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Toontrack Music updates Superior Drummer to v2.2

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Toontrack Superior Drummer 2

Toontrack Music has released version 2.2 of Superior Drummer, a virtual drum sampler instrument for PC and Mac.

Version 2.2 includes features that radically take users workflow to the next level.

The refined controls over the instruments response and creative possibilities provided by the new MIDI nodes feature, as well as the much requested integrated Groove Player to supplement EZplayer pro’s unique features, are sure to make an impression.

Best of all, this is once again a free update available to all Superior Drummer® 2 users.

Changes in Superior Drummer v2.2

  • Integrated Groove player — Superior Drummer® now includes an integrated MIDI player, complete with drag and drop capabilities. Combine kit pieces patterns from different grooves to create totally new material that are nonetheless completely consistent with how a drummer would approach it.
  • Full control over the instruments response — Use the comprehensive (and greatly expanded) Velocity Controls to access the sound libraries most intimate technical and musical aspects. Change the response curve of any instrument, or change the response for one of the available articulation only.
  • MIDI nodes — Associate any combination of instruments – from multiple snare drums to more creative combos to be triggered simultaneously from your MIDI drum track – assembling your dream instrument in entities called MIDI nodes that can be triggered effortlessly from your sequencer.
  • New Pedal correction presets — Thanks to the improved velocity controls available in Superior Drummer® 2.2, e-drummers will be please to find additional pedal correction profiles designed to correct all the most common foot controller hardware shortcomings.
  • CC7 control of master volume — Users are now able to automate the Superior Drummer® master volume via MIDI Continuous Controller messages (CC7).
  • iMap* note mapping preset — Superior Drummer 2.2 includes a new note mapping preset derived from the very popular iMap format.
  • Library Version info — The Sound library version can now be clearly identified from within the Help menu, making it easier for users to know if they are up-to-date.

Superior Drummer v2.2 is now available for download for registered users. Note: This update includes many bugfixes, visit the Toontrack Support Forum for further details.

More information: Toontrack Music / Superior Drummer

* iMap is a drum map protocol created by Dave Kerzner & Sonic Reality

Sonic Reality announces Summer Sound Off promotion

Sonic Reality Summer Sound Off

Sonic Reality has announed the Summer Sound Off promotion, offering over 50% discount on Refills, RMX Paks & R.A.W. Loops.

BIG SUMMER NEWS! Sonic Reality has started a Summer promotion called “Summer Sound Off” that saves over 50% off on deluxe sound collections for Reason, Stylus RMX and more!

Summer Sound Off promotion offers

  • ReMiX Gold DL Edition – The Ultimate RMX Loop Collection
    The new ReMiX Gold DL Edition contains 15 Sonic Reality RMX Style Paks for download and instant use with Stylus RMX. In this power bundle you get over 8,000 grooves and 100,000 playable one shot slices. Loops include acoustic and electronic drums, percussion, bass, guitars, strings, voices, keys, hip hop sounds, electronic synths, world instruments, full construction kits and more. A complete toolkit of sounds for any style of music to add to your Stylus RMX.
    Now $199.99 (regular MSRP $399.99)
  • Sonic Refills Gold DL Edition – 20 Workstation Refills for Reason 4
    The Sonic Refill 4 Gold DL Edition bundle features 20 refills updated with the addition of new Combinator patches, Thor modular synth patches and more on top of thousands of NNXT multi-sampled instruments, ReDrum kits, Dr. Rex loops, Subtractor, Malstrom and other native sounds for Reason 4 users.
    Now $149.99 (regular MSRP $299.99)
  • Miroslav Refills Gold Edition – Premium Orchestra and Choir Collection for Reason
    Miroslav Refills bring you the top quality orchestral strings, brass, winds, piano, percussion, choir and other symphonic sounds from the legendary Miroslav Vitous archives and Philharmonik plug-in. Never before has such a complete collection of high quality orchestral sounds been available for Reason 3 and 4.
    Now $149.99 (regular MSRP $299.99)
  • Sonic Refills Ultra Loaded – 38 Workstation Refills for Reason 4
    If you combine the 20 libraries of Sonic Refills Gold with the 18 refills of the Ultra Series (taken from Ultra Hip Hop, Ultra Electronic and Ultra Symphonic) you get one ULTRA LOADED package with the ultimate sonic workstation of instruments, synths and grooves for every module inside Reason 4.
    Now $249.99 (regular MSRP $499.99)
  • R.A.W. Gold DL Edition – The Ultimate Rex, Apple Loop and Wave Loop Collection
    R.A.W. Gold DL Edition now allows users to download a massive collection of loops in their choice of Rex, Apple Loops and/or Wave format for instant compatibility with every popular DAW and Sampler. It includes the Universal Groove Kit plus 15 Style Paks, over 38 gigabytes of sounds and over 40,000 loops.
    Now $249.99 (regular MSRP $499.99)

The Summer Sound Off promotion will end August 31, 2009.

