Sontronics launches ARIA valve condenser microphone

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Sontronics ARIA

Sontronics has announced the launch of its new ARIA valve condenser microphone with a fixed cardioid pattern, designed by Sontronics founder Trevor Coley specifically for getting the best from your vocals.

The Sontronics ARIA will give you stunning results on every male or female vocal recording, thanks to its silky-smooth characteristics, its accurate response and Sontronics’ trademark smooth high-frequency roll-off. Housed inside the chromed grille is a large, 1.07-inch, edge-terminated capsule that captures all the detail and subtleties of any male or female vocal, while the hand-selected European 12AX7/ECC83 tube lends a character that you’d expect to find in a classic vintage valve mic costing many times more. For that extra level of control, the accompanying SPS-2 power supply unit boasts pad (0, -10dB) and filter (linear, 75Hz) switches as well as a tube-ready LED, letting you know when the mic is warmed up and at its best to record.

“I’ve been working on the concept of a vocal-specific valve mic for a long time,” explains designer Trevor Coley, “and the ARIA is the culmination of months of research and beta-testing, which I’ve been lucky enough to do with some incredibly talented musicians and producers. The result is a go-to microphone that really is a must-have for anyone serious about achieving the best, smoothest, warmest possible results from any vocal recording. Sontronics ARIA really will take your breath away!”

During the past 12 months of ARIA’s development, the mic has been beta-tested by top artists and musicians including Oscar- and Grammy-winning producer/writer Paul Epworth (Adele, Florence & The Machine, Paul McCartney), Mercury award-winning singer/songwriter PJ Harvey, and also several engineers at Abbey Road Studios, all of whom now admit they can’t live without their ARIAs! These and other users have all told us that ARIA’s sound and quality is easily matched to mics (both modern and vintage) that cost ten times more.

The ARIA microphone is supplied in its own velvet-lined wooden box, which comes in an aluminium flightcase together with its elastic spider-style shockmount, a ring mount and the SPS-2 power supply and connecting cable. Like all Sontronics mics, the ARIA is covered by Sontronics’ LIFETIME WARRANTY.

The Sontronics ARIA is available to purchase for £899 GBP (inc. VAT) / 899 EUR (plus tax) / $1,199 USD.

More information: Sontronics / ARIA


Sontronics launches Summer Promotion – Free STC-10 with STC-3X PACK

Sontronics Summer Promotion

British microphone brand Sontronics has teamed up with a handful of specialist Sontronics dealers in the UK to offer a fantastic summer promotion with the chance to get two pro-studio-quality condenser mics for the price of one.

Anyone buying a Sontronics STC-3X PACK, comprising the best-selling three-pattern, large-diaphragm STC-3X mic plus accessories, from a participating store will automatically receive a FREE Sontronics STC-10 pencil condenser mic, worth £95 (UK RRP) totally FREE!

This means that for just £239 you’ll get a fully rounded recording package, ideal for singer/songwriters, home set-ups, professional studios or voiceover artists, that includes the following:

  • Sontronics STC-3X three-pattern (omni, cardioid, figure-of-eight), large-diaphragm condenser mic with three-stage filter and three-stage pad controls, available in silver or black. It’s ideal for recording vocals, spoken word, acoustic guitar, piano, drums, podcasting, overhead and more!
  • FREE recording accessories as part of the STC-3X PACK: spider-style shockmount, double-layer nylon-mesh popshield, 5-metre XLR cable and handy zip-up mic pouch
  • FREE Sontronics STC-10 pencil-style cardioid condenser mic with two-stage filer and two-stage pad controls, mic mount and foam windshield, perfect for direct-miking acoustic guitar, solo woodwind or strings, drums, percussion, video and film work
  • FREE downloads of Toontrack’s award-winning EZMix 2 Lite and Ezdrummer Lite software
  • FREE Lifetime Warranty for both STC-3X and STC-10 mics

As Sontronics founder and mic designer, Trevor Coley, admits, this is a amazing giveaway that shouldn’t be missed: “Both the STC-3X PACK and the STC-10 are brilliantly versatile mics, and our users constantly tell us how they give results that compare with those of mics that cost many times more, and now you can get both for the price of the STC-3X PACK. Our Sontronics brand wouldn’t be here without the people who buy, use and love our mics, so this is our chance to give something back to all of you… for free!”

The sale ends September 30th, 2013. Current participating stockists include: Absolute Music, GuitarGuitar, Rubadub, Production Room and Westend Production.

More information: Sontronics


Sontronics launches SONORA 2 + STC-20 & STC-3X Mic Packs

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Sonictronics has announced the launch and immediate availability of SONORA 2, a dual-channel solid-state preamp/DI that has been designed, developed and manufactured in the UK.

