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Soniccouture 50% Off Selected Elecronica Products

Soniccouture has announced a limited time promotion, offering 50% off selected elecronica products.


50% OFF SELECTED ELECTRONICA PRODUCTS UNTIL 31ST DECEMBER – Simply enter the code for the product you would like :

Scriptorium : SCRIPT50

Abstrakt Breaks1 : ABREAKS150
Abstrakt Breaks2 : ABREAKS250
Konkrete1 : KONKRETE50
Konkrete2 : KONKRET250
Synthi AKS : SYNTHI50
Tremors Vol.1 : TREMORS50

More information: Soniccouture

Soniccouture launches Exotic Percussion Sale – 50% off sample libraries

Soniccouture has announced a limited time promotion, offering 50% off 5 Exotic Percussion sample libraries.

Soniccouture Exotic Percussion Sale


Simply enter the code for the product you would like :

Balinese Gamelan Composers Edition : GAMELAN50
The Skiddaw Stones : STONES50
Morpheus : MORPH50
Tingklik : TING50
Guzheng : GU50

Only one code can be used per purchase. Cannot be used with the current “Buy One Get One Free” offer. The offer ends 23 December, 2011.

More information: Soniccouture / Exotic Percussion

Soniccouture sets Abstrakt Vol. 1 sample library for Kontakt free

Soniccouture Abstrakt Vol. 1

Soniccouture has announced that its first ever library Abstrakt Vol. 1 is now available as a free download.

We have re-released our first product as freeware – the scripting and graphics may look a little old fashioned, but the sounds still sound pretty fresh to us! We include the original scripts – more developed versions of these are to be found in our script product Scriptorium.

Abstrakt Vol. 1 features

  • 250MB Sample library.
  • 16 Bit 44.1khz samples.
  • 64 Kontakt instruments.
  • 5 KSP Scripts.
  • Kontakt format (v3, 4, 5).

Abstrakt Vol. 1 is available to download at no cost. A Soniccouture website account is required (registration is free).

More information: Soniccouture / Abstrakt Vol. 1

Soniccouture Buy One Get One Free

Soniccouture has announced the launch of a Buy One Get One Free limited time promotion.

Soniccouture Buy One Get One Free

It’s that time of year again..

Yes, throughout December we will be offering Buy One Get One Free.

And this year we have a brand new automatic discount system :


Add as many products as you like – the cheapest will be free. Add 6 products, you’ll only pay for 3. Add 2 products, only pay for 1. When you get to the checkout, the discount will be automatically applied.

And if you’ve all been very good this year, we might have a Christmas present for you later on..

The promotion is valid for both discs and downloads through December 31, 2011 (GMT).

More information: Soniccouture

Soniccouture Tremors Vol. 2 – Further Experiments in Breakbeats & Dubstep

Soniccouture Tremors Vol. 2

Soniccouture has released Tremors Vol. 2, a sample library which explores more unique ways of blending breaks, drum machines, live kits
and percussion.

Multi-track Loops

Each of the 500 loops in Tremors Vol. 2 is part of one of 51 grooves. Kicks, snares, percussion, hats, effects – every part is available as a separate loop allowing you to break down a groove within your track, or to mix and match different elements of different grooves to form completely original combinations.

Bonus Bass Presets for NI Massive

Tremors Vol.2 includes Massive Monsters : a set of 20 presets for NI’s Massive synth. Massive has become a ubiquitous tool for growling, talking dubstep subbasses, and it was used to create the bass sounds you hear in the website demos. Soniccouture were responsible for designing many of the factory voices in Massive and the NI Expansion packs, and here that expertise is put to good use once again.

Tremors Vol. 2 features

  • 24 bit 44.1 khz stereo loops – 840MB library.
  • 300 loops – 50 complete grooves.
  • Multi-track parts for each groove.
  • Sample accurate, fully mastered audio.
  • Formats: WAV, REX, Apple Loops, Ableton Live.
  • + 20 bonus bass presets for NI Massive.

