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PowerFX launches Daria Musk remix contest on Google+ Hangouts

Soundation Daria Musk remix contest

PowerFX has announced its first ever Soundation Studio social remix contest on Google+ Hangouts with +Daria Musk.

After Spotify and SoundCloud another small Swedish music tech company, PowerFX Systems, is hoping to impact the digital music world with their cloud-based music making app Soundation Studio for Google+ Hangouts. Soundation combined with the multi-person video calling feature in Google+ Hangouts allows you to create or remix music with up to nine users in separate geographical locations and video chat together in real-time.

“Digital music making is usually a solitary affair”, states Bil Bryant of Soundation. “You sit in front of your computer and make your music or your remix, but with the Soundation in Hangout combination, a whole new collaborative experience is available. The video element and the potential of engaging anyone with an internet connection really expands the possibilities.”

To kick off this development, Soundation is teaming up with the exciting, new artist and web sensation, Daria Musk, for the first ever social music making remix contest. Daria Musk is one of the most successful artists on Google+, with over 3 million followers and has provided her song “Ghost” for the contest. Participants can login with their Google+ or Soundation account and launch Soundation Studio for Google+ Hangout and invite friends in the Google+ community. Once a remix is complete it is published to a Soundation group where each remix can be listened to and voted on with likes. Daria and dancer Karen Cheng will select the winner from the top ten most voted submissions and they will receive a Meet and Greet with Daria and Karen to explain the remix which will be broadcast via Hangout On Air to YouTube. Karen will make a video of herself dancing to the winner remix and post it on YouTube and Soundation will supply a Chromebook Pixel.

Deadline for remix submissions is November 10th 2013 6:00 pm EST (24:00 CET). The winning remix will win a Meet and Greet Hangout on Air with +Daria Musk to talk about how the remix was made.

More information: Soundation / Daria Musk remix contest


Soundation launches “Moon of Dreams” Remix Competition

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Egine & T-Pain

Soundation Studio has announced its first remix contest with stems from the recently released song “Moon of Dreams” by new artist Egine featuring T-Pain.

Go to and hit “Remix Now” which opens up the “Moon of Dreams” song stems for the first 1:30 of the song directly in Soundation Studio.

Soundation is the free music making app that works right from your web browser with 8 virtual instruments, 11 real-time effects, imports wav and midi files and records audio.

Post your remix into the Egine Remix Group directly from Soundation Studio and the top 20 vote getters will be presented to “Growing Soul Records” and they will select a winner.

The winner will get the full stems and a contract from “Growing Soul Records” to release the official Club Remix of “Moon of Dreams” plus $500. If you have ever wanted to try remixing this is the perfect opportunity with the software and song stems all in one place for free!

The deadline for contest submissions is May 10th, 6:00 pm EST, 24:00 CET.

More information: Soundation


Soundation Studio adds Direct Import of Wav and Mp3 files

Soundation Studio audio import

Soundation Studio, the most advanced online music making application, has announced import of wav and mp3 files.

Now you can upload directly from your desktop audio clips to Soundation Studio, the cloud based music sequencer in your browser. You can then export your work as a wav file to your desktop or if you have one of the 3 paid accounts store and publish your work in your Soundation account.

Soundation reads and imports midi, records audio, has 11 real time effects and 7 virtual instruments and comes with over 600 sound files all free.

Also, Soundation is giving away a free soundset, Dub Hop Step 1, to celebrate our 300,000 registered users. To get the soundset visit, add to cart and use coupon code 38CE52. This offer ends January 31st, 2013.

More information: Soundation
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Soundation Studio adds new SPC Drum Machine

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Soundation Studio SPC

Soundation has announced the SPC, a new drum machine for Soundation Studio.

The online sequencer Soundation has just added an awesome new virtual instrument to its collection with the release of SPC, an 8 pad drum machine.

The SPC raises the bar for virtual instruments in your browser with 8 excellent kits. Included kits are Analog, Dubstep, Electro House, Hip Hop, Urban Box, Funk Latin, Pop Rock and Room Rock with a neat visually display that lets you control gain, cut and pan for each individual drum sound along with 3 knob controls: Punch, Bite and MSL (make stuff loud).

The SPC is part the free virtual instruments available in Soundation Studio. So get over to and making beats now!

More information: Soundation


External Midi Recording now available in Soundation Studio

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Soundation Studio External Midi Recording

Online music making application Soundation Studio has added external midi recording to their rapidly growing arsenal.

Now you can connect an external keyboard to one of the virtual instruments in Soundation and record directly into the “cloud”.

Soundation Studio comes with 4 different synthesizers, a drum machine and a sample player. You can also use the virtual keyboard in Soundation to record a part.

Once you have completed a song, you can download it or publish web with a stylish widget player for play back in the Soundation community or to publish to your Facebook.

The use of external midi requires the latest version of Flash and Java. Details here.

More information: Soundation


Soundation Studio goes social – community services now available

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Online music making application Soundation Studio has just added a community to their service.

Soundation Community

Now users can post songs, form groups, leave comments, like, send personal messages and make contests while managing all aspects of their account. Soundation has also developed a more stylish and informative widget player with the option to embed the song link and/or publish your song to Facebook.

”Our users were demanding a more social element to Soundation and we are excited to now have this in place”, says Bil Bryant, CEO of Soundation. “We just put up the community and literally overnight there were thousands of songs posted”, continues Bryant. Soundation Studio is the DAW that works right in your browser, with over 600 free loops, 11 real time effects, 5 virtual instruments, reads midi files, and records audio. It is free you use and you only pay if you want more sounds and functionality. “It is a great place to start to make digital music”, states Bryant, “no downloads or installations, just type in the URL and go”.

More information: Soundation Studio


Soundation Studio adds 50 Drag n Drop Midi Files


Soundation Studio has just placed 50 royalty free midi files in the free sound library that is available in Soundation Studio, the popular on-line music making application that allows anyone to make directly from their web browser.

”Just drag a midi file on to a blue instrument channel, select a virtual instrument and press play” states Bil Bryant of Soundation. “Soundation Studio already has import for desktop midi files, but having drag n drop midi files and including them right in the app is a great way for beginners to start using virtual instruments, continues Bryant.

Currently, Soundation Studio has 5 virtual instruments and SAM-1, a sample player to go with over 600 royalty free audio loops.

More information: Soundation