Particular Sound releases Aphelion sfx library

Particular Sound Aphelion

Particular Sound has announced the release of Aphelion, a new library featuring 760 sound fx samples.

Aphelion is a SFX Library with tons of new sound effects made for cinematic trailer, videos, movies, computer games or music productions like Drum’n’Bass, Dubstep or similar genres. It features new samples made by our own crew processed through modern effects recorded in 96kHz 24bit WAV.

As a bonus, there are 2 folders called processed samples and rhythmic loops. The samples in processed samples are ready to use samples which were processed with effects, use them as they’re. Rhythmic loops is a folder with 2, 4, 8 or 16 beat long loops from 080 to 120 bpm using percussive elements and effects.

Aphelion is our debut Sound FX library, after working years in the music business making factory sounds for a major list of companies like Yamaha Europe, Waldorf Music, reFX, LinPlug, Sugar Bytes, Ableton AG, Fabfilter, MOTU and many, many more, we started back in 2013 to make sfx for a PC game we worked on, we decided to make the sfx library available for everyone.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $59 USD.

More information: Particular Sound / Aphelion


Epic SoundLab releases Octamorph FE for Kontakt

Epic SoundLab Octamorph FE

Epic SoundLab has announced Octamorph FE (Forge Edition), a virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Octamorph is an 8 layers cross-morphing instrument and sound design tool for building complex soundscapes, morphing drones, shapeshifting risers and much more.

This edition is built around a the Drones section from our acclaimed The Forge library and suits Film, TV, Games composers and Sound Designers.

Octamorph FE features

  • 8 Layers.
  • XY Radar Monitor.
  • Manual Axis Controls.
  • 2 Scripted LFOs.
  • 9 Waveforms per LFO.
  • LFO Relative position.
  • LFO Bias.
  • Scripted Riser Engine.
  • Loop/One-Shot mode.
  • LUFS Normalized Samples Doppler.
  • Resonator.
  • Equalizer.
  • IR Reverb.
  • Preset Scrambler.
  • TouchOSC and Lemur Templates.
  • Dedicated “User Init” to use your own samples.

Octamorph FE is available for purchase for an introductory 20% discount (regular $59 USD/55 EUR/£39 BGP). This edition is free for The Forge users. Requires a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5.1 or higher.

More information: Epic SoundLab / Octamorph FE


Prime Loops releases Ultimate FX & Risers

Prime Loops has launched Ultimate FX & Risers, a collection of 199 risers, impacts, lazers, reverses, sweeps, atmospheres and more.

Alpha Waves Ultimate FX & Risers

This very latest SFX sound library by Alpha Waves is your one-stop shop for all the EDM sound effects you’ll ever wish for. Ultimate FX & Risers is a super-versatile producer toolkit that can be used in a variety of genres and in a broad range of BPMs.

Whether you make 140 BPM Mainroom Trap, 132 BPM Techno, 128 BPM Electro House or Big Room, 110 BPM Glitch Hop or any other EDM genre – this ultra-flexible FX sound collection will have you covered big time.

Take a look inside the pack and you’ll find just under 1GB of uplifiting Atmospheres, Reverse Sweeps, Lazers and hard-hitting Tonal Impacts. Gritty industrial sounds sit alongside massive impacts and dramatic build ups. However, Alpha Waves have also included more subtle sounds in the form of refined Atmospheres, futuristic Reverse Sweeps and epic Downrisers!

The sample pack is available for purchase for £12.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops / Ultimate FX & Risers


Soundiron releases Subways & Streetcars sample library

Soundiron has announced the release of Subways & Streetcars, a new sound library.

Soundiron SFX - Subways & Streetcars

Subways & Streetcars is a professional sound library, featuring field recorded sound effects and natural environmental soundscapes on and around a modern major metropolitan transit line and 3 different vintage early 20th century electric passenger streetcars. This 4.38 GB library is built for sound designers and re-recording mixers, as well as musicians and composers that are looking for fresh sonic ideas and sound sources to explore and manipulate.

The sounds are standard wav files that can be used in any audio program and you’ll find clearly named files and folders to make library navigation a breeze. The Kontakt presets put all of that excellent content into an easy plug-and-play interface, whether you’re incorporating it into music or sound design.

The library is available for the introductory price of $29 USD (24-bit/48kHz version) / $19 USD (16-bit/44.1kHz version) until March 15th, 2015.

More information: Soundiron / Subways & Streetcars


Spartan Sounds releases Spire SFX soundset

Spartan Sounds has launched Spire SFX, a collection of sound fx patches for the Spire synthesizer by Reveal Sound.

This is a revolutionary pack. Ideal for Movie FX, Intros etc.
Built by a Foley Editor for Spire, this pack can be used for almost any genre. Contains over 70 presets. Some of the most amazing FX presets.

The soundset is available from Reveal Sound for 12 EUR/$16 USD.

More information: Reveal Sound / Spire SFX


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