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Hy2rogen releases Massive Bass Vol.1

Hy2rogen Massive Bass

Hy2rogen has announced the release of Massive Bass Vol.1, a collection of 100 patches for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Hy2rogen tweaks the buttons of NI’s Massive once more just to pull out a fresh batch of 100 filthy, screaming and phatt electro, dubstep, progressive and tech house bass lines.

Following the success of the previous Massive soundsets, Hy2rogen delivers what producers are looking for right now – sick electro basslines which you can play however you want and incorporate into your own productions.

Designed to sound full, fat and stacked straight from auto- load, each presets comes with macro-controls so you can mold the presets into your perfect mainroom monster.

The soundset is available from Sounds To Sample for 13.99 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Massive Bass Vol.1

Sounds To Sample releases Bring the Boom!

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Sounds To Sample Bring the Boom!

Sounds To Sample has launched its new Bring the Boom! sample pack.

Filled with kick drums beefey-er than a cannibal cow, synth shots sicker than the bubonic plague, and enough effects, hits, and extra’s to bring down the biz in any of your four-to- the-floor productions, Bring the Boom is the go to pack for artists looking to build that stompy, squelchy sound dominating today’s EDM charts.

Created in the styles of some of the biggest names in the dance music industry, Bring The Boom is the perfect sample pack for song starting inspiration or the finishing touches to your next main-room monster!

Bring the Boom! features

  • Includes 123 synth one shots (key labeled), 103 kick drums, 88 percussion one shots, 47 snares, 36 claps, 45 drum loops (128 bpm), 63 cymbals (crash, ride, open & closed hats), 48 builds & effects.
  • 8 Song Kits ranging from tech, progressive to electro & mainroom.
  • Key labeled MIDI files included in all kits.
  • 608 files in total (442MB).

The sample pack costs $19.99 USD.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Bring the Boom!

Sounds to Sample releases The Future Sound of Now by Utah Saints

Utah Saints The Future Sound of Now

Sounds to Sample has launched The Future Sound of Now, a sample library by Utah Saints.

Back in the sample pack saddle and ready to gift the production world with more dance-floor demolishing loops, leads, and bass lines, the Utah Saints return to the artist only imprint Sounds to Sample presents with The Future Sound Of Now!

Bursting with 15 construction kits packed with over 300 files of drum loops, MIDI progressions, Sylenth presets and FX, The Future Sound Of Now is Utah Saints one stop production suite for veterans and green horns looking to inject a little pro-grade polish into their next track.

Simply drag and drop the parts from any of the included kits into your DAW of choice, start slicing and dicing, and next thing you know, you’ll hear those house mafia boys dropping your Ultra-Prog tracks like it’s going outta style! Thanks Utah Saints!

The sample pack costs $24.99 USD.

More information: Sounds To Sample / The Future Sound of Now

No Dough Samples launches Tuned Kick Drums

No Dough Samples Tuned Kick Drums

No Dough Samples has announced the release of Tuned Kick Drums, a new NSD Components series sample library.

NDS Components are packs designed to give you the best choice available for a specific area of your productions, focusing tightly on only one area.

The first pack looks at the ever important kick drum. No other element in your music has as much influence on the sound of your music and the quality of your production. That’s why with NDS components kick drums we have gone out of our way to put together a collection of the very best kick drums processes through the very best analogue gear and all handed edited and hand tuned to fit perfectly into your next track.

These things are kickin, in more than one sense of the word. From massive speaker shaking 808′s, to groovy 909′s we have tapped our huge collection of sources to put together what could be the last set of kick drums you ever buy.

Tuned Kick Drums features

  • 252 24bit 96000hz drums.
  • 252 Hand Tuned Kickdrums.
  • 2 unique variations of each sample, original and analogue..
  • Each sample edited and tagged with the root key by hand..
  • Sampler files for each Key allowing you to instantly load all the kicks that fit the key of your production.

The sample pack is available from Sounds To Sample for RRP £11.99 GBP.