More information: Sonic Reality

eSoundz announces Super Sonic SampleTank Group Buy

eSoundz Super Sonic SampleTank Group Buy

eSoundz has announced the Super Sonic SampleTank Group Buy.

Yes, it is time again for another crazy eSoundz Group Buy! This time we’re pulling out 35 different SampleTank libraries in ONE group buy deal!

You can pick 3 downloadable Sonic Reality SampleTank libraries out of 35 choices in addition to TWO IK SampleTank-based plug-ins ALL for as low as just $199! That’s over $600 value for an unbeatable price available for a VERY limited time. The group buy starts NOW and ends on June 30th.

Because the plug-ins from the Super Sonic Promo must be registered by no later than July 6th, 2009 we will charge cards as soon as the lowest price is reached of $199 and it only takes 100 people to do that this time!

Don’t miss out on this incredible Super Sonic SampleTank deal! Customize your ultimate workstation for the lowest price! It’s all conveniently downloadable and flexible to your musical needs. This includes exclusive products you can’t get anywhere else! Remember this offer is only available for two weeks so join up today!

Visit eSoundz for more information.

Cakewalk releases Guitar Tracks Pro 4 and Guitar Tracks Pro USB

Cakewalk Guitar Tracks Pro 4

Cakewalk has updated Guitar Tracks Pro, the multitrack recording software for Windows PC.

Designed for guitarists and singer-songwriters, Guitar Tracks Pro 4 is the recording solution that takes your music from riff to hit! You get an amazing virtual guitar amp, a backing band of virtual instruments, precise editing tools, mixing console, over 2GB of sounds and effects, and more —for less than a few hours in the studio.

New features in Guitar Tracks Pro 4

  • A simplified multi-track recorder interface makes it easy to record, edit and mix your music.
  • Create, edit and print your own notation and tablature; an included fret-board view makes it easy to match notes to the guitar neck.
  • A suite of pro effects including Cakewalk’s Boost 11 Peak Limiter and Native Instrument’s Guitar Rig 3 LE to give you an arena sized sound right in your own studio.
  • Over 2GB of audio loops and samples spanning rock, blues, country, and bluegrass from Smart Loops™, Digital Sound Factory™, and Groove Monkee™.
  • Perfect your chops with a collection of Guitar World instructional videos featuring: Steve Morse, Dave Mustaine, Jimmy Herring, Paul Gilbert, Joe Bonamassa, and others..
  • Play along with loops recorded by world class drummers including: John Blackwell (Justin Timberlake, Prince), Jerry Marotta (Paul McCartney, Peter Gabriel), Nick D’Virgilio (Genesis, Tears for Fears), Ed Greene (Steely Dan, Barry White) and Danny Gottlieb (Sting, Pat Metheny Group) courtesy of Sonic Reality™.
  • Burn CDs and upload your finished projects directly to the web with Cakewalk Publisher; share your music with friends and family on websites, blogs or social networking sites.

Guitar Tracks Pro 4 is available at a retail price of $99 USD.

Guitar Tracks Pro USB (retail $149 USD) includes a portable, high quality audio interface, the UA-1G. Optimized for guitarists, the UA-1G features a special 1/4” jack with Hi-Z option for recording and 24-bit/96-kHZ Stereo I/O for playback.

Visit Cakewalk for more information.

IK Multimedia now shipping StealthPedal

IK Multimedia StealthPedal

IK Multimedia has announced it is now shipping the StealthPedal, the world’s first compact audio interface and MIDI controller housed in a wah-style pedal.

StealthPedal was designed specifically for guitar and bass players who are looking for an affordable, “high sound quality” way to connect their instrument to their computer, and control parameters of their software from the floor. Players can plug into the StealthPedal and immediately control the included “Powered by AmpliTube” software without additional setup. Plus, they can control ANY MIDI controllable software with the StealthPedal using the included StealthPedal MIDI setup application for Mac/PC.

Also, the StealthPedal will incorporate into an existing pedalboard setup utilizing only one pedal space, and adds the convenience and flexibility of computer based rigs to live performances.

