Sound Out The Box launches XTrack EQ32 public beta

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Sound Out The Box has introduced XTrack EQ32, a VST3 audio effect plugin which provides an equalizer 32 bands with a low CPU usage.

XTrack EQ32 allows to control the equalization of one or many tracks at the same time.

Whereas most of equalizers support only stereo control, XTrack EQ32 gives you the possibility to control a Mono, a Stereo, a LRS, a Quatro and an 8.0 Music system.

Equalization presets can be saved in a specific file in XML format. These presets are editable and can be loaded easily by the plugin via its user interface.

XTrack EQ32 has also a vumeter for input and output signal.

The XTrack EQ32 is currently available as a free public beta for Windows (VST3).

More information: Sound Out The Box / XTrack EQ32