More information: No Dough Samples / Tuned Kick Drums

Wide Open Tools releases Laidback Loops for Ableton

Wide Open Tools Laidback Loops

Wide Open Tools has launched Laidback Loops, a sound library featuring 20 construction kits for Ableton Live.

Getting to the next level of chilled cool sparkling funkiness that extended lounging requires. The included funky strings and baselines mixed with spheric synth sounds and harmonies bear the sprawling soundscapes that carry your mind into other dimensions.

A spiritual formation of skilled packaged necessities enough to sustain the altitude of professional music production. The added voice samples included round up the paste shifting sets of featured patterns ranging from downbeat to up tempo. Orchestral Hip Hop inspired trippy edginess combined with chilled insights from the old school.

Laidback Loops features

  • 2.3 GB collection of laid back loops, 44.1 khz/24-bit wav format.
  • 20 constrution kits.
  • Total of 256 loops.

The sample library (Ableton Live Racks) is available from Sounds To Sample for $46.95 USD.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Laidback Loops

Sounds To Sample releases Amsterdam Techno

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Sounds To Sample Amsterdam Techno

Sounds To Sample has announced the release of its Amsterdam Techno sample library.

As the Sounds to Sample team lands its plane back from a short trip over-seas, the studio souvenirs brought back with them are ready to be loaded into your DAW’s audio tracks and samplers.

Amsterdam Techno is the latest release to bring the big dark thumping kicks with heavy sub sine basses, atmospheric effected verbs & modular synth circuitry madness into your studio.

Processed in both the digital and analog world intensely adds the warm sub harmonics that pack the punch for your next creation.

Amsterdam Techno from Sounds to Sample delivers that bottom heavy late night groove that never seems to end.

The sample library costs $19.99 USD.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Amsterdam Techno

Sounds To Sample releases Bigroom Elektro – Z3ta+ 2 Presets Vol. 2

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Sounds To Sample Bigroom Elektra Z3TA+ 2 Vol 2

Sounds To Sample has launched Bigroom Elektro – Z3ta+ 2 Presets Vol. 2, a collection of 100 presets for the Z3TA+ 2 software synthesizer by Cakewalk.

The mad scientists behind last winter’s must have Electro House preset pack have returned with Sounds to Samples latest release, Bigroom Elektro Z3ta+2 Presets Vol. 2.

Side-step the overplayed presets and patches from other “Massively” overused plug-in’s with the easily manipulated Cakewalk’s Z3ta+2.

Quickly becoming the go to VST for the electro house sound of 2013, the Sounds To Sample crew bring down the production bar of entry for beginners, and build a perfect preset starting point for veterans looking to build their own sounds for their next peak-hour heater.

Filled with 100 preset files including bass, leads, pads, arps, fx and more, Bigroom Elektro Z3ta+2 Presets Vol. 2 will quickly become the go to pack for bigroom tastemakers looking for that next bigroom sound!

The presets pack costs $19.99 USD.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Bigroom Elektro Vol. 2

Audentity launches Phatt Kicks In Key sample pack

Audentity Phatt Kicks In Key

Audentity has released Phatt Kicks In Key, a new sample library featuring a collection of 98 kick drum samples.

Audentity’s newest soundbank ‘Phatt Kicks In Key’ contains a wide variety of the newest and hottest kick-drums in EDM, from tight, punchy and sharp Progressive kicks to those trendy Speaker-Attacking 2013 dirty House/Hardcore bassdrums with processed distortion and overdrive without losing the kicks characteristics.

This HUGE new pack goes where no kick drum sample pack has gone before, covering multiple genres and sub genres, such as Progressive-House, House, Electro, Tech House, Deep House and Trance.

We deliver 98 sculpted & processed bassdrums with the most upfront character and punch possible and most important: they are key-labeled!

Every kick in the pack has been labeled with it’s base key note sound so they fit so much better along side your basslines and melodies which will result in a much better mix.

Again produced by Team Bastian, creator of huge dance- smashes like ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ and ‘Thrill’ and as an extra bonus we added the bassdrums of those 2 hits in the pack!!

The sample pack is available from Sounds To Sample for 9.95 EUR.

More information: Audentity Phatt Kicks In Key