Tremors Vol. 2 is available to purchase for 49 EUR. An introductory 20% discount is available until November 11, 2011. Use coupon code LIAOP17776 at checkout.

More information: Soniccouture / Tremors Vol. 2

Soniccouture opens The Attic: Broken Wurli, Philicorda & Omnichord (re-issue)

Soniccouture has announced the release of its Broken Wurli, Philicorda, and Omnichord (re-issue) sample libraries.

Soniccouture The Attic
Soniccouture open The Attic – and find 2 new products. (and re-issue Omnichord).

It’s all up there – Old keyboards. Forgotten mono-synths. Transistor organs. In the attic.

And so, Soniccouture resolve to dig stuff out of the attics of producers and musicians and sample it, for posterity, and make it available at a reasonable price.

Soniccouture Attic products

  • Broken Wurli – An 8GB dusty old monster, with 3 separate channels – one of which is a broken internal speaker for extra grit and drive. 3 round robin layers, 9 velocity layers. A Kontakt Player Instrument.
  • Philicorda – A cool 60s transistor organ by Philips – used recently on productions by Adele and Marina and the diamonds.
  • Omnichord – A re-issue of our charity instrument from earlier this year. By popular request, Omnichord is available again.

Broken Wurli is available to purchase for 69 EUR / $89 USD. Until 18th October you can get 15% off by using coupon code GE6BTO24ZJ at checkout.

Philicorda is 15 EUR / $20 USD, Omnichord is 10 EUR / $15 USD.

More information: Soniccouture / The Attic

Soniccouture offers Freenotes Morpheus instrument in prize draw

Soniccouture has announced it is offering its Morpheus and Bass Wing in a prize draw.

Soniccouture Morpheus

Made by Freenotes Instruments, this tuned aluminium metallaphone has a modular structure which allows you to rearrange keys into any scale you like.

Worth $2000, the instrument spans two and a half octaves, with the optional ‘Bass Wing’ extension which offers six notes ranging another octave below that of the main unit. It is played with soft mallets, and has an incredibly pure, sine wave like tone which can lull you into a dream-like state… hence the name.
How To Win

Only registered owners of Soniccouture Morpheus are eligible for this competition ; all Morpheus users will be automatically entered into the draw, which will happen on 1st October. We figure that if you really want a real Morpheus, then you probably own the sampled version. Right?

We will pick a winner at random and ship them their prize entirely free of charge.

During the competition the Morpheus sample library will be available to purchase as a download at 50% off MRSP with discount code Q0OP8YSRAH

More information: Soniccouture / Morpheus Contest

Soniccouture releases The Conservatoire Collection for Kontakt

Soniccouture The Convervatoire Collection

Soniccouture, in conjunction with The Birmingham Conservatoire, has announced The Conservatoire Collection, a completely unique collection of 10 different baroque, renaissance and early musical instruments.

The collection centres around two magnificent reproduction harpsichords, and also features guitars, theorbos and a hurdy gurdy.

These beautiful new instruments bring the soundscape of our musical past to life, showing us how incredibly diverse our modern instruments’ predecessors were. We are now able to enter into our musical heritage more faithfully, and the new palette of sounds available offers fresh inspiration for composers today.

The Conservatoire Collection features

  • 23 GB core sample library ( 9 GB on disc with NCW lossless compression).
  • 24 bit 96 khz stereo sampling.
  • 10 Kontakt Player instruments: French Harpsichord, Flemish Harpsichord, Theorbo, English Theorbo, Baroque Guitar, Psaltery, Baroque Timpani, Renaissance Side Drums, Nakers, Hurdy Gurdy.
  • Up to 10 velocity layers, 3 alternate Round Robin layers.
  • Key-off samples and multiple articulations according to instrument.
  • Real time hand postion control for guitar instruments.
  • Custom Convolution Reverb Impulse response library.
  • User selectable scales and tuning control for all pitched instruments.

The Conservatoire Collection is available at an introductory price of €179 EUR / $219 USD until Sept 16, 2011. Use coupon code OVD069KVPK at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

More information: Soniccouture / The Conservatoire Collection