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Soniccouture updates Broken Wurli to v1.1

Soniccouture has updated its Broken Wurli sound library to version 1.1.

When developing EP73 Deconstructed, our new Rhodes instrument, we took the functionality of Broken Wurli and built upon it, adding some features and refining performance.

So it only seemed fair to go back to Broken Wurli and add the new features back.

Soniccouture Broken Wurli
Soniccouture’s Broken Wurli electric piano Kontakt Player library is improved.

Changes in Broken Wurli v1.1

  • RAM Management section now allows 3 options per channel: unload, 1 round-robin layer, 3 round-robin layers.
  • Velocity limits can be defined.
  • Tremolo Speed knob added to Instrument page edit function.
  • Main Channel labels double as mute switches.
  • White dot indicator added to effects tabs.
  • ALT-mouse fucntions added: Compressor Ratio (alt-click comp knob), EQ frequency (alt-click EQ band knobs), distortion dampling (alt-click distortion knob).

Broken Wurli (Kontakt Player powered) is available to purchase for 69 EUR / $89 USD. The update is free for existing Broken Wurli customers.

More information: Soniccouture / Broken Wurli


Ableton releases new Partner Instrument: Electric Pianos by Soniccouture

Soniccouture Electric Pianos

Ableton has announced Electric Pianos, a software instrument by Soniccouture, consisting of two carefully sampled classic electric pianos – the Rhodes Stage 73 and the Wurlitzer 200A.

The nuanced sound and dynamics of these legendary keyboards have been expertly captured by Soniccouture, with every key – and its release – recorded at many velocity levels using vintage equipment. 70 Instrument presets – tailored for perfect integration within Ableton Live – provide the characteristic sounds that made these electric pianos famous.

Controls for effects, dynamics and EQ let users dial in just the right tone for their own music.

The sound library is available to purchase for 69 EUR.

More information: Ableton / Electric Pianos


Soniccouture releases EP73 Deconstructed

Soniccouture has announced EP73 Deconstructed, an electric piano sample library for Kontakt.

A vintage Mk.1 Stage 73 electric piano captured in forensic detail : traditional line-out samples, but also microphones and contact mics for added texture and bite.

Then we went deeper : a complete sonic exploration of the tines and mechanisms : Bowed, Plucked, Mallets and SFX push the limits of the sounds an electric piano can make.

If you liked Broken Wurli and Xtended Piano, you’re going to love this!

Soniccouture EP73 Deconstructed
EP73 Deconstructed features 5 Kontakt instruments based on the vintage mk1 Stage 73.

EP73 Deconstructed features

  • 15 GB sample library – 8GB on disc with Kontakt NCW compression.
  • 24 Bit 44.1khz mono sampling.
  • 13,700 samples.
  • 5 individual Kontakt instruments – Keyboard, Bowed, Mallets, Plucked & SFX.
  • Up to 12 velocity layers, 3 round robin layers.
  • Key-off & pedal release with level control.
  • Sympathetic cabinet resonance convoltuion processor.
  • 5 individual Kontakt instruments – Keyboard, Bowed, Mallets, Plucked & SFX.
  • 120 Presets – electric piano and sound design categories.
  • Demo MIDI files included.
  • Soniccouture KSP modules : Strummer, FOCUS, Glissando.
  • User editable velocity response curve.
  • Custom effects panel with Soniccouture impulse repsonse reverb library.
  • Compatible with free Kontakt Player – VST AU RTAS.

The EP73 Deconstructed library is available to purchase for 99 EUR / $129 USD.

For the next 3 weeks you can get 25% off full price. Simply enter the following code when you check out: 3JDD87D. Offer ends 29th May 2012.

More information: Soniccouture / EP73 Deconstructed


Soniccouture releases Glass Works 2 sample library

Soniccouture Glass Works

Soniccouture has updated its Glass Works sample library for Kontakt to version 2.0.

Glass / Works is a Kontakt player instrument which collects together 3 extremely unusual and rare musical instruments which use glass to generate sound : Le Cristal Baschet, The Glass Armonica, and a set of Cloud Chamber Bowls.

Changes in Glass Works 2

  • New instrument / samples: Bowed Chamber Bowls. An airy, ethereal sound with realtime harmonic control via velocity or modwheel. 5 round robin samples per note.
  • New instrument: Cristal SFX. The SFX sound set from the v1.0 instrument rehoused in its own custom interface with the great new KSP ‘FOCUS’ function : map any sound across the entire keyboard with one click.
  • New GUI: each Glass Works instrument gets its own unique control interface with custom KSP options setup, dedicated effects page and more.
  • New Preset Library: 100 sound design presets explore every corner of the Glass Works sounds.
  • Glass Works 2.0 is also fully Kontakt Player 5 compatible.

Glass Works 2 is available to purchase for 99 EUR. Glass Works 1 users can upgrade for 29 EUR.

For the next 2 weeks, Glass Works 2 is 20% off with coupon code: WOD84HRK

More information: Soniccouture / Glass Works


Soniccouture announces Crowd-Choir Project: Add Your Voice and Win a $2000 Array Mbira

Soniccouture has announced the Crowd-Choir Project, a new sampler instrument in which your voice can be be your ticket to a $2,000 USD Array Mbira.

Soniccouture Crowd-Choir

We are going to build a unique sampler instrument – a choir / vocal ensemble made with hundreds of voices from all around the world.

We need a a minimum of 500 notes to layer in the instrument, so please help us if you can.

Everybody that sends us a recorded note will receive the CrowdChoir instrument free, in Kontakt /EXS & Ableton Live format.

The project will run until March 31st 2012, shortly after which the winner of the Array Mbira will be announced.

More information: Soniccouture / Crowd-Choir Project


Soniccouture 50% Off Selected Elecronica Products

Soniccouture has announced a limited time promotion, offering 50% off selected elecronica products.


50% OFF SELECTED ELECTRONICA PRODUCTS UNTIL 31ST DECEMBER – Simply enter the code for the product you would like :

Scriptorium : SCRIPT50

Abstrakt Breaks1 : ABREAKS150
Abstrakt Breaks2 : ABREAKS250
Konkrete1 : KONKRETE50
Konkrete2 : KONKRET250
Synthi AKS : SYNTHI50
Tremors Vol.1 : TREMORS50

More information: Soniccouture


Soniccouture launches Exotic Percussion Sale – 50% off sample libraries

Soniccouture has announced a limited time promotion, offering 50% off 5 Exotic Percussion sample libraries.

Soniccouture Exotic Percussion Sale


Simply enter the code for the product you would like :

Balinese Gamelan Composers Edition : GAMELAN50
The Skiddaw Stones : STONES50
Morpheus : MORPH50
Tingklik : TING50
Guzheng : GU50

Only one code can be used per purchase. Cannot be used with the current “Buy One Get One Free” offer. The offer ends 23 December, 2011.

More information: Soniccouture / Exotic Percussion