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Sound Performance Lab intros Phonitor 2 headphone preamp

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Sound Performance Lab has announced Phonitor 2, bringing preamplifier/monitor controller functionality and remote controllable volume to the headphone preamp.

SPL Phonitor 2

We are uber-happy to introduce the successor of our legendary Phonitor headphone preamp. We have kept all proven features while incorporating some major improvements — as such, the new Phonitor can be used as the ultimate monitor controller and preamp for three different sources.

Likewise, we revised the 120-Volt technology in order for it to perform better, which resulted in our measurement gear being outclassed. Even our creative team got even more creative and came up with a fascinating name: “Phonitor 2.” There’s only one thing that remained unchanged: the price.

Phonitor 2 features

  • 120 Volt headphone amp and preamp/monitor controller.
  • For dynamic and balanced headphones.
  • For all headphones with an impedance of >10 Ohms (>40 Ohms for balanced headphones).
  • Volume adjustment with any remote control.
  • Frequency response: 4Hz – 480kHz (-3dB).
  • THD+N: HP 0.00091 %, Line output 0.00085%.
  • Dynamic range: HP 133.62dB/Line 134.37dB.

The Phonitor 2 costs MSRP 1,649 EUR.

More information: SPL / Phonitor 2


SPL intros Car Vitalizer app for iOS

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SPL Car Vitalizer

Sound Performance Lab has announced Car Vitalizer, a sound enhancement app for iOS.

Enjoy professional sound tuning in your car – no screwing, no further hardware, no expertise required! Get the new Car Vitalizer® App für iPhone, iPad und iPod touch.

For many of us, the car is one of the last retreats where we can still listen to music or audio books undisturbed. So car stereos that aren’t optimally adapted to the in-car acoustic environment are real kill-joys.

SPL is a professional audio manufacturer creating sought-for technology for the world’s most famous music production facilities. Now we have ported our patented sound enhancing technologies to the iPhone and iPad in the form of the new Car Vitalizer App — finally professional sound enhancing available to all car owners.

Car Vitalizer for iOS is available to purchase for 6.99 EUR via in-app purchase. The app is free to try for three days.

More information: SPL / Car Vitalizer


SPL intros Crimson and Madison audio & MADI interfaces

Sound Performance Lab has announced the Crimson USB audio-interface and monitor controller and the Madison 16+16 channel MADI interface at Musikmesse.

SPL Crimson

The SPL Crimson combines a USB interface with high-quality preamps and a separate, fully-featured monitor controller. You can play and play back, record and convert, control and listen with one single device.

So all you essentially need for a truly professional recording setup is the Crimson and DAW.

Crimson features

  • 30 I/O channels (10 recording channels and 20 playback channels).
  • +/- 18V operational voltage for professional levels up to +24dB.
  • Two boutique level, discrete Class A, +/-30V high-voltage mic-preamplifiers.
  • Two Hi-Z instrument preamplifiers.
  • Two separate headphones amps, individually controllable.
  • Connect and control two stereo speaker sets.
  • Monitor signal mix function for playback and recording paths.
  • MIDI input and output via two DIN sockets.
  • USB 2.0, S/P-DIF input and output.
  • 24Bit/192kHz converter.
  • Made in Germany.

The Crimson is scheduled for release in July 2013, with a RRP of 549 EUR (including German VAT) / $725 USD.

The Madison 16+16 channel MADI interface is the “most analog digital converter”, according to SPL.

SPL Madison

With excellent converters and a unique 36 volts analog section, the SPL Madison offers the pure SPL analog sound for every MADI equipped digital console, audio router and PC MADI card.

With 16 input and 16 output channels in a single rack space, the Madison combines state of the art signal conversion with highly reliable clock and MADI processing. And as a true SPL unit it is simple to operate, easy to expand and, of course, an awesome sounding conversion system.

Madison features

  • 16 AD and 16 DA converters in 1U.
  • Superb sounding converters with a sophisticated analog section on 36?V audio rails.
  • +24?dBu professional output level.
  • Best price/performance value.
  • Up to 64 I/Os on 1 MADI port (4 units).
  • Latency neutral MADI chaining.
  • 44.1 to 192?kHz, ±10% vari-speed.
  • SPL clock-shop for jitter-free operation.
  • Ultra-compatible, always operational MADI IO with ultra low conversion latencies.
  • Four directly selectable reference levels: 15/18/22/24.
  • Simple operation and setup right from the front panel controls.
  • Ergonomic, distance-readable meters for clear level status indication of any I/O channel.
  • Fanless, absolutely silent low-power design (max. 30?W).
  • Redundant power supply optionally.
  • Four analog, 8-channel multicore DB 25 sockets (TASCAM industry standard).
  • Made in Germany.

The Madison is scheduled for release in June 2013, priced at RRP 1.499 EUR (including German VAT) / $1.899 USD.

More information: Sound Performance Lab


SPL intros Analog Elemental Series and MasterBay S

Sound Performance Lab has announced the Analog Elemental Series and MasterBay S, two new products SPL will be showcasing at the Musikmesse.

