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SPL updates Analog Code plug-ins to v1.2

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SPL Analog Code Plug-ins

SPL has released version 1.2 of Analog Code, a collection of plug-ins with features and performance of its analog processors.

Using the latest, most powerful methods available for high-precision modeling of our analog circuit designs, SPL has produced results far beyond pure mathematical approaches.

These digital products are so amazingly close to their analog equivalents that we call them the Analog Code™ plug-ins.

Changes in Analog Code v1.2

  • All SPL plug-ins support VST3 now
  • TDM support for Logic
  • Update for all Analog Code plug-ins and MicroPlugs
  • Several small bug fixes, including MicroPlugs for MAC

The Analog Code update is free to download for existing users.

More information: SPL / Analog Code


SPL releases Analog Code Vitalizer Plug-in

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SPL Vitalizer Plug-in

SPL has announced the release of the Analog Code Vitalizer plug-in, a unique and comprehensive tool to add character and life to any music production.

All different models together, the hardware version was sold more than 30.000 times. Now we have transferred this legendary, patented filter technology for sound optimizing to the digital domain. Using the latest component modeling methods, the unique Analog Code sound quality is simply amazing.

Vitalizer Plug-in features

  • Patented technology for automatic sound optimizing
  • Very easy to use
  • Bass, mid and top end processing
  • Unmasking of overlapping sounds
  • Adjustable soft and tight low frequency sounds
  • Ideal sounds patterns for electronic sounds/genres
  • Mono, stereo or multi-channel operation
  • Applications:
    • Suitable for recording, mixing, mastering or playback
    • Process single tracks, sub groups or sum signals
    • Add presence and transparency to mixes
    • Emphasize the sound character of instruments
    • Create impressive sounding lows
    • Separate several low signals effortlessly
    • Increase loudness
    • Restore old recordings
    • Give intensity to sound effects (samples)
    • Improve spatial impression

A demo version of the Vitalizer Plug-in is available for MAC and PC in all main formats (TDM/RTAS/VST/AU). A VENUE version is already available as well.

The Vitalizer Plug-in will be available for purchase on December 7, 2009.

More information: SPL / Vitalizer Plug-in download


SPL releases TwinTube

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SPL TwinTube

SPL has released TwinTube, the third in the Analog Code series plug-ins.

As with all Analog Code plug-ins, the TwinTube plug-in is modeled after an SPL analog hardware processors. In this case the TwinTube processor of SPL’s RackPack modular system has been the paragon. The TwinTube combines the two main artifacts that can be produced with tubes: harmonics and saturation effects.

Our programmers did a great job in creating a very good sounding tube simulation. The special qualities of the analog TwinTube are in enhancing in fact nearly any signal with the classic analog sound attributes. Now we can fully transfer those amazing results to the digital domain. And where could the warm, transparent and smooth sound of analog tube and coil filtering make more sense than in DAW productions?

Analog Code TwinTube features

  • SPL modeled plug-in version of a world-class tube effect processor, the TwinTube for saturation and harmonics processing.
  • Tube saturation effects can be compared to the benefits from tape saturation.
  • SATURATION for more warmth, loudness, subtle to heavy harmonic distortions.
  • HARMONICS for more presence, clarity without boosting levels; puts signals in front of a mix.
  • Versatile processor for all sorts of signals and sounds, excellent for vocals, acoustic guitars, drums, brass …

TwinTube Analog Code is available now in native formats for Windows and Mac (VST, AU, RTAS and TDM formats) with an MSRP of 200 EUR (+VAT where applicable).

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