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Notion Music releases Progression 2.0

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Notion Music Progression 2.0

Notion Music has introduced Progression 2.0, a composition software for guitar, bass and drums.

Progression, the most intuitive tab, notation, songwriting, and composition software for guitar, bass, and drums is back and more powerful than ever. With a brand new design you can now more easily enter tab or notation and hear your music play back with real instrument samples.

Progression makes it easy to create your own guitar tab, lead sheets, and standard sheet music complete with an audio track of you own.

Seamlessly integrated with real audio samples. Guitars samples by Neil Zaza, bass samples by Victor Wooten and drums by Roy “Futureman” Wooten, all recorded at top studios around the world.

Notion Music Progression
Enter notes into Progression with the interactive fretboard, keyboard, or drum pad.

Progression 2 features

  • Write guitar tab and notation.
  • Real-time updating between tab and notation.
  • Custom tab and alternate tunings.
  • Supports 7-string guitar and 5-string bass.
  • Interactive fretboard, keyboard and drum pad.
  • ReWire 64-bit (host and slave).
  • VST compatibility.
  • Drum patterns included.
  • SequencerStaff and Sequencer Overlay.
  • Native 64-bit support (Mac OS X and Windows).
  • Built-in amp simulator.
  • MIDI overdub.
  • Integrated audio mixer.
  • Export audio, MIDI, MusicXML.
  • Save directly to SoundCloud.
  • Compatibility with Notion 4, Notion and Progression iPad apps.
  • Save as PDF.
  • Import MIDI, MusicXML, and Guitar Pro files (version 3-5).

Progression 2.0 for Windows and Mac is available to purchase for the introductory price of $49 USD.

More information: Notion Music / Progression


Electronic Musician Presents The Recording Secrets Behind 50 Great Albums

The Recording Secrets Behind 50 Great Albums

Backbeat Books has published Electronic Musician Presents The Recording Secrets Behind 50 Great Albums edited by Kylee Swenson Gordon.

Culled from 10 years of the Electronic Musician, Remix, and EQ magazines’ archives, the articles in The Recording Secrets Behind 50 Great Albums will enlighten readers about the recording and songwriting techniques that helped create 50 great albums, spanning as far back as 1967 and as recent as 2011, revealing the methodology of numerous talented artists, producers, and engineers.

Ranging from such seminal classics as Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, Aerosmith’s Toys in the Attic, and the Who’s Quadrophenia to recently recorded works by Danger Mouse, Foo Fighters, and Phoenix, this compilation of articles taps into the inner studio realm of a wide range of artists, crossing boundaries of era, genre, geography, and recording style. But what these articles have in common is a wealth of behind-the-scenes secrets that inform how many amazing sounds and songs were captured and constructed. Musicians craving great tips and advice to pursue their own musical dreams – as well as fans interested in how their favorite artists made their music – will find a treasure trove of stories from the long-respected music-production magazines that dug deep to capture all of the juicy recording details.

The book is available to purchase for $16.99 USD.

More information: Backbeat Books


Toontrack releases Backbeats MIDI pack

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Toontrack Backbeats MIDI

Toontrack has announced Backbeats MIDI, a collection of drum beats and fills specifically tailored for the songwriter focusing on classic rock, pop and country compositions.

“I based this pack purely on what I think a songwriter might need when coming up with a new song. Solid grooves, strong backbeats and a nice flow without getting in the way”, says session drummer and Austin, TX native Stephen Belans.

In other words – the perfect addition to your everyday songwriting drum needs. Or as Stephen puts it: “Just authentic meat-and-potatoes versions of popular American music feels, some more traditional, others more modern”.

Backbeats MIDI features

  • More than 500 individually played files.
  • Categorized in different songs.
  • Full intro / verse / pre-chorus / chorus / bridge / fill sections in each song.
  • Ballad / Midtempo / Uptempo / Doubletime.
  • Swing and/or straight feel in 4/4.

The Backbeats MIDI library is available to purchase for 25 EUR / $29 USD.

More information: Toontrack / Backbeats MIDI


Hal Leonard publishes The Power in Logic Pro

Hal Leonard Books has published The Power in Logic Pro by Dot Bustelo. This book is the first choice for any artist seeking quick, fun, easy-to-digest insight into the depth of Logic.

The Power in Logic Pro: Trailer with author, Dot Bustelo.

Dot Bustelo’s signature approach to teaching Logic will get you up and running quickly. She’ll help you move beyond the basics to discover a professional-level Logic workflow, taught through highly musical examples that expose Logic’s essential features and powerful production tools.

You’ll find many of the tips, tricks and insider techniques that powered Logic to its industry-leading status as the bet tool for unleashing creativity in songwriting, composing, making beats, and remixing.

