XLN Audio releases Vintage Dry ADpak and Dry Beats & Songs MIDI Pak

XLN Audio Vintage Dry ADpak

XLN Audio has launched the Vintage Dry ADpak, a new expansion library for the Addictive Drums virtual drum instrument for Windows and Mac.

There is a huge revival of that glorious 70s sound brought to you by chart-topping contemporary artists like Daft Punk, Miike Snow and Justice. With our Vintage Dry ADpak, you too can have those fat, dry, and deliciously authentic drum sounds in your productions!

Vintage Dry. Give Life Back To The Beat.

Vintage Dry ADpak features

  • Authentic 1970’s studio sound.
  • Dry, damped and crisp drums.
  • Vintage Ludwig Silver Sparkle kit.
  • Extra Sonor Phonic Kick and Snare.
  • Over 40 mix ready presets.

The Vintage Dry ADpak is available to purchase for 49.95 EUR.

XLN Audio has also released the Dry Beats & Songs MIDI Pak, a collection of MIDI beats and songs.

The perfect companion to our Vintage Dry ADpak! The Dry Beats & Songs MIDIpak features tons of tight, precise content that sounds great on a fat, dry drum kit. Features Beats, Fills, and Songs (with intro, verse, chorus, bridge parts) with lots of variations, tempos and grooves.

Dry Beats & Songs MIDI Pak features

  • Hundreds of tight, precise grooves.
  • Played by professional drummers.
  • Perfect match for fat, dry drum kits.
  • Over 200 live recorded MIDI files.

The MIDI Pak costs 19.95 EUR.

The Vintage Dry ADpak and Dry Beats & Songs MIDI Pak are also available to purchase in the Vintage Dry Bundle, priced at 59.95 EUR.

More information: XLN Audio


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