Twisted Tools releases Binary Windows sample pack + Thanksgiving Sale

Twisted Tools has launched Binary Windows, a user interface sound design toolkit created for multi-media sound editors, application developers and anyone interested in high-tech sound effect elements.

Twisted Tools Binary Windows

BINARY WINDOWS comes bundled with both unprocessed and designed sounds, making it a perfect fit for sound designers interested in creating custom sound effects or application developers looking to quickly add a finished sound into their product.

Also included is a special bonus Expansion Pack for Twisted Tools *S-LAYER.
When combined with S-LAYER, the BINARY WINDOWS sample library allows you to instantly generate infinite and unique sound effects by harnessing the power of S-LAYER’s world renowned sample layering and randomization engine.

Binary Windows is available for purchase for $69 USD. Twisted Tools has also announced a storewide Thanksgiving Sale.

All items are 30% off, making it a perfect time to pick up a copy of BINARY WINDOWS.

More information: Twisted Tools / Binary Windows


Producertech launches Making a Drum & Bass Groove with colo[r]

Producertech has launched Making a Drum & Bass Groove, the first part in a “In the Studio with…” series of video tutorials by colo[r].

color[r] Making a Drum & Bass Groove

In the first of a lengthy three part series, producers Chris Octane and Liam O’Mullane invite you to join them in the studio, where you can observe their methods and advanced techniques for creating a serious Drum and Bass groove. Currently producing as part of newly formed outfit ‘colo[r]’, Chris and Liam bring together a veritable mountain of experience in electronic music production, DJing and sound design.

In the first instalment, Octane and Liam create their signature drum sounds by combining synthesised and acoustic elements. Next, they create a pattern and apply processing and effects to give it the punch and power to carry the track. Their attention to detail is evident when it comes to designing the bass: expertly manipulating synthesisers, filters, and other effects, including altering parameters on the fly using an iPad – which interfaces with Live using Max for Live objects. Following this is a lesson in creating edgy, dynamic percussion using sampling techniques and expansive manipulation. To conclude, colo[r] fine tune the various elements to wrap up the foundations of their new track.

The tutorial course is available for purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Producertech / Making a Drum & Bass Groove


Epic SoundLab releases The Forge for Kontakt

Epic SoundLab has launched with the release of The Forge, a hybrid scoring instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Epic SoundLab The Forge

The Forge is a powerful yet intuitive sample library aimed at Film, TV and Games composers.

It is designed to offer a flexible environment to customize every sound and making your own.

The Forge features

  • Advanced User Interface.
  • Arpeggiator.
  • Polyphonic Sequencer.
  • Rhythmic Gater.
  • Unison / Voices Stack.
  • Resonant Delay.
  • Dual Engine Reverb.
  • Over 200 Kontakt patches.
  • Over 3GB of open WAV files.
  • MIDI Files.
  • Customize your own samples.

The Forge is available for purchase for the introductory price of $149 USD/119 EUR/£95 GBP until November 1st, 2014 (regular $189 USD/149 EUR/£119 GBP). Requires full version of Kontakt 5.1 or higher.

More information: Epic SoundLab


Manuel Senfft launches crowdfunding project for fight! Kontakt library

Manuel Senfft has launched a crowdfunding project for fight!, a sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt that allows you to produce meelee sounds in no time.

“fight!” is a tool for budget-conscious sound designers who use “Kontakt” and want to manage standard tasks faster and more productively.

The goal of the campaign is to cover the production costs and to enable development of further useful libraries while keeping the price for the users at a minimum.

Upon successful financing the tool will be released under a free license to avoid cumbersome license sales and annoying copy protection, which otherwise would needlessly drive up the retail price.

fight! features

  • 303 dry samples.
  • 29 different sounds.
  • Up to 10 variations for each sound.
  • 24 bit / 44.1 kHz.
  • WAV-files are accessible and thereby usable without „NI Kontakt“.
  • Extra well sorted WAV-sample-pool with additional short “ready to use” pre-made sound-pieces for non-NI Kontakt users as well.
  • Variations are triggered round-robin or randomly, but without repeating the last sound.
  • Effects.
  • ADSR curve.
  • Equalizer.
  • Key position and color adjustable.
  • A randomizer for each setting.

The campaign is looking to fund 3,000 EUR by October 31st, 2014. Various rewards are available to those funding the project.

More information: fight!


ADSR launches Sonic Logo Challenge – Win Komplete 10

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ADSR Sounds has announced the launch of Sonic Logo Challenge, its first ever sound design contest.

ADSR Sonic Logo Challenge

They are inviting sound designers of every ilk to design and submit a 3 second arrangement that will serve as the sonic logo on all ADSR audio and video materials. With the opportunity to get their sounds in front of a huge audience and US$3,000 prizes up for grabs – including a fresh copy of Komplete 10 – competition is set to be fierce!

Come up with an arrangement to convey what ADSR is all about – sound design, expert music production tutorials and some of the world’s finest presets.

The arrangement will be matched to ADSR’s animated logo, so designers have just 3 seconds to capture the essence of ADSR. Dig deep into a sample library or get busy arranging a sonic tsunami on their favoured synth, how this gets interpreted is entirely up to the producer! The options are limitless!

The best entry will be chosen by ADSR and the finalists put to the community who will choose the winning sound. That sound will feature at the start of every ADSR video to be heard by tens of thousands! It’s an awesome opportunity for sound designers to get the kudos they deserve while being showered with prizes!

The Sonic Logo Challenge is now live and entries close October 21st, 2014.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Sonic Logo Challenge


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