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Sound Performance Lab releases Passeq, passive equalizer goes Analog Code

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Sound Performance Lab has announced the release of Passeq, a new equalizer effect plug-in in the Analog Code series.

SPL Passeq Analog Code

With their new Passeq plug-in SPL promises to have faithfully translated into the digital domain the sound and response of passive EQs. The new Analog Code is said to have the most complex algorithms SPL developers have ever conceived to date.

Just like its analog counterpart, the Passeq plug-in provides the most dense network of passive filters ever in one single unit: each channel has 72 filters on three bands. According to SPL, the programming takes into account all interactions between filters and, at the same time, emulates the sound of the input and output transformers. The plug-in includes two display options: the standard two-channel interface and a space-saving single-channel version. One of the plug-in’s highlights is the switchable M/S mode that allows independent processing of mid and side signals.

Passeq Analog Code features

  • Reproduction of all interactions between the passive filters.
  • 72 filters on three bands per channel.
  • Emulation of input and output transformers.
  • Two graphical user interfaces: dual-channel and space-saving single-channel view.
  • Switchable M/S mode for independent processing of mid and side information.

The Passeq Analog Code plug-in is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) at an MSRP of 149 EUR ($199.66 USD) excl. VAT.

More information: SPL / Passeq Analog Code


Sound Performance Lab Analog Code Plug-ins now 99 EUR

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Sound Performance Lab has announced a price change for its Analog Code plug-ins, offering savings up to 70%.

Our Revolutionary Analog Code® Plug-ins. Now At A Revolutionary Price. Get your Analog Code plug-ins from 99 Euro (ex. taxes)

SPL Analog Code

SPL Analog Code Plug-ins

  • Two worlds – one price. We now include TDM and Native installers in one license.
  • Prices of all Analog Code plug-ins will be even lower than their individual price in previous native bundles.
  • Lower-than-bundle prices allow you to create your own custom bundles at an unbeatable value.
  • Completely new SPL Store … leaner, faster and simpler.
  • You already have a native license and would like to have the TDM version, too? Just download the latest installer version 1.3 and get your TDM version for free!

More information: Sound Performance Lab


SPL updates DrumXchanger to v1.01 + Extended Launch Price

SPL DrumXchanger

Sound Performance Lab has released version 1.01 of DrumXchanger, a drum sound replacement plug-in for Windows and Mac.

The name of the DrumXchanger is self-explanatory: it replaces drum sounds. But when it comes to processing it relies on a unique approach: it uses the Transient Designer technology for sound recognition. That way the DrumXchanger can faithfully recognize even the faintest ghost notes — regardless of their dynamic level.

Changes in DrumXchanger v1.01

  • Stereo file playback issue fixes.
  • Input clip LED behavior now also affected by the input gain.
  • Correct error messages when exporting multi-samples.

DrumXchanger is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for the extended launch price of 249 EUR (25% off the regular price) until June 30, 2010. The package comprises the native DrumXchanger plug-in, an additional Transient Designer plug-in and a 1 GB sample library. An upgrade is available to all owners of the Transient Designer plug-in for 149 EUR.

More information: SPL / DrumXchanger


Morevox releases DriveDrums SPL DrumXchanger Edition

Morevox DriveDrums SPL DrumXchanger Edition

Morevox has announced the release of DriveDrums SPL DrumXchanger Edition, a drum sample library for SPL’s drum replacement tool.

Taking advantage of the “Rim” pot feature in SPL DrumXchanger, DriveDrums SPL DrumXchanger Edition uniquely use this pot to control distortion “colour” in the mid range : the Drive Control.
It works similarly to an equalizer, but this tone control was created by splitting the original drum sounds into different frequency bands and then building brand new samples. These new variations were then carefully processed through a variety of distortions, using top-quality analog signal chains, with the aim of providing different distortion colours components in the mid range that can be mixed with the base samples.
This is not a modelled EQ emulator but an outstanding sound generator based on REAL professional gear’s dynamic behaviour.

The Drive Control works in the frequency range 500Hz – 3Khz. It adds definition, Rich and Warm tube sound with sweet distortion. It increases the “in your face” sound’s perception.