Plus, find out why musicians over the years have sworn Logic “grooves better.” Dot provides the powerful methodology for creating in Logic that she has shared with countless high-profile bands and Grammy Award-winning producers and engineers.

The Power in Logic Pro is available to purchase for $16.99 USD.

More information: Hal Leonard / The Power in Logic Pro


Toontrack releases EZkeys Grand Piano

Toontrack EZkeys Grand Piano

Toontrack has released EZkeys Grand Piano, a plugin and stand alone instrument that combines a world-class piano player, songwriting partner, arranger and a meticulously sampled grand piano – all in one package.

Complete with an extensive drag and drop MIDI library, a groundbreaking smart transpose functionality that allows the user to change chords and add harmonic color on the fly as well as introducing an intuitive interface with a streamlined workflow, EZkeys is not just an amazingly sounding instrument, it’s a songwriting palette that sets a new benchmark in creative music software.

EZkeys Grand Piano features

  • The songwriting & MIDI — EZkeys comes with an extensive MIDI library performed by a professional session pianist. Played with increasing complexity in full eight bar song sections and covering all major genres such as Rock, Pop, Country, Gospel, Blues and Funk, this library is not only a creative boost, it’s an untapped source of inspiration for your yet unwritten songs. Drag, drop and lay down the foundation to a track in no time!
  • The smart transpose functionality — When you drag and drop MIDI in the timeline of the song browser, EZkeys will immediately analyze and separate all chords. If you click any of the blocks, an intuitive chord circle will open. This allows you to transpose or alter any chord or full song on the fly. This works just as well with the included MIDI as any user imported files.
  • The timeless sound — EZkeys comes with a mint condition Steinway and Sons model D grand piano, sampled to perfection in a world-class recording studio using only the best of the best in vintage and modern recording gear. The model D grand piano is the undisputed industry standard among performers and producers worldwide and has over the past century and half had an overwhelming amount of musical history and heritage created on it. The sounds were mixed to sit perfectly in a production environment without any additional tweaking. There is also a selection of ready-made and user controllable presets available, making your sound options seem almost endless.

EZkeys Grand Piano for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone) is avaialble to purchase for $179 USD / 139 EUR.

More information: Toontrack / EZkeys Grand Piano


Point Blank announces Summer School 2011 Courses

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Point Blank Summer School

Point Blank has announced Summer School 2011 Courses, summer music courses for young people taught by experts from the music industry.

Following the popularity of last year’s summer school, award-winning music college Point Blank has announced this year’s collection of activities aimed at music-mad school/college students who want to develop their skills over the summer break.

Each course is taught in a small group at Point Blank’s state-of-the-art recording studios in Hoxton, London. Tutors at the college include Grammy nominated songwriters and producers who have worked with a host of acclaimed artists including Michael Jackson, Massive Attack, Alicia Keys, P Diddy, La Roux, Amy Winehouse, Estelle and Sugababes.

Summer School 2011 Courses

  • Music Production Summer School – Duration: 1 Week, price: £395.00
  • Singing Summer School – Duration: 1 Week, price: £395.00
  • Songwriting Summer School – Duration: 1 Week, price: £395.00
  • DJ Summer School – Duration: Weekend, price: £245.00
  • Radio Summer School – Duration: Weekend, price: £245.00

The courses run throughout the summer holidays from July 25th to August 29th.

More information: Point Blank / Summer School 2011


Hal Leonard publishes The Songwriting Sourcebook

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Hal Leonard has released Rikki Rooksby’s The Songwriting Sourcebook, a book which reveals how to turn chords into great songs.

The Songwriting Sourcebook

Originally published in 2003, and now revised and updated, The Songwriting Sourcebook is the latest entry in Rooksby’s bestselling How to Write Songs series. This easy-to-use book is designed to help musicians write better songs by explaining the art of writing effective chord sequences.

In The Songwriting Sourcebook’s 10 sections, Rooksby shows how three and four chords can lay the foundation for a simple song, and how to move on to progressions using five and six chords. He shows how to give chord sequences additional color by adding chords that are not strictly in key, as well as taking progressions into new territories by changing key. He shows how to write in major and minor keys and how to fine-tune the color of chords by understanding the emotional potential of sevenths, sixths and ninths.

The Songwriting Sourcebook can be read sequentially for musicians new to the craft of songwriting or used as a reference or to inspire new ideas for those already writing their own songs. Rooksby’s presents songwriting concepts in a relaxed, easy to understand writing style. These concepts are further enhanced by the use of many chord progression graphics and accompanying guitar chord fingering charts, which allow the reader to play the given examples and experiment with presented concept. Also, an accompanying 20-track audio CD features original recordings that illustrate some of the points made in the book.

The Songwriting Sourcebook is available to purchase for $24.99 USD.

More information: Hal Leonard