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IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality release DrummerTracks for AmpliTube

IK Multimedia and Sonic Reality have announced the release of DrummerTracks, a new series of style-based full-length drum backing tracks performed by top studio drummers.

Unlike loops, DrummerTracks are full song drum tracks, recorded in world-class studios by sound powerhouse Sonic Reality, and designed for use as play-along tracks for the AmpliTube range of software and mobile apps. Use them for practicing, playing, jamming, composing or just having fun! They’re an ideal source of instant inspiration for your professional, home or mobile studio.

You can import DrummerTracks into the AmpliTube SpeedTrainer section in the standalone versions for Mac/PC; load them into the songs or recorder sections of AmpliTube for iPhone/iPod/iPad; or import them to a track in your preferred DAW sequencer – simply hit play and start rocking!

IK Multimedia / Sonic Reality DrummerTracks
DrummerTracks collections

10 DrummerTrack style-based collections are now available. Each title includes 10 or more drum tracks in 44Khz/16 bit Wave format, and over 500MB of samples.

Registered users of AmpliTube and AmpliTube Mobile products will receive a free DrummerTrack, “DrummerTracks – Watchtower Groove” in their IK User Area. This free download will only be available in your User Area for 30 days.

DrummerTracks are available to purchase for $29.99/19.99 EUR each (excl. VAT).

More information: IK Multimedia / DrummerTracks

Sonic Reality presents: A Sonic Odyssey Group Buy

Sonic Reality A Sonic Odyssey Group Buy

Sonic Reality has announced the Sonic Odyssey Group Buy, a time limited promotion for its sample libraries for Kontakt / Infinite Player.

It’s 2010, the year we make sounds for Kontakt! Launching over 30 new downloadable Infinite Player sound sets into orbit, Sonic Reality is celebrating with one MASSIVE Group Buy this Summer!

For only $99 you get the new “Infinite Foundation” library with over 2 gigabytes of top quality sounds from the range of the Sonic Reality libraries for Kontakt / Infinite Player including a deluxe grand piano and acoustic guitar, a Drum Masters 2 multitrack drum kit and groove set, a stereo “STm” Signature drum kit, sound effects from FX Tron, scoring effects from Cinema Sessions and a sampling of stereo artist grooves!

On top of the “Infinite Foundation” library in the Sonic Odyssey Group Buy, you can also choose 5 items (individual libraries or Infinite Player* itself if you don’t have it) from the following list of over 30 products. If 250 people join the Group Buy, then you’ll be able to pick out a 6th title from the list. So be sure to spread the word!

The group buy ends July 10th, 2010 at 5pm EST.

More information: Sonic Reality / Sonic Odyssey Group Buy

Ik Multimedia launches Xpansion Tank 2 Series + Group Buy Promotion

IK Multimedia Xpanion Tank 2 Series

IK Multimedia has announced the launch of the Xpansion Tank 2 Series, a collection of 30 new Xpansion Tank 2 sound libraries for SampleTank 2.5.

The Xpansion Tank 2 series, developed by Sonic Reality, is a collection of 30 high-quality sound libraries with over 30 GB of new “production ready”, inspiring, high-quality sounds for making music in any style: from Pop to Hip Hop, Rock, Jazz, Country, Electronica, Film Scores and more! There are 15 multi-sampled and 15 loop titles, totaling nearly 10,000 new sounds for SampleTank with each collection containing between 500 megabytes to over 1 gigabyte of samples.

The multi-sampled titles offer almost 4,000 instruments sounds with a selection of Pianos, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Strings, Synths, Vintage Keyboards, Vocals, Electronic and World instruments taking full advantage of SampleTank 2′s highly flexible and efficient sample engine, with high-quality integrated effects.

The 6,000 loops included are provided as either construction kit “menu maps” for instant song building with drum grooves, bass lines, rhythm parts which are in sync across the keyboard or as individual loops broken down into “slice maps” that can be played in real time as well as by the associated MIDI file per loop in a sequencer for total flexibility in tempo and feel.

Each Xpansion Tank 2 Series title has an MSRP of 39.99 EUR / $49.99 USD (VAT excluded).

A Group Buy Promotion is available from now until May 31, 2010:

  • Any customer who purchases and registers one of the new Xpansion Tank 2 titles will get another title for free. Fully Xpandable SampleTank 2.5 XT virtual instrument with over 1GB of sounds is included at no cost.
  • Once 500 users join the promotion, all participants will receive another free Xpansion Tank 2 title.
  • If more users participate there is a good chance that more titles will be given away for free.

