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The Groove Criminals launches Essentials Sample Packs

The Groove Criminals has announced the release of Analogue Synth FX and Analogue Synth Percussion, two new sample packs.

The Groove Criminals are proud to release their new range of compact, low cost but high quality sample packs under the Groove Criminals Essentials banner. Designed to be an affordable way of building up a set of go-to sounds and samples for a wide range of music productions.

Groove Criminals Essentials packs

Groove Criminals Essentials Analogue Synth FX
  • Analogue Synth FX – A collection of 100% analogue synth FX all sourced from the Groove Criminals’ stash of analogue synths, both new and vintage. The 112 24-bit WAV samples include sweeps, drops, risers, one-off hits and just plain fat, bubbly analogue goodness to top off any track.

    Synths used to make this pack include the Roland SH101, Moog Little Phatty, Waldorf Pulse, Artura Minibrute, Roland SH09, Yamaha CS5, the Korg Monotron series and Synare 3. Strictly analogue processing comes courtesy of the Electrix Filter Factory, Vermona filters and a fully stocked Moog Moogerfooger rig.

Groove Criminals Essentials Analogue Synth Percussion
  • Analogue Synth Percussion – A collection of percussive hits all created from an enviable stack of analogue drum synths. From deep booms and fat bleeps to sharp twangs and metallic tones, these 120 24- bit WAV hits will help to inject some analogue goodness alongside more traditional drum sounds.

    The 100% analogue sound sources used to create this versatile sample pack include a Vermona DRM1 Mk3, JoMox Air Base 99, Synare 3, Amdek PCK-100 percussion synth, Artura Minibrute, Roland SH09 and Yamaha CS5.

The sample packs are available to purchase at Sounds To Sample for £5 GBP each.

More information: Sounds To Sample


No Dough Samples releases NDS-7 Marc Poppcke – Melodic, Deep & Tech House

NDS-7 Marc Poppcke Melodic, Deep & Tech House

No Dough Samples has released Melodic, Deep & Tech House, a sample library by Marc Poppcke.

NDS-7 is the second in our series of artist packs and boy do we have a belter for you. Marc Poppcke is one of the most prolific and talented producers in the Berlin house scene. He has an incredibly unique sound and what he has put together in this pack is nothing short of essential for people who are into this sound.

As usual the artist series brings you a little bit more than a small artist pack, this thing is huge. Marc’s sound sits firmly in the afterhours deep house area but it is unafraid of using some of the melodies and sounds of pre-trance/ early trance and techno from the 90′s. Incorporating the Melodic as well as the deep, you will find the blueprints for souring riffs and hypnotizing synth work alongside raw and rhythmic beats all produced in such a way as to make them instantly usable within your own productions.

NDS-7 epitomizes the sound of Marc’s label Crossfrontier Audio. He is one of the most talented producers around right now, and with this collection we get not only a labour of love but a snapshot in time of one of the most forward thinking artists there is. As the club sound moves ever onwards, this is a pack which keeps you on the bleeding edge of what’s ripping up clubs right now.

Melodic, Deep & Tech House features

  • 500 professional quality Wavs (96kJz/24-bit).
  • 320 loops covering bass, drums, music, percussion and tops.
  • All loops tagged with tempo and key info.
  • 180 single shot drums & fx sampler files for Kontakt, Reason NN-XT and Logics EXS24 included for all the shots for maximum compatability and ease of use.

The sample library is available from Sounds To Sample for 34.99 EUR.

More information: No Dough Samples / Melodic, Deep & Tech House


Sounds To Sample releases Minimal Tech Tops

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Minimal Tech Tops

Sounds To Sample has released Minimal Tech Tops, a collection of 350+ top-loops.

Another long weekend spent in the darkest recesses of underground club culture provide the inspiration for S2S’ latest production pack, Minimal Tech Tops.

Drenched in the late night sound moving sophisticated floors world-wide, Minimal Tech Tops was built with the laser focused precision needed to add squared off groove to your latest track.

Over 350 Top-loops, 8 Maschine Groups, 55 Ableton Racks, and 10 Kontakt Instruments make Minimal Tech Tops one of the most versatile packs available.

