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Sonnox Broadcast and Post, two new effect plugin bundles

Sonnox Broadcast & Post

Sonnox has announced Sonnox Broadcast and Sonnox Post, two new effect plug-in bundles for Windows and Mac.

We are excited to introduce two new bundles for Broadcast and Post production, both containing carefully selected Oxford plug-ins for relevant workflow.

New Sonnox bundles

  • Sonnox Post Post Production Super Bundle (inc. Sonnox Restore)
    Sonnox Post is an uncompromising plug-in solution for audio post-production. It includes the award-winning Sonnox Restore suite which features the DeClicker, DeBuzzer and DeNoiser audio restoration plug-ins, along with the classic Oxford EQ and Dynamics algorithms from the OXF-R3 digital console. Also included are the versatile Oxford Reverb, Limiter and SuprEsser dynamic EQ – making Sonnox Post the ultimate post-production super bundle.
  • Sonnox Broadcast Broadcast Production Collection
    Sonnox Broadcast is a collection of powerful Oxford plug-ins which provide high-quality processing and precision control for broadcast production. Including the renowned Oxford EQ and Dynamics plug-ins, the popular Inflator for maximizing loudness, the preset-packed Oxford Limiter and the SuprEsser for fixing problematic frequencies – Sonnox Broadcast will dramatically improve the quality of virtually any programme.

Both bundles are available in Pro Tools HD and Native formats at a 30% introductory pricing until October 31, 2010.

More information: Sonnox


Sonnox Oxford Plug-ins, 35% off in August

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Sonnox has announced a 35% discount on all Sonnox plug-ins in August 2010.

The sun must have got to us.. Yes, you read it right – for the month of August everything is 35% off! Any plug-in, any bundle – just take a further 35% discount, even on top of what you’d normally save by buying a bundle.

This offer excludes cross-grades, upgrades and education sales and will end on August 31st 2010.

More information: Sonnox


Steinberg announces WaveLab 7

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Steinberg has announced WaveLab 7, the forthcoming major update to its industry-standard audio editing and mastering suite.

WaveLab 7 represents a new benchmark for audio editing and mastering for Mac, while adding new capabilities to its previous Windows incarnation. Among the new features is a unique GUI concept that allows fast and fluid handling of audio material across multiple windows, montages and podcasts with an intelligent docking and scaling system as well as new VST3 plug-ins and restoration tools, a new CD and DVD-A burning engine and much more.

Steinberg WaveLab 7

The new WaveLab 7 user interface handles audio material faster and more intuitively, speeding up workflows in audio editing and mastering with an ultra-fluid, intelligent and completely customizable window and toolbar management system. WaveLab 7 also includes a restoration tool package provided by leading plug-in manufacturer Sonnox and encompassing specialized DeNoiser, DeBuzzer and DeClicker plug-ins, while a range of additional VST3 plug-ins includes a range of tools previously available in Steinberg’s music and audio production applications including the Nuendo Post Filter plug-in, further expanding the functional depth of the onboard audio toolset. A completely new CD and DVD-A burning engine rounds off the functional additions to WaveLab 7.

WaveLab 7 will be available in the second half of 2010 from authorized Steinberg resellers, for a suggested retail price of 599 EUR / £510 GBP.

More information: Steinberg / WaveLab 7


Sonnox updates Oxford DeBuzzer and Oxford SuprEsser (Mac)

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Sonnox Oxford DeBuzzer

Sonnox has released updates for the Mac versions of Oxford DeBuzzer and Oxford SuprEsser, two effect plug-ins for PC and Mac.

Changes in Oxford DeBuzzer AU v1.0.1/VST v1.0.2

  • Fixes crash in Snow Leopard.

Changes in Oxford SuprEsser AU v1.1/VST v1.0.1

  • Added new installer technology. Separated AU installer from VST version.
  • Fixed crash in Logic when instantiating or re-opening a closed GUI.
  • Fixed problem with .aupreset installation.
  • Zoom now implemented to original spec.

More information: Sonnox


Sonnox and announce Group Buy

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DontCrac[k] Sonnox Group Buy

Sonnox and have announced a Group Buy promotion.