More information: IK Multimedia / Xpansion Tank 2 Series

Sonic Reality releases 10 DrummerTracks Titles

Sonic Reality DrummerTracks: Funk Soul

Sonic Reality has announced the release of 10 new DrummerTracks titles, a collection of sample libraries for guitarists, bassists, keyboardists, songwriters and other musicians who want to play along with professional “album quality” drum and percussion backing tracks.

Designed for songwriting inspiration, practice, play-along performance and fun, DrummerTracks™ offer the same high-quality drum sounds that Sonic Reality is known for in a simple easy-format that anyone can use.

New DrummerTracks Titles

  • LZ Grooves — For drums in the style of Led Zeppelin and John Bonham, LZ Grooves is the way to go. Complete drum tracks are recreated using the same type of vintage microphones and recording equipment as well as a Ludwig® “Bonham Signature” kit.
  • 60′s Rock Grooves — DrummerTracks in the style of rock bands of the 60′s such as The Beatles, The Who, Rolling Stones, and Jimi Hendrix. 10 groovy backing tracks that lock to tempo are recorded with the same vintage studio equipment used to make classic records. Pro Wave Edition includes 4 additional Bonus Live Tracks all together making 14 drum tracks.
  • 70′s Rock Grooves — 70′s Rock Grooves has diverse drum sounds in the styles of Queen, Pink Floyd, The Who, Rolling Stones, and Led Zeppelin. Pro Wave Edition: 4 additional Bonus Live Tracks are included with additional human feel.
  • B Grooves — B Grooves are DrummerTracks in the style of The Beatles. Complete drum backing tracks are recreated using the same type of recording equipment and Ludwig® Black Oyster Pearl “Downbeat” kit that Ringo used in the 60s! Pro Wave Edition: 4 additional Bonus Live Tracks are included with additional “loose” human feel.
  • Big Band — For authentic drums in the classic Big Band stylings of the Duke Ellington, Count Basie, and Glenn Miller bands, Big Band Groove really swings. Played by legendary jazz drummer Danny Gottlieb, Big Band Grooves delivers genuine inspiration at a range of tempos and intensities. Pro Wave Edition: 2 additional Bonus Live Tracks are included with additional human feel.
  • Pop Country — Straight from the heart of Nashville, Pop Country DrummerTracks delivers the feel and sound of today’s hot country hits! Recorded in world class studios with top-of-the-line gear, these Pop Country Grooves were played by top Nashville session musicians and include percussion.
  • Motown — For drums in the style of classic Motown recordings such as The Supremes and Marvin Gaye, look no further than Motown Grooves DrummerTracks. Recorded in world class studios with authentic vintage studio equipment, Motown Grooves delivers timeless inspiration for songwriters and musicians alike. Pro Wave Edition: 2 additional Bonus Live Tracks are included with additional human feel.
  • Progressive Rock — For drums in the style of Progressive Rock icons such as Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, and Gentle Giant, Progressive Rock DrummerTracks delivers authenticity and inspiration. Played by Nick D Virgilio (Genesis, Spock’s Beard, Tears For Fears), these pristinely performed drum tracks provide song-length drum parts in a range of tempos and time signatures. Pro Wave Edition: 5 additional Bonus Live Tracks are included with additional human feel.
  • Funk Soul — For classic drum parts in the style of 60s and 70s funk and soul, go no further than Funk Soul DrummerTracks! Drum parts in the style of artists such as the Temptations, Otis Redding, James Brown, and other Staxx Recording artists give songwriters and musicians inspiration to create, write, practice, and record! Pro Wave Edition: 2 additional Bonus Live Tracks are included with additional human feel.
  • SD Grooves — For drums in the style of Steely Dan, SD Grooves delivers. Performed by Ed Greene (Donald Fagen, Steely Dan), this wide variety of classic Jazz/Rock backing drum tracks are an inspiration for songwriting or jamming.

Sonic Reality is releasing two different versions of DrummerTracks titles: Pro Wave and Standard MP3 Editions.

  • The Pro Wave Edition titles have full CD quality WAVE files that can work in any media player, DAW, or recorder/player. They come with the license to create commercially released music using the included DrummerTracks of that title. Pro Wave Edition DrummerTracks titles include 10 drum songs that lock to tempo plus additional bonus “live” tracks with natural drift and loose human feel.
  • The Standard MP3 Edition titles come with 10 high-quality compressed MP3 format drum songs with no additional bonus tracks. Offered at a lower price, they come with a recreational-use license only and do not include the professional commercial use license that comes with the Pro Wave Editions. DrummerTracks Standard MP3 Editions are ideal for use with iPod®, iPhone®, iPad® and any MP3 player. It is as simple to use as pressing the play button on the player and jamming along with your musical instrument anywhere you go.

