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SonicProjects releases Oberheim Matrix 6 bank for OP-X PRO-II

SonicProjects has released the Matrix 6 Bank, a collection of free patches for the OP-X PRO II virtual synthesizer.

We are big fans of Katsunori Ujiie’s videos and fell in love with the sounds in his new Matrix 6 demo video.

That’s why we decided to copy those sounds for OP-X PRO-II just by listening and share them with all users. We’re sure you’ll love those patches!

Here’s a video playing the copied patches on OP-X PRO-II. Chords and lines were played similar as in the original video to allow direct comparison.

The Matrix 6 bank includes 15 sounds and is available as a free download.

More information: SonicProjects


Soundgasm Design launches with 3 new sound banks

Soundgasm Design

Rick Christy has announced the launch of Soundgasm Design, a new company which aims to create quality, affordable products that can help make composing music on a computer a more enjoyable, inspirational, and rewarding experience.

Rick Christy also known as grymmjack, the man behind DesignerMonkey which has been offering free and commercial graphic design services to plug-in developers for the passed few years, has founded Soundgasm Design, currently selling sound banks and presets for VST instruments. SGD will later extend it’s product line to include Live Packs for Ableton Live, ReFills for Propellerhead Reason/Record, product agnostic waveform sample packs, and Native Instruments Reaktor ensembles, as well as commercial skin, graphic, and identity design services for the computer music scene.

Rick is joined by his extremely multi-talented friend Leslie Sanford, owner and founder of Sanford virtual instruments and effects including the hybrid synthesizer Cobalt, ComputerMusic magazine PhaserCM, and an array of other high quality affordable Sanford brand audio effects. Leslie has created an incredibly diverse bank for G-Force ImpOSCar called Cicada and will be creating future soundbanks and Reaktor ensembles available exclusively through Soundgasm Design.

Soundgasm Design products

New Soundgasm Design products

  • Leslie Sanford’s Cicada for G-Force ImpOSCar, a sound bank release containing 3 banks with 36 patches each for a total of 108 patches. All of the basics are covered from useable basses to lush pads. But it doesn’t stop there. The Cicada banks dive deep into impOSCar’s possibilities taking you on a sonic journey we think you’ll find unique and rewarding.
  • Azure for Leslie Sanford’s Cobalt synthesizer which features 32 patches, 8 from each of the most usable categories, and covers a little of everything. The main focus of this bank is to push Cobalt a little farther than it has been pushed before.
  • FunkUnit for Sonic Projects OPX-Pro, a 32 sound bank which attempts to capture the essence of the 1980′s and enhance that essence into a modern usable set of sounds with a contemporary funk influence. Inspired by the films and pop culture of that decade, FunkUnit attempts to provide a little bit of that 80′s funk magic for your compositions.

Cicada is available to purchase for $15 USD, Azure and FunkUnit are $5 USD each.

More information: Soundgasm Design


SonicProjects releases OP-X PRO-II, Virtual Oberheim OB-X XPander VST

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SonicProjects OP-X PRO-II

SonicProjects has released the OP-X PRO-II, a virtual Oberheim OB-X XPander instrument for Windows and Mac.

OP-X PRO-II is the new top flagship of the OP series and is the consequent continuation of the development of OP-X PRO, based on many collected wishes of our customers and too own new ideas, in order to make it the perfect dream synth. So this is the proof that your ideas and wishes are very important for us and do not end in the wastepaper!

Some of the obvious new features include doubled polyphony, an included patch browser, an effects unit, midi learn and a completely new arpeggiator. But there are also a lot a lot of hidden new features that can be accessed by active GUI zones or multiple button states. This keeps the GUI clean and familiar. Once you’ve got to know these features you’ll see that despite this density the general operation is extremely intuitive and streamlined. A bunch of new one-click quick button calibration features saves a lot of work to handle voice-based settings like tuning trimpots or pans.

All of this is based on countless hours of real working experience, to give as streamlined and intuitive handling as possible. So we’re pretty sure that you will find at least one feature that always has been on top of your wishlist.

OP-X PRO-II is available to purchase in two versions:

  • OP-X PRO-II (VST windows, VFX Mac/PC) for the introduction price of $159 USD (regular $179 USD).
  • OP-X PRO-II VFX Edition (VFX Mac/PC), $99 USD.

Various upgrade offers are available for OP-X users.

More information: SonicProjects


SonicProjects announces Easter Special Deals

SonicProjects VM Bundle

SonicProjects has announced Easter Special Deals, offering some of its products at a time limited discount.

Easter Special Deals

  • OP-X — sensational remake of the legendary Oberheim OB-X. Sale price: $79 USD (regular $99 USD).
  • OP-X PRO — based on the OP-X engine while offering a lot of new added features for even enhanced analog feel and a really tremendous sound potential. Sale price: $110 USD (regular $149 USD).
  • V-Machine Bundle — a package of adapted versions of OP-X and Stringer plus two effect plugins and pre-configred ready to play banks, exclusively made for the V-Machine and V-Rack. Sale price: 65 EUR (regular 99 EUR).