DontCrack engaged quite ambitious negotiations as they’ll need over 300 subscribers that commit to buy any of the 9 hot Sonnox bundles (3 per format (Native, TDM or PowerCore) to reach the +50% discount. But looking at their previous promotions, we are very confident that this unique Sonnox Group Buy promotion will do more than well with the first bundle (Enhance Native Bundle) that should reach the attractive pricing of only $270 (MSRP $540). The Full Elite Native bundle that could be sold at round down price of only $599 (MSRP $1260) if the amount of subscribers is reached. That sure would be a once in a life time Sonnox promotion…

As we all know, Sonnox Oxford Plugins (formerly Sony Oxford Plugins) are considered to be among the highest quality audio plugins ever made for professional studios, producers, musicians, etc. Typically companies like Sonnox don’t like to see their products discounted but they followed-up with DontCrack that has committed to buy a quite huge quantity of plugins what ever happens says Peter Donovan, marketing Director at

This Group Buy promotion will run from December 1 to 13, 2009 and 5 days will be made available for subscribers to purchase the product they committed to buy (sales are from December 14 to 18, 2009).

More information:


Sonnox releases Sonnox Restore

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Sonnox Restore

Sonnox has announced the release of Sonnox Restore, a suite of three plug-ins designed to accurately restore audio recordings that are impaired.

Restore represents a quantum leap beyond previous restoration plug-in technology with its advanced algorithms and novel features that allow fast and extremely effective removal of pops, clicks, crackles, scratches, hum, buzzes and extraneous background noise from virtually any recording.

Capable of exceptionally high quality audio repairs, the three plug-ins are intuitive and easy to use, with each interface providing detailed graphical feedback, benefiting the user by saving time which of course is critical in the post-production process.

Sonnox Restore features

  • Three sections with individual thresholds and controls: DePop, DeClick and DeCrackle
  • Event display gives intuitive visual feedback of energy and duration of detected events
  • ‘Exclude Box’ to select events that should not be repaired
  • Dialogue Mode that allows two separate sets of control settings distinguished by input level
  • Excitation displays to aid accurate setting of threshold controls
  • Three audition modes, including option to listen to only removed events
  • Advanced algorithms for accurate detection and high quality repair


  • High performance hum and buzz removal using advanced algorithms
  • Separate Detect and Remove Sections for intuitive workflow
  • Scalable high resolution FFT of input signal shows strongest harmonics and removal filter
  • Very accurate setting of fundamental over 3 frequency ranges
  • Integrating frequency display shows strength of fundamental
  • Tracking mode can be set to Automatic or Fast to follow fundamentals that wander in frequency, or to Freeze for fundamentals that vary in amplitude
  • Choice of removal filters: Comb for general purpose narrow removal over many harmonics, or Parametric EQ for a more musical removal over a small set of harmonics
  • Two audition modes, including option to listen to the removed buzz


  • High performance noise removal using advanced algorithms
  • Separate DeHisser, Detect and Remove Sections for intuitive workflow
  • High resolution FFT of input signal showing noise profile
  • Efficient DeHisser for preparation before wide-band noise reduction
  • Detector noise profile can be set to automatic, freeze or manual
  • Noise threshold and reduction are controllable in frequency bands using adjustable bias curve
  • Two audition modes, including the option to listen to the removed noise
  • Warmth control for sweetening after noise removal
  • Make-up gain for true A/B comparisons

Sonnox Restore is available to purchase for Windows PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS), priced at £1,195 GBP. Sony Restoration Tools owners can exchange their licence for £895 GBP until February 28, 2010.

More information: Sonnox / Sonnox Restore


Sonnox updates Oxford Limiter to v1.1

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Sonnox Oxford Limiter

Sonnox has released version 1.1 of the Mac OS X AU version of Oxford Limiter, a plug-in developed from decades of professional audio experience to provide a very high degree of quality and facility in programme loudness control and limiting functions.

Changes in Oxford Limiter v1.1

  • New: Onboard Preset Manager. Allows users to save .spt format presets, stored in: System>Library>Application Support>Sonnox>Presets. .spt presets allow users to name and save a preset using the Audio Units plug-in, and load it on a different platform, e.g. VST or RTAS on either Mac or Windows. This technology is due to be released across all platforms shortly.
  • Increased stability in Logic and Digital Performer. Resolves intermittent issues where a plug-in would (i) display a blank screen and/or (ii) could not be closed in a session and/or (iii) audio may not pass through the plug-in.
  • New format installer. Checks for presence and version of iLok driver. Checks for presence of iLok with correct licence before allowing plug-in installation.
  • Log file. Installer-Log.txt file created during installation and stored in: System>Library>Application Support>Sonnox>Install Logs.

More information: Sonnox / Oxford Limiter