Analog Elemental Series: 13 new products, one concept

The 13 different Analog Elemental units result from the mix of six different preamps and processing modules. One single product combines two of the following modules in a 1U 19-inch rack:

  • Premium Microphone Preamplifier
  • Preference Microphone Preamplifier
  • Transient Designer
  • TwinTube Tube Saturation Processor
  • Dual-Band De-Esser
  • DynaMaxx Compressor/Limiter
SPL Analog Elemental Series (Premium Preamp / DynaMaxx)
SPL Analog Elemental Series – Premium Preamp / DynaMaxx

This series was conceived to meet two very popular demands our customers have expressed throughout the years: on the one hand it offers the possibility to have the exceptional preamps of the RackPack modular series in the traditional 19-inch format; while, on the other hand, it offers perfect front end and processing possibilities for any situation ranging from pure preamplification to specific processing needs for vocals and instruments ― all combinations are readily available.

MasterBay S: The S-Class Patchbay

When it comes to mastering, a patchbay is not always enough: even for experienced users a simple comparison of different processors or processing paths can become a headache.

SPL MasterBay S
SPL MasterBay S

The new MasterBay S can manage up to four stereo processors comfortably and its fascinating possibilities allow you to get the best results out of your equipment:

  • Four switchable inserts
  • Parallel Mix function
  • Automatic A/B comparison with freely selectable intervals
  • Loudness compensation
  • Trim potentiometers for all input and output levels
  • Big level knob for dynamic fading
  • Always reduces signal conversion to the minimum

SPL will launch these new products at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany, March 21-24, 2012 (Stand B 82 in Hall 5.1).

More information: Sound Performance Lab


SPL Reducer, the new red hot power soak

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SPL Reducer

Sound Performance Lab has announced the Reducer, a new passive power soak.

The Reducer attenuates the power output of the guitar amp. This means that all sorts of amps, especially tube amps, can now be overdriven without the need of having to be too loud.

So whenever you need the best sound of your guitar amp, with the Reducer you always get it. The Reducer works entirely passive and converts the amp’s energy into heat – this ensures best sound characteristics and can turn it into a really hot unit indeed!

Reducer features

  • Max. input load: 200W RMS @ 8 ohms.
  • Simple insertion between amp and cabinet.
  • Passive principle, requires no own power supply.
  • No sound degradation.
  • Switchable impedance for all amps (4, 8, or 16 ohms).
  • Point to point handwired.
  • Developed and handcrafted in Germany.

SPL Reducer has a recommended retail price of 277 EUR / $449 USD. Prices excluding VAT.

More information: SPL / Reducer


Sound Performance Lab NEOS, 120v mixing and monitoring console

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Sound Performance Lab NEOS

Sound Performance Lab has announced NEOS, the world’s first 120 volts mixing and monitoring console.

Compared to standard mixer designs, NEOS’ operational voltage is increased fourfold — more power means higher overall performance: more than 30 dB input headroom, 125 dB dynamic range, 100 dB S/N ratio.

NEOS features

  • 24 channel mixing and monitoring console.
  • Compact 19″/7 U housing format.
  • Chain as many NEOS as you like.
  • Ultimate mixing quality.
  • Ultimate monitoring quality.
  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany.

SPL will demonstrate the NEOS at stand 5.1/B82 of the MusikMesse.

More information: Sound Performance Lab


Sound Performance Lab announces SPL Xmas Packs

SPL Xmas Packs

Sound Performance Lab has announced two SPL Xmas Pack promotions.

Celebrate Xmas until New Year’s Eve and unwrap your SPL Xmas Pack until December 31.

The Front End Xmas Pack: Track One channel strip plus FREE EQ Rangers and TwinTube Analog Code® plug-ins.

The Back End Xmas Pack: SPL 2Control monitor controller for loudspeakers and headphones plus FREE Vitalizer® plug-in.

SPL Xmas Packs

Front End Xmas Pack – The Track One is one of the most sought-after channel strips in the world thanks to its great features and outstanding price-performance ratio. It’s no coincidence that international radio and TV stations (like NDR, Radio France, etc.) pack their gear rigs with these units.

When you buy a Front End Xmas Pack you not only get a Track One channel strip but also two Analog Code plug-ins:

  • The EQ Rangers, a plug-in set that includes our Bass Ranger, Vox Ranger and Full Ranger EQ modules.
  • The Twin Tube plug-in, which puts the sound of one of the best tube processors ever at your fingertips.

Back End Xmas Pack – The concept behind the 2Control is ideal for DAW monitoring: two channels, two sources, two loudspeaker sets, and two headphones, everything under control with the 2Control. The features and sound of our most successful back end controller seem to also be winning fans among hi-fi experts: the German hi-fi magazine Stereo did a comparison test and the 2Control came out winner with a very unusual mark of 100 out of 100.

When you buy a Back End Xmas Pack you not only get a 2Control monitor controller, but also a Vitalizer Analog Code plug-in. Our patented Vitalizer sound optimization technology has been a favorite among mixing and mastering engineers all over the world for decades. The outstanding quality of our Analog Code programming can now faithfully translate that into the digital domain.

Offers are valid through December 31, 2010, at all participating dealers and subject to availability.

More information: Sound Performance Lab