Sontronics SONORA 2

The SONORA 2 preamp features Sontronics’ proprietary Class A vintage circuit design and is capable of delivering an exceptional standard of audio reproduction with a classy, silky finish for an outstanding price. For ultimate recording and monitoring flexibility, SONORA 2 has two combined XLR & 1/4” jack inputs plus four individual outputs (two XLR, two TRS jack) as well as a –20dB pad, 75Hz high-pass filter, 180° phase reverse switch and 48V phantom power on each channel. Its lightning-quick dynamic ability combined with a linear frequency response and a powerful 66dB of crystal-clear gain and a huge +23dBu of headroom means SONORA 2 is an ideal choice for any professional studio, home or live environment.

Sontronics’ founder, designer and MD Trevor Coley says: “SONORA 2 represents two years of sheer hard work and dedication and I’m so proud of the fact that we’ve done it all, from the circuitry right up to the packaging, right here in the UK. SONORA 2 has all the build quality and attention to detail you’d expect from Sontronics as well as its own signature smooth sound. It really will let you hear more of what actually matters.”

Sontronics STC-3X

Sontronics has also released two new all-in-one recording packages – the STC-20 PACK and STC-3X PACK – each including a condenser mic and free accessories to get the home or studio musician achieving professional studio-quality recordings in minutes.

The new Sontronics all-in-one mic packs are intended for anyone wanting to start recording straight away. The STC-20 PACK (£209 RRP) includes Sontronics’ best-selling affordable STC-20 large-diaphragm cardioid condenser mic with gold-sputtered one-inch capsule. The STC-3X PACK (£305 RRP) includes Sontronics’ brand new STC-3X condenser mic with three polar patterns – cardioid, omni and figure-of-eight – plus a pad (0, -10, -20dB) and high-pass filter (linear, 75Hz, 150Hz). Available in black or silver, the STC-3X is the ultimate in versatility and flexibility for any studio.

Both packs include the following accessories:

  • spider-style shockmount with two spare elastics
  • nylon-mesh pro-quality popshield
  • 5-metre XLR cable
  • zip-up microphone pouch

The SONORA 2 is available to purchase for RRP £699 GBP. The STC-20 and STC-3X will be available November 5th, 2012, priced at RRP £209 GBP and £305 GBP respectively. Prices inc. VAT.

More information: Sontronics


Sontronics offers free Omni and Hyper capsules with STC-1S microphone

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Time+Space has announced a limited time offer from Sontronics.

“I’ve been using the STC-1 on acoustic guitar, vocals and percussion. They give a much more effective, uncoloured result and a really natural recording.” Alan Bailey, Sound Engineer (Snow Patrol, The Chemical Brothers)

Sontronics STC-1S promo

Launched today and running until the end of the year, British mic brand Sontronics is offering FREE omnidirectional and hypercardioid capsules worth £40 each with every STC-1 pencil cardioid condenser mic bought from a participating retailer.

This means you ultimately get three mics for the price of one!

Or, buy an STC-1S stereo pair (RRP £249) and you’ll get two of each capsule worth a total of £160!

“Our STC-1 and STC-1S are such versatile mics already,” says Sontronics MD, founder and designer Trevor Coley, “and users tell us they love it for things like acoustic guitar, plucked instruments, woodwind, brass, strings, direct-miking percussion and video/film work. However, with the free interchangeable capsules in the package, you suddenly have three mics in one, making it suitable for overheads, vocals, conferencing, room ambience, orchestral, choral and ensemble applications, especially with the STC-1S pair.”

The STC-1 is supplied in a wooden box with mic clip and windshield while the STC-1S pair come in a wooden box with a mounting bar, clips and windshields. Both microphones, as with all Sontronics mics, come with a free copy of Toontrack EZdrummer Lite and are covered by the Sontronics Lifetime Warranty.

The free capsules will be shipped with your microphone – no rebate form required!

This offer is available from Time+Space and participating UK dealers until 31st December 2011.

More information: Time+Space


Win a Sontronics HALO microphone from Time+Space

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Sontronic HALO

Time+Space has announced a contest in which you can win the Sontronics HALO, a dynamic cardioid microphone worth £129 GBP.

Last week saw the arrival of HALO – a striking new dynamic cardioid microphone from Sontronics that has been specifically designed for guitarists.

HALO reproduces all the bite, crunch and power that you want from a guitar amp but without needing to touch the EQ. What’s more, the springs that are built into the smart circular design help to isolate the mic from stage or floor vibrations.

Until 30th June, Sontronics’ UK distributor Time+Space are giving you the chance to win a HALO of your own!

To enter, all you need to do is send Time+Space the answer to a very simple question.

More information: Time+Space


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