The Easter Special Deals are available until 5 April, 2010.

More information: SonicProjects


SonicProjects announces Hot December Sale

SonicProjects OP-X

SonicProjects has announced some December X-Mas deals for its OP-X products.

OP-X is a remake of the legendary OB-X for VST and Reaktor. A real device was used for endless tunings and comparisons to get as close as possible. The result sounds nothing short of fantastic.

Hot December Sale deals

  • Hot deal 1: OP-X PRO + OP-X for $99
    No time to waste to decide! Simply get both for the price of OP-X with one single purchase! This is 33% off!
  • Hot deal 2: V-Machine Bundle for 49 EUR = Half price
    A must go for all V-Machine users! If you have hesitated to pull the trigger so far then this is the ultimate chance now!
  • Hot deal 3: OP-X VST for $65
    For those who can’t reach the bundle deal. One of the greatest sounding synths for a bargain price!
  • Hot deal 4: Upgrade from OP-X PLAYER to OP-X for $35
    It’s really time to upgrade now! Or are the presets so good that you’ve never ever wished to edit more parameters?
  • Hot deal 5: Upgrade from OP-X to OP-X PRO for $35
    With this price this must have upgrade should be a no-brainer! Get into new sound dimensions for christmas!

These deals are available until 31 December, 2009.

More information: SonicProjects


SonicProjects releases VM Bundle

SonicProjects has released released the VM Bundle, a package of adapted versions of OP-X and Stringer plus two effect plugins and pre-configred ready to play banks, exclusively made for the V-Machine and V-Rack.

SonicProjects VM Bundle

The standard versions already could be gotten to work in the V-Machine with the help of complicated wizard files but with less than satisfying results. Some patches did max out the CPU completely with all known consequences like crackling and drop outs. Some patches have barely worked, but not to think of adding any effects. A further problem was preset change, which everytime completely unloads and reloads the plugin. OP-X didn’t like this at all because its oscillators are free running and zeroing them on every preset change did also reset the phases to zero which could result in a short “phasing” after preset change until the oscillators have found their own individual phase.

That’s why we took the effort to analyze the plugins and their behaviour within the V-Machine in order to adapt them for this new host, with astonishing results. With a long list of small changes we were able to reduce the CPU consumption by almost 50%(!) and change the startup behaviour to be immune to the repeated reloads. Furthermore all not needed GUI functions like keyboard animation were deactivated and the internal patches number in OP-X increased to 128, containing a selection of the best patches of the whole library.

VM Bundle includes

  • OP-X – The adapted V-Machine version of OP-X, which is an extremely versatile polyphonic VA synth featuring the renowned Separate Voice Design (SVD). It’s capable of emulating a variety of famous classic analog synths in unparalleled authenticity.
  • Stringer – The adapted V-Machine version of Stringer which is a sample based emulation of the classic vintage string ensembles ARP Omni/Solina, Logan String Melody II and Welson Symphony. The samples were recorded with high end equipment.
  • SimpleDelay – A simple delay plugin optimized for synth sounds exclusively developped for the VM Bundle with very low cpu consumption.
  • SimpleDelay – A simple reverb plugin offering three basic parameters and some useful presets exclusively developped for the VM Bundle with very low cpu consumption.

The VM Bundle is available for purchase for the introductory price of $99 USD / 75 EUR (regular price is $149 USD). The bundle also contains the standard PC VST version of OP-X (so you will have reduced price on upgrades and coming new products).

Visit SonicProjects for more information.


Sonicprojects releases OP-X Free and OP-X Player

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Sonicprojects OP-X Free

Sonicprojects has released OP-X Free and OP-X Player, two new VST instruments for Windows PC.

The OP-X Free has got the same basic engine and sound as the full OP-X while the available presets are limited to a few chosen ones and the GUI only gives access to a few parameters. The OP-X Free can’t load the patches and banks of the full version and there’s no vst automation or midi cc control.

However there’s an extremely cheap way to get access to the complete OP-X sound library and full automation: upgrade to OP-X Player.

OP-X Player has the same look as OP-X Free, but is able to load any OP-X patch with identical sound as in OP-X. It comes with the full OP-X library (500 patches) and there’s automation and midi cc remote control.

If you also want to get access to all parameters and create your own sounds, then you can upgrade again for a cheap price to the full OP-X, which gives instant access to all 83 parameters on a huge and classy interface. All these parameters can be automated and remote controlled with midi CC.

OP-X Free is available as freeware, while OP-X Player costs $39 USD. Check Sonicprojects website for more details on upgrade paths.

Visit Sonicprojects for more information.