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Sonic Assault releases Mixed Reaction!

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Sonic Assault Mixed Reaction!

Sonic Assault has released Mixed Reaction!, a DJ Style 16/24-bit Wav File Player/Recorder.


  • Four 16/24-bit Wav File Players
  • 16/24-bit Wav File Recorder
  • Stereo 10-Band Graphic Equalizer
  • Stereo Reverb
  • Independent Switchable Monitor Output (VST host/Soundcard Dependant)
  • 4 Low/High Shelf Filters
  • Manual/Auto Load File Memory
  • Manual Entry/Tap Tempo BPM Calibration
  • BPM Calibrated Pitch Sliders With +/- Bend Controls
  • Turntable Style/Slider Adjustable Cueing
  • Variable Depth Cue/Scratch Wheels
  • Time Variable Auto Fade/X-Fade
  • Fade/X-Fade Linked Auto Player Start
  • Manual Adjustable Start/Fade Position
  • Built-In Metronome

Visit Sonic Assault for more information and a link to download Mixed Reaction! v1.0.

Sonic Assault RndWave! v1.1 released

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Sonic Assault Rndwave! VST effect

Sonic Assault has updated Rndwave! to version 1.1.

Rndwave is a 16/24-bit Wave Shape Generator.

New in v1.1

  • Now Records Mono/Stereo 16/24-bit .wav files
  • New Automatic Generation and Recording Feature
  • Redesigned Random Modulation Generator
  • Added Modulation Depth Control
  • Improved Layout

A custom version which uses more CPU is available on request.

Check the Sonic Assault site for more information.

Sonic Assault releases Sam!Solo v1.0

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Sonic Assault Sam!Solo Wav File Player

Sonic Assault has released Sam!Solo, a freeware 16/24-bit Wav File Player.


  • 16/24-bit Stereo Wave File Player with ADSR Envelope and Selectable MIDI Note Triggering
  • Pitch, Level, Velocity Sensitivity, Pan, L/R Channel Swap Controls and L/R Clip Indicators
  • Forward/Reverse/Loop Play
  • Start/End Position Sliders with Fine Adjust and Cue Markers
  • MIDI In, MIDI Channel, Manual Gate Triggering
  • 12db LP/BP/HP/Notch Filter with Independent Level Control
  • Independent Switching of Main and Filtered Outputs
  • Default Position Reset on all Rotary Controls
  • 128 Patches
  • Partial Automation

Check the Sonic Assault site for more information and a link to download Sam!Solo.