More information: Sonic Reality / eSoundz

Sonic Reality announces Ultimate Studio Drums Bundle II: The Sequel Group Buy

eSoundz Ultimate Studio Drums Bundle II: The Sequel

Sonic Reality has announced a new group buy, the Ultimate Studio Drums Bundle II: The Sequel.

We are pleased to announce the sequel to last year’s BIG HIT group buy “Ultimate Studio Drums Bundle II: The Sequel”. More Drum Kits from Legendary Drummers, More Convolution Impulse Responses from Famous Studios. More Midi Grooves from companies like Groove Monkee and Sonic Reality… and more surprise bonus extras all for a price as low as $99!

Ultimate Studio Drums Bundle II: The Seque

Everything in the “Ultimate Studio Drums Bundle II: The Sequel Group Buy” is downloadable (an alternate DVD version will be available in March). This is a limited-time bundle that includes the following kits that are playable from Sonic Reality’s latest Infinite Player plug-in powered by Kontakt Player 4:

  • 25 Drum Masters 2 Signature Drum Kits featuring drum kits of legendary drummers such as John Blackwell (Prince, Diddy), Jerry Marotta (Peter Gabriel), Danny Gottlieb (Pat Metheny Group), Bill Bruford (Yes, King Crimson), Nick D Virgilio (Genesis, Tears for Fears), Ed Greene (Steely Dan) and drum kits in the style of Classic Rock, Jazz and Soul!
  • More Ambient Impulse Responses from some of the best studios in the world to use with Infinite Player/Kontakt’s convolution reverb including some recorded by legendary engineer/producer Ken Scott (The Beatles, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, Elton John…)
  • Over 1,000 iMap and GM format Midi Grooves from Groove Monkee and Sonic Reality.

You can join the Group Buy until Tuesday, March 30, 2010.

More information: eSoundz

Sonic Reality releases Serafine FX Tron and Cinema Sessions Gold Edition

Sonic Reality have announced the imminent release of Serafine FX Tron and Cinema Sessions Gold Edition, a massive range of sounds for film and other media.

Sonic Reality Serafine FX Tron

Serafine FX Tron is the first complete sound effects workstation made as virtual instrument software. It comes with Sonic Reality’s Infinite Player, powered by Kontakt, and works stand-alone for the Mac and PC as well as a plug-in for all major DAWS. FX Tron was done with the cutting edge sound effects of acclaimed sound-designer – Frank Serafine (The Hunt for Red October, Lawnmower Man, Star Trek, Tron). It features over 12,000 sound effects covering ambient soundscapes, animals, electronics, industrial, musical, nature, science fiction, vehicles, weapons, explosions and more.

Designed for both Film/Media sound effects use and for music composition, Serafine FX Tron features sounds you can mold like clay. Whether it is interactive foley with advanced convolution reverb for matching sound effects to dialogue, or creating the ultimate alien creature’s roar by playing a lion mixed with a bear two octaves down the keyboard, the Serafine FX Tron virtual instrument is the ideal source for any sound effects needs.

Also being made available in the first Quarter of 2010 is the Serafine FX Tron Platinum HD with over 20,000 ready-to-go interactive playable sound effects, including the main FX Tron workstation, plus additional expansion libraries: Comic Sonic Relief, Drone, Foley, Guns of Cinema, Human Animal, Industrial, Sci-Fi 1 & 2, Vehicles and Water all together at a bundle price. FX Tron HD and Platinum HD come pre-installed on a 7200 RPM USB2/Firewire 400/800 portable hard drive for instant use.

Sonic Reality Cinema Sessions Gold Edition

Sonic Reality’s Cinema Sessions expands sounds for film into the musical realm with titles such as Symphonic Effects, Global Atmospheres, Dimensional Effects and Ambient Atmospheres.

In the first Quarter of 2010, Sonic Reality is releasing a special Cinema Session Gold Edition which not only contains all 4 Cinema Sessions volumes for everything from wild orchestra takes to exotic sounds of the world, but also multi-dimensional and ambient soundscapes and additional orchestral film pads with weaving textures suitable for anything from TV/Film composition to cutting-edge electronic to pop music production and more.

Serafine FX Tron and Cinema Sessions features

  • Ability to play forward and backward with a click of a button.
  • Time-stretch and alter the harmonic structure of sound effects in real-time.
  • Place sounds in any space via the use of the included Convolution Reverb – drag and drop your own impulses for matching sound effects to dialog and more.
  • Sounds stretch across multiple octaves of the keyboard for quick alternate-pitch auditioning and polyphonic effects’ building.
  • Sounds can be layered and saved back as new composite sound effects.
  • Built-in database query right inside Kontakt Player 4 allows easy access to thousands of individual FX.
  • Built-in DSP effects for sound design, such as Filters, Delays, Chorus, Flangers, Phasers, Reverb, Distortion and more.
  • Sound-shaping envelopes and easy-to-use controls for tailoring sounds for every need.

