and host computer and has MIDI connections. Connection of a standard MIDI Foot Controller to X-Patch creates a versatile stand alone analogue routing/switching system for on-stage boutique instrument processing, or amplifier selection at a fraction of the cost of comparable professional on stage effects selection systems.

X-Patch features

  • Inserts analogue processors into production workflow like plug-ins
  • Suited to studio production and live performance applications
  • Insert ‘chains’ can be created, saved and recalled
  • Browser software controls routing and set up
  • Ethernet connection to Mac or PC host computer
  • 16 x 16 pure analogue routing matrix
  • Rear panel audio connection via 4 x 25 way D-Sub’s
  • Front Panel XLR inputs and outputs for channels 1 and 2
  • SSL SuperAnalogue™ transparent audio performance
  • MIDI connectivity enables use of Programmable Foot controllers
  • +4dB and -10dB operating levels facilitate use of guitar pedals etc

X-Patch will be available Spring 2010, priced at $1,199 USD + VAT.

More information: SSL / X-Patch


Cytomic releases The Glue

Cytomic The Glue

Cytomic has announced the release of The Glue, a compressor effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

The Glue is a high quality analog modeled plug-in based on a cross between an E and G series SSL 4000 buss compressor with some additional features. It uses the same high quality algorithms used in circuit simulation packages but optimised for real time use. It’s quick and easy to use and has an uncluttered interface.

Additions include an ultra-fast attack time of up to 0.01mS and a Range knob which backs off the compression to give incredibly natural sounding attacks and limits the maximum amount of compression applied. Also included are external sidechain support and an adjustable sidechain highpass filter.

The Glue features

  • Accurate analog model of an SSL 4000* buss compressor.
  • Ultra-fast attack time of up to 0.01 mS.
  • Range knob to naturally control the maximum compression applied.
  • Peak Clip to optionally hard limit transients.
  • DSP coded using C++ and assembler, Interface coded using the Juce framework (C++).
  • Serial number copy protection with generous license agreement.

The Glue is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for $99 USD.

More information: Cytomic


Solid State Logic announces Pro Convert v5.5 for Mac

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Solid State Logic Pro Convert

Solid State Logic has announced the forthcoming release of Pro-Convert v5.5 for Mac.

The release of Pro-convert for the Mac computer platform brings the freedom to exchange projects between DAWs to a wider user base and introduces a new user interface for the application.

Pro-Convert enables workstation users to convert session files from one format to another. The new Mac version supports several of the most popular workstation formats: ProTools 7.x, Cubase/Nuendo, Logic, Final Cut Pro and SSL’s own Soundscape.

The Mac version also sees the introduction of a new user interface that will be made available to Windows users in autumn 2009. The new interface presents a single control window from which all project settings can be manipulated. The new interface provides identical functionality to the Windows version of Pro-Convert but streamlines the user experience and facilitates the ability to save conversion presets that enable users to return to frequently used project configurations quickly and efficiently, according to SSL.

Pro-Convert for Mac will be available from May 2009 for 499 EUR / $699 USD.

Visit Solid State Logic for more information.


Universal Audio releases UAD Software version 5.3

Universal Audio has released version 5.3 of its UAD Software, including 14-day fully-functional trials of the new UAD 4K Channel Strip, UAD 4K Buss Compressor, and Cooper Time Cube MkII delay.

UAD 4K Channel Strip & Buss Compressor

The UAD 4K Channel Strip is an exacting circuit emulation of the SSL 4000 G+, complete with the Type E “black knob” four-band EQ widely held to be the favorite in SSL’s console lineage. The companion UAD 4K Buss Compressor, with its simple control set and wonderfully transparent compression characteristics, faithfully models the 4000 G+ buss compressor. With their intuitive EQ rich with colorful band interdependencies and wide range of transparent to in-your-face VCA compression characteristics, both UAD 4K plug-ins painstakingly emulate the console channel and buss compressor from the 4000 in all its hit-making glory.

The Cooper Time Cube is one of the most unique delay lines ever made, designed by Duane Cooper and Bill Putnam.

UAD Cooper Time Cube mkII
UAD Cooper Time Cube mkII

The Cooper Time Cube MkII is a feature-enhanced evolution on the original delay system design. While the plug-in retains the mechanical delay sound of the original hardware, it goes further by offering all the necessary features expected from a modern device: Delay, Decay, Pan and Volume controls plus Tempo Sync and Automation for each of the two independent delay lines.

Changes in UAD Software v5.2

  • New plug-in: UAD 4K Channel Strip.
  • New plug-in: UAD 4K Buss Compressor.
  • New plug-in: UAD Cooper Time Cube Mk II (UAD-2 only).
  • Extra presets are included in installation.
  • Enhanced dialogs when loading authorizations.
  • (UAD Meter) Added key command for “Always On Top” mode.
  • (UAD Meter) Card disable button updates after scrolling in System Information tab.
  • (UAD Meter) Use Host Mode setting works properly in Cubase 4/Nuendo 4.
  • RTAS: UAD buffer automatically configures to match audio hardware I/O setting.
  • RTAS: Mono instances generally use less DSP.
  • RTAS: Factory presets available in RTAS format.
  • RTAS: (Mac) Fixed plug-in UI drawing issues under Mac OS 10.5 Leopard.
  • UAD-2: New firmware improves overall performance and stability.
  • UAD-2: RE-201 now sonically matches UAD-1 version.
  • UAD-2: Fixed “DSP Load Limit” error with multiple Cambridge EQ instantiations.
  • UAD-2: Fixed Precision EQ “DSP Limit Expired” error when DSP Load Lock is disabled.
  • UAD-2: Fixed intermittent audio corruption and system spiking with Precision De-Esser.
  • Windows: Plug-in subfolders are created when UAD presets saved with UAD Toolbar.
  • Macintosh: Authorization files can be dragged onto UAD Meter window.

The UAD 4K Channel Strip is $249 USD, while the UAD 4K Buss Compressor is available for $199 USD for UAD-1 and UAD-2 owners. The Cooper Time Cube Mk II is available for purchase to UAD-2 owners for $149 USD.

Visit Universal Audio for more information.