DriveDrums SPL DrumXchanger Edition is available to purchase as a download, priced at $99 USD.

More information: Morevox / DriveDrums SPL DrumXchanger Edition


SPL releases DrumXchanger

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SPL DrumXchanger

Sound Performance Lab has announced the release of DrumXchanger, a drum replacement plug-in for Windows and Mac.

You guessed it: the DrumXchanger replaces drum sounds. What’s more surprising: based upon our proprietary Transient Designer technology, it can replace drum sounds irrespective of their level.

DrumXchanger features

  • Dual threshold technology doubles replacement safety.
  • Two Transient Designer processing stages included.
  • One original Transient Designer plug-in included for free.
  • 1 GB sample library with 4 drum kits.
  • SPLX File Editor for creation of new drum kits.
  • WAV and AIFF import.
  • Phase-accurate sample replacement.
  • Ducking function.
  • High and low pass filters.
  • Real-time pitch shifting +/- one octave.
  • Delay control for precise placement.
  • MIDI capabilities (in/out) under way.

DrumXchanger is available to purchase for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) for the introductory price of 249 EUR (regular price 336 EUR). An upgrade launch offer is available to all owners of the Transient Designer plug-in (including the UAD version) for 149 EUR. All prices exclude taxes and are only valid during the launch period which ends May 20, 2010.

More information: SPL / DrumXchanger


SPL launches five new products at Musikmesse 2010

SPL DrumXchanger

Sound Performance Lab has announced it will launch five new products at the Musikmesse 2010 (24-27 March).

New SPL products

  • M/S Master M/S management processor
    • Fully adjustable separation of L/R signals into middle/side signals
    • Frequency filter for bass and room ambience control
    • Stereo width control
    • Inserts for external processors. Switch your outboard from stereo to M/S processing with a single button and without cabling
  • Transpressor The ultimate dynamic processor
    • Transient Designer & Twin Core Compressor
    • Both modules can be used in any order
    • Transient processing starts at the limits of compression, e. g. to emphasize dynamic structures in spite of compression
  • RackPack 4 RackPack frame for four modules
    • Mounting frame & power supply for up to four modules
    • Compact, portable and more affordable
    • Lateral handle, fitting system for a 19-inch rack included
  • Dual-Band De-Esser RackPack module against sibilance
    • New RackPack module: Dual-Band De-Esser
    • Kicks “S” with phase cancellation technique
    • Extremely sound-neutral
    • Increased effectiveness and targeted processing with high and low band
    • Auto-Threshold keeps processing level constant even at varying microphone distances
    • Male/Female mode perfectly adapts to male or female voices
  • DrumXchanger Analog Code Plug-in
    • Optimizes or replaces drum sounds in a mix
    • Replaces samples phase-accurately
    • Transient Designer technology for level-independent recognition
    • Recognizes all drum hits faithfully, including the faintest ghost notes
    • Two complete Transient Designer processing stages
    • High-quality 24 bit/96 kHz SPL sample library
    • Launch of the BETA version at Musikmesse (March 24)

More information: Sound Performance Lab


SPL introduces M/S Master

SPL (Sound Performance Lab) has introduced the M/S Master, a hardware unit for M/S processing.

SPL M/S Master

Contributing to the ongoing debate about M/S Mastering, SPL introduces a new, powerful analog tool that can manage M/S signal separation and integrate external processors seamlessly – The M/S Master. It’s world premiere will be at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

The M/S Master allows a fully adjustable separation of stereo L/R signals (X/Y) into middle/side signals (M/S). M/S separation and positioning, as well as the stereo image, are defined by the Balance and Level knobs, while a switchable frequency filter for the Side signal controls the lower frequencies and the room ambience.

One of the main features of the M/S Master is that it can integrate external processors via switchable inserts. Thus, outboard gear can be easily integrated into the X/Y or M/S mix with a single button and without the need of any cabling. These processing possibilities make the M/S Master an essential tool in mastering environments.

The M/S Master will be displayed at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt from the 24th to the 27th of March, 2010. You can find the SPL stand (B82) in Hall 5.1.

More information: SPL