Serafine FX Tron HD has a MSRP of $995 USD (Serafine FX Tron Platinum HD TBA) and Cinema Sessions Gold has a MSRP of $599 USD.

More information: Sonic Reality

Sonic Reality announces EpiK DrumS – A Ken Scott Collection

Sonic Reality EpiK DrumS - A Ken Scott Collection

Sonic Reality has announced EpiK DrumS – A Ken Scott Collection, a massive virtual instrument/plug-in for drum kits and grooves with the authentic sound and feel of classic rock records.

It features five of the world’s best drummers recorded by legendary producer/engineer Ken Scott.

In EpiK DrumS, Ken recreated the drum sounds of multitrack studio sessions he recorded with David Bowie, Supertramp, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dixie Dregs, Missing Persons, Elton John, and The Beatles.

Authentic classic drum sounds were achieved from using the same rare recording equipment; the same instruments; expert technical assistance from Ross Garfield “The Drum Doctor”; advanced sound development by Sonic Reality; and collaboration with the original drummers Bill Cobham, Terry Bozzio, Woody Woodmansey, Bob Siebenberg, and Rod Morgenstein.

All together this makes up one of the most EPIK productions ever for a software drum instrument.

EpiK DrumS – A Ken Scott Collection features

  • Virtual Drum & Groove Instrument/Plug-in for authentic classic drums.
  • Multi-track drum kits and audio grooves recorded by legendary engineer/producer Ken Scott.
  • Unique Kits and Grooves of top drummers: Bill Cobham, Bob Siebenberg, Terry Bozzio, Woody Woodmansey and Rod Morgenstein.
  • Over 80 Gigabytes of high quality 24 bit drum samples.
  • Over 2,000 audio grooves ranging from classic rock and pop time signatures to fusion and unique style complex grooves rarely found in sample libraries.
  • Seven Advanced Expressive Drum Kits in the style of artists such as David Bowie, Supertramp, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Dixie Dregs, Missing Persons, Elton John and The Beatles.
  • Flexible mix and match kit pieces for unlimited custom drum kits as well as percussion.
  • “Out of the box” album mixes by Ken Scott as well as discrete mixing control for both instant gratification and flexibility.
  • Midi Drum Kits mapped in GM, iMap™, V-Drum™, Performance and Custom modes with midi learn for the ability to play from a keyboard or any electronic drum kit.
  • Includes Sonic Reality’s proprietary Multi-track Rex™ Grooves which are real live-played drum loops mapped to the keyboard. Snap to the tempo of your host while providing full discrete mic mixing capability between directs, overheads, room and more.
  • Comes with the Infinite Player powered by Kontakt for compatibility as a plug-in for every major DAW as well as stand alone for the Mac and PC.
  • Mix and match custom kits compatible with other Drum Masters series titles.
  • The combination of authentic grooves and playable drum kits allows you to create the most realistic drum tracks for your music..

EpiK DrumS is now available for pre-order from all Sonic Reality dealers for $599 USD (shipping Q4, 2009).

More information: Sonic Reality / EpiK DrumS

Sonic Reality releases free Ocean Way Drum Kit 10 Medium ReFill

Sonic Reality

Sonic Reality have releases Ocean Way Drum Kit 10 Medium Ambience Mix, a free ReFill for Reason 4.

The original pre-packed size of this amazing drum kit is over 700 MB! This FREE kit includes alternating hits mapped in both General MIDI and “iMap” (Sonic Reality’s proprietary drum mapping system for achieving greater performance realism and expression).

Ocean Way® Drums features larger-than-life sound, having been recorded in the legendary Studio B at Ocean Way® Recording in Hollywood, California where artists like Radiohead, Beck, Green Day, Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton, and countless other artists record. It was recorded and mixed by Grammy®-winning engineers Allen Sides and Steven Miller to offer users “album ready” drum mixes right out of the box.

Ocean Way® Drum kits have a natural acoustic sound that has presence, punch, and depth rarely found in drum sample libraries, winning accolades such as Keyboard Magazine’s Key Buy and Electronic Musician Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award. Now all Reason 4 users can have a FREE taste of this amazing drum sample collection to use right inside their Reason 4′s NNXT, ReDrum, and Combinator!

The free “Ocean Way® Drum Kit 10 Medium” Refill can be downloaded exclusively from Sonic Reality’s download site – DownloadableSoundz.

All Reason 4 users may click on this link and enter the following promo code: PROMO-OWDPROP

Or simply go directly here after first setting up a free download account with

More information: Sonic Reality / DownloadableSoundz