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Beatstruggles launches sale on 808 Drums by Sounds In HD

Sounds In HD 808 Drums

Beatstruggles has announced a limited time sale on the 808 Drums sample library by Sounds In HD.

I was amazed with the quality of these 808′s. If you have been looking for a real quality 808′s, these will bring a feeling of relief to your production flow!

SoundsInHD has tuned these according to each note, no more having to “guess” what note your 808 is hitting! SoundsInHD, known for their amazingly high quality sounds, has out done themselves again with 808 Drums

The sample library is available to purchase for $24.99 USD until November 17th, 2012.

More information: Beatstruggles

Get all Producers Choice kits at 50% off in Omnia Bundle

The Producers Choice Omnia Bundle

The Producers Choice has introduced the Omnia Bundle, a collection of all its sample kits at a limited time discount.

If you want the quickest, best value way to secure ALL our kits then you’ve got it. Save over 45% on RRP. That’s almost half off. Explode your drum library today with over 3GB of the best samples on earth.

You’ve only got 48 hours to take advantage before this deal disappears FOREVER.

Omnia Bundle includes

  • All 7 Superstar O Kits – $59.99
  • The Complete Drum Kit Bundle (5 Kits) – $99
  • Survival Drum Kit – $39
  • Sounds In HD Bundle (5 Kits) – $98
  • J Dilla Style Drum Kit (Boom Bap Phonetics) – $24
  • Sounds In HD – Ultimate 808 Kit – $49.98
  • High Impact – Sounds In HD Kit – $39
  • Mike Chav’s 808′s & Booms – $25
  • Drum Arsenal by Mike Chav (5 Kits) – $100
  • Industry Standard Drum Kit – $29
  • Dubstep Drum Samples Vault – $37
  • HD SSL Vinyl Drum Kit – $34
  • Distorted Blends Drum Kit – $39.99
  • 150 Hip Hop Breaks – $29
  • Tribal Fusions Drum Kit – $42
  • Acoustic Blends Vol 1&2 – $49
  • Anno Domini Drum Kit – $47
  • Extreme Risers, Transitions & FX – $39
  • Infectious Harp Loops – $15

The Omnia Bundle sells for $499 USD (combined value $894.96 USD).

More information: The Producers Choice

Beatstruggles launches The Loop Game Round 2 contest + End of August Sale

Beatstruggles has announced The Loop Game Round 2, a music production contest.

“The Loop Game” allows producers/beat makers to practice on their rhythm skills to learn how to take control of the beat through their samples while at the same time compete for prizes!

Beatstruggles The Loop Game Round 2
Download a loop and produce a beat for a chance to win some sample packs.

The Loop Game Round 2 prizes

  • 1st prize: Cream of the Crop
  • 2nd prize: FRESH and NEW + E-Book Bundle
  • 3rd prize: Anno Domini Drum Collection Vol. 2

The contest ends August 31st, winners will be announced on September 1st.

Beatstruggles is also having an End of August Sale, offering a number of sample pack bundles at a discount.

More information: Beatstruggles

Beatstruggles launches Sound Pack Flyer Vol. 2: Cream of the Crop

Sound Pack Flyer Vol 2

Beatstruggles has announced Cream of the Crop, its second Sound Pack Flyer bundle of sample packs.

“We’ve put whipped cream and cherries on top, cause it’s safe to say, these kits are the CREAM OF THE CROP!”

Cream of the Crop features

  • Anno Domini’s Drum Collection
  • High Impact by SoundsInHD
  • 808 Drums by SoundsInHD

The sample pack bundle is available to purchase from Beatstruggles exclusively, priced at $99 USD (regular price $135 USD).

More information: Beatstruggles / Cream of the Crop

Beatstruggles Sound Pack Flyer launches with 63% off SoundsInHD Bargain

Beatstruggles has launched the Sound Pack Flyer, offering savings on quality sound packs.

