Soultracker releases ABS3 beta

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Soultracker ABS3 beta

Soultracker has released ABS3 beta, a freeware beat slicer type VST plugin for Windows PC.

ABS, Automated Breaking Science, is an extended version of soultrackers BreakGarbage plugin. It is based on Automatic Breakbeat Cutting Methods by Nick Collins.

ABS3 features

  • Step sequencer with Gain and Gate
  • HP/LP and comb filters
  • Reverse play, random
  • Time control, beat/slice/duration
  • Glitch effect
  • Delay
  • Automation of all parameters

This plugin requires the requires Pluggo runtime.

There’s a demo video on Soultracker showcasing ABS3, looks like tons of fun. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work on FL Studio 7, let me know if you do.

Visit Soultracker for more information and a link to download the latest version of ABS3 beta.


Soultracker updates Bazz-ID

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Soultracker Bazz-ID

Soultracker has updated Bazz-ID, a freeware VSTi synth based on FM synthesis.

Bazz-ID is a Bassline synth with 3 bass levels, using 3 FM generators (High/Bass and Sub-Bass/Medium).


  • some bugs fixed
  • saving functions are now fully operational
  • new skin

Bazz-ID requires Cycling ’74 Pluggo.

Visit Soultracker for more information and a link to download Bazz-ID for Windows or Mac OSX.