StealthPedal features

  • USB powered audio interface:
    • 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion.
    • 44.1/48 kHz operation.
    • 2 balanced / unbalanced audio inputs (hi-Z or line level).
    • High-quality, low-noise input stage (109dBA /104dB RMS S/N ratio).
    • 2 balanced audio outputs.
    • Headphones output.
  • MIDI Controller:
    • Built-in assignable expression pedal and MIDI foot-switch.
    • External double switch and expression pedal inputs.
    • Assignable Volume control.
    • StealthPedal MIDI control software application included.
  • Multiple LEDs can operate as Tuner or Level indicators with AmpliTube.
  • Classic, rugged metal Wah-style construction.
  • Ships with a complete suite of guitar, bass & recording packages (including AmpliTube 2, Ampeg® SVX, AmpliTube X-GEAR, RiffWorks™ T4 Recording software, plus a collection of Sonic Reality Jam loops).
  • Controls all “Powered by AmpliTube” software/plug-ins.
  • Controls any MIDI controllable software/plug-ins.
  • Compatible with all the most popular DAW software supporting ASIO and Core Audio drivers on both PC and Mac.

StealthPedal is now available from dealers and distributors, and in the IK Multimedia online web store in two versions:

  1. StealthPedal — MSRP: $269.99 USD / €199.99 EUR (price excludes taxes)
    Includes StealthPedal, AmpliTube Live, Ampeg SVX Uno, AmpliTube X-GEAR, RiffWorks T4 and Sonic Reality Jam Loops.
  2. StealthPedal Deluxe — MSRP: $449.99 USD / €349.99 EUR (price exclude taxes)
    Includes StealthPedal, AmpliTube 2 Full Version, Ampeg SVX Full Version, AmpliTube X-GEAR, RiffWorks T4 and Sonic Reality Jam Loops.

Visit IK Multimedia for more information.

eSoundz announces Gold and Platinum Month

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eSoundz Gold and Platinum Month

eSoundz has announced the Gold and Platinum Month.

Celebrating the release of brand new Gold and Platinum Edition bundles of Sonic Reality sounds, eSoundz is offering incredible deals on ALL Gold or Platinum Editions just until the end of May!

With these power bundles you can often save up to 60% off the price compared to purchasing them all individually. Gold and Platinum bundles are the ideal way to just get it ALL in one shot!

Check out our brand new releases and bargain prices on eSoundz’ Gold and Platinum Month!

Visit eSoundz for more information.

Sonic Reality releases Konstruction

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Sonic Reality Konstruction

Sonic Reality has released Konstruction, a powerful and easy to use expandable loop workstation featuring thousands of 24bit Rex files conveniently mapped across the keyboard in song style “construction kits”.

Loops instantly follow the tempo of your host sequencer and can be triggered simultaneously from the keyboard in any combination. Riffs, grooves and effects from acoustic and electronic drums, percussion, bass, guitars, vocals, horns, strings, keyboards and synths are included for instant song creation and the ultimate variety of inspiration. Konstruction can be used for a diverse music styles from Hip Hop to R&B, Pop, Rock, TV, Film and Game Scoring, Electronic Music and more! It can be further expanded with downloadable Konstruction Paks which are additional sound collections themed by specific styles of music.

Konstruction is available in two versions:

  • Konstruction DL Edition “Flex Pak” comes with a unique Download Card for offering a flexible choice of any 3 Konstruction Paks from the entire Konstruction series. Also included is the Infinite Player plug-in itself which is required to play these sounds. The DL retail boxed packages also include a Konstruction, RAW/RMX sound disc featuring over 1,000 Rex files mapped for the Infinite Player plus Apple Loops and Waves from the R.A.W. series and more.
  • Konstruction Gold Edition features outstanding value for a bundle of 10 complete Konstruction Paks plus thousands of individual loop and slice map “Konstruction Elementz” (beats, hits, percussion and effects) for those seeking the ultimate powerhouse loop workstation. If you already have the Infinite Player you can alternatively choose a 4th Konstruction Pak instead.

Konstruction is powered by Kontakt and Infinite Player (VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone). The DL Edition has an MSRP of $249 USD, while the Gold Edition has an MSRP of $499 USD.

Visit Sonic Reality for more information.

eSoundz announces Multi DL Group Buy

eSoundz Multi DL Group Buy

eSoundz has announced the Multi DL Group Buy.

For the first time you can join the group and bring down the price of MULTIPLE format sound products and then choose from a variety of different titles in that series all for as low as $149!

The group buy includes sounds for Sonic Reality’s Infinite Player & Kontakt 3, Reason 4, Stylus RMX, Drucmore and Sampletank.

You can join as many times as you want to get different products offered out of the many available for instant download at the end.

The group buy will be running until Monday December 29, 2008.

Visit eSoundz for more information.