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Sonic Elements releases Sapphire II

Sonic Elements

Sonic Elements has announced the release of Sapphire II, a new patch set for Rob Papen’s BLUE.

This is sound designer Shaun Wallace’s follow-up to his critically acclaimed Sapphire soundset from Nucleus SoundLab. Sapphire II seeks to build upon the legacy and synthesis trickery of the original Sapphire. Sapphire II pushes BLUE to its limits exploring every modulation and synthesis possibility for a truly unique sonic experience.

Sapphire II’s sonic arsenal ranges from ambient to VGM based sounds. In addition the sounds vary from aggresive leads, fat basses, somber keys, and ethereal bliss with rhythmic and microtonal sensibilities molded into every patch. The sounds were designed with both the professional and hobbyist in mind. Users will find patches prime for layering and also one note wonders. Sapphire II holds a mountain of potential for any musical genre.

Sapphire II features

  • 160 presets for Rob Papen’s BLUE.
  • Compatible with BLUE 1.7 and up.
  • Mod Wheel & Aftertouch Mapped.

Sapphire II is available for download for $27.95 USD. A free demo bank can be downloaded here.

More information: Sonic Elements / Sapphire II


Sonic Elements releases Valkyrie

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Sonic Elements

Sonic Elements has released Valkyrie, a series of new patch sets for u-he’s wireless modular soft synth Zebra2.

Valkyrie contains sections dedicated to ambient sounds as well as full on distortion. This adventure in sound design takes full advantage Zebra 2.3′s features to create a sound arsenal that range from dance to new age patches.

The wide range of standard and extravagant patches feature experimental combinations of different synthesis methods ranging from FM, Subtractive, Wavetable, Physical Modelling, Analog Modelling, to various hybrid combinations.

Patches are fully tweakable and performance ready with all 4 XY’s mapped on every preset!

Valkyrie (Volume 1 & 2) features

  • 200 presets for U-He’s Zebra 2.3.
  • All XY controls mapped with unique and standard variations.
  • 40 analog and digitally modelled oscillator templates.

Valkyrie is available for purchase for $29.95 USD (owners of volume 1 will receive an email with a special offer to upgrade Valkyrie to the full 200 patch set).

More information: Sonic Elements


Sonic Elements releases Dragonfly Volume 2

Sonic Elements

Sonic Elements has released Dragonfly Volume 2, a soundbank for Lennar Digital’s Sylenth1.

Dragonfly Volume 2 focuses on creating naturally evolving synthetic timbres. There is a strong focus put on oscillator waveform and phase choices to achieve natural decays and release on each sound.

There are a wide range of styles and genres contained in this bank. You’ll find subtle textures and timbres, hands-up style leads and bass, rhythmic based bliss, and searing trance sounds from beyond.

Dragonfly Volume 2 features

  • 64 presets for Lennar Digital’s Sylenth1.
  • Compatible with Sylenth1 v2.2 PC/Mac.
  • Modwheel, Aftertouch, and Velocity mapped on every preset.
  • Emphasis on creating sounds that build-up & decay naturally.

Dragonfly Volume 2 is available for download for $15 USD. It is also available as part of the Dragonfly bundle (164 presets) for $25 USD.

More information: Sonic Elements