Constructed from various sample sources in the already existing and universally celebrated S2S catalog, Minimal Tech Tops will quickly become the go-to pack for producers defiantly resisting the contrived “EDM” sound.

The sample pack costs $19.99 USD.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Minimal Tech Tops


Sound To Sample releases Billie Ray Martin – Vocal Sessions

Sounds To Sample Billie Ray Martin Vocal Sessions

Sound To Sample has released Billie Ray Martin – Vocal Sessions, a vocal sample pack featuring a collection of 400+ ad-lib’s, choruses and phrases.

Dubbed the queen of electronic soul, Billie Ray Martin’s instantly recognizable and endlessly iconic vocal stylings will add the soulful flare you need in your next track.

Serving up over 400 vocal samples all tagged with key and BPM info, Billie Ray Martin’s Vocal Sessions is loaded with more ad-lib’s, choruses and phrases than you’d need to launch your own vocal house label, and still have some un-touched samples left over!

Billie Ray Martin’s: Vocal Sessions will not only avoid you the hassle of booking your own expensive studio time, you’ll also have the legendary, chart toping dance music diva’s finest vocal flavors at your fingertips for your next four-to-the-floor dance floor destroyer!

The sample pack costs $24.99 USD.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Billie Ray Martin Vocal Sessions


Waveform Recordings releases Tech House

Waveform Recordings Tech House

Waveform Recordings has launched Tech House, a sample library for tech house music production.

Waveform’s latest is an array of Deep and Dirty Tech House. Featuring 500 MB of jackin’ beats, tight tops, subby analogue basslines, analog synths, tribal percussion, sexed-up vox, and a huge selection of 601 one-shots ranging from bass, synth, stabs, snares, claps, hats, kicks, & more.

Tech House is a cutting-edge foray into the deeper and more organic shades of house, deep house, & tech house, packed with tracky chunky sub basslines, organic & syncopated tops, & deep all-analogue synths.

The sample pack costs $34.99 USD.

More information: Waveform Recordings Tech House


Sound To Sample releases Progressive MIDI Anthems

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Sounds To Sample Progressive MIDI Anthems

Sound To Sample has launched Progressive MIDI Anthems, a collection of MIDI files for progressive music.

If you we’re a fan of S2S’ Progressive MIDI Melodics series, then hold on to those candy bracelets and UMF VIP badges, because Progressive MIDI Anthems is about to knock you out of your furry neon boots!

Packed with the more of the soaring leads and ethereal progressions producers have come to expect from the sonic sorcerers at Sounds to Sample, Progressive MIDI Anthems is just the pack you’ll need for instant song starting inspiration or the finishing touches for you latest main stage track.

Filled with 100 MIDI files and an additional 50 Wav loops, both key and BPM labeled, Progressive MIDI Anthems will have you locked in the studio all winter long creating the latest and greatest Prog heater for festival season 2014!

The MIDI pack costs $19.99 USD.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Progressive MIDI Anthems


Sounds To Sample intros God Save the Queen – Monark Presets

God Save the Queen Monark Presets

Sounds To Sample has released God Save the Queen, a collection of 100+ presets for the Monark software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Trumpeting the bigroom sound like the mighty Gabriel at the walls of Jericho, the 100+ presets included in God Save The Queen utilize every parameter in NI’s spectacularly organic Moog emulation, Monark.

From the insanely un-subtle nuances of dutch-inspired bass, to the supreme squelch of hard-style and bounce-house lead lines, God Save The Queen will easily be considered the iron fisted dictator in the ever expanding kingdom of Monark preset packs.

With over 100 Bass, Lead, FX and Percussion patches tweaked to make the most within holy grail of analog modeling, God Save The Queen is quickly on its way to becoming the go to pack for today’s superstar electro, progressive and hard- style producers!

God Save the Queen features

  • All presets have been provided as single patch files along with the full ensemble .ens file that loads all presets as one bank.
  • Includes 41 bass, 32 lead, 16 FX, and 18 percussion patches.

The soundset costs $19.99 USD.

More information: Sounds To Sample / God Save the Queen