Beatstruggles Sound Pack Flyer

The Beatstruggles Sound Pack Flyer is just like a flyer at your local grocery store that shows its customers all the hottest products, savings, and discounts!

It’s a way for producers to buy QUALITY sound packs with some extreme savings. This is a super unique way to not only grab those kits that you wished you could of bought and were not willing to pay for, but now you won’t feel like you are dippin’ as deep into your pockets as you would, paying full price for the kit.

There are a bunch of ways to save money through the Sound Pack Flyer. You can buy individual kits, bundles, and be on the look out for LIMITED TIME ONLY SPECIALS!

The first Beatstruggles bargain features the SoundsInHD bundle, a collection of three sample libraries at 63% off. The first 5 people to buy a product through the Sound Pack Flyer will receive the Beatstruggles Producer Starter Kit at no cost.

More information: Beatstruggles / Sound Pack Flyer

The Producers Choice releases Ultimate 808 Drum Library

Producers Choice Ultimate 808 Drum Library

The Producers Choice has introduced the Ultimate 808 Drum Library, a sample library by Sounds In HD.

Ultimate 808 Drum Kit is a groundbreaking, relentless, power driven library of drum samples, taken from the most legendary drum machine the world has ever seen – The Roland TR-808. We pushed it to absolute breaking point, forcing every last ounce of power from the unit until it almost ground to a shuddering halt.

Then we polished and chisled every last bass drum and snare into a masterpiece of high fidelity audio perfection. There is nothing that can hold a torch to U808 – and now you can unleash the power in your tracks.

Ultimate 808 Drum Library features

  • 458 Drum Samples & Loops in WAV format.
  • 163 Classic TR808 Samples (Including Trap HiHat Loops).
  • TR808 BassDrums Pitched from A to G# (60 Samples).
  • 84 Layered Bass Drum, Snare Drum & Clap Samples.
  • 41 Distorted BDs and FX.
  • 87 Perfect Looping 808BDs for Trap & Urban Production.
  • 24 Pitched Timpani Samples A to G#.

The sample library is available to purchase for $49.98 USD.

More information: The Producers Choice

Producers Choice intros High Impact by Sounds In HD

Sounds In HD High Impact Drum Samples

Producers Choice has released High Impact, a sound library by Sounds In HD featuring custom recorded drum samples from Pearl and Tama drum kits, layered with a range of world percussion (from mid-eastern to latin).

High Impact is a fusion of the finest, hand recorded drum samples, combined with huge percussion samples from around the world. These are cinematic, loud and hard hitting.

If you are still using stock sounds, or using low quality online rip offs, then you are wasting your time and your talent. It is time to step your music up a level and upgrade to High Impact!

Only serious, world class producers use drum samples of this quality – and you can hear the difference in their tracks.

High Impact is available from Producers Choice for $39 USD.

More information: The Producers Choice / High Impact

Producers Choice releases Distorted Blends by Sounds In HD

Sounds In HD Distorted Blends

Producers Choice has released Distorted Blends, a collection of drum samples by Sounds In HD.

What happens when you take some of the best sound designers in the world, and lock them in a studio for months with some of the best equipment money can buy?

DISTORTED BLENDS! – Your drums just got better!

Distorted Blends features

  • Warm, Gritty, and Distorted One Shot Drum Library.
  • 300+ Drums, including 50 Kicks, 50 Snares, 52 Hats & Cymbals, 50 Claps, 50 Percussion Samples, 50 SFX & Textures.
  • Incredible SFX including drones, rises, falls, textures, and transitions for your beats or your movie scores.
  • Created with top of the line studio gear (Avalon 737sp, Roland SH-210, Ensoniq ASR-10).
  • Easy and quick to use – just drag and drop into your synth, workstation or audio software.
  • Layer our pre made textures with your sample collection for your own unique drum samples.
  • WAV format – works with anything.
  • World class mix/sound design by Sounds In HD – as used by superproducers worldwide.

Distorted Blends is available to purchase for $39.99 USD.

More information: Producers Choice / Distorted Blends