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Soundsdivine releases TimewARP 2600 ‘Soul Design’

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Way Out Ware TimewARP 2600

Soundsdivine has announced the release of TimewARP 2600 ‘Soul Design’, a sound bank for the TimewARP 2600 virtual synthesizer.

‘Soul Design’ for Wayoutware’s Timewarp 2600 has been released, and is the first in a series of 3 ‘Soul Design’ banks.

TimewARP 2600 ‘Soul Design’ features

  • 128 new patches for Wayoutware’s Timewarp 2600 synthesizer.
  • Includes door flattening basses, vintage synths, eerie leads, strange textures and beautiful rich pads.

TimewARP 2600 ‘Soul Design’ is available for purchase $25 USD. Some demo mp3s are available from the product page.

More information: Soundsdivine


SoundsDivine releases Strobe ‘New Retro’

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DCAM: Synth Squad - Strobe

SoundsDevine has announced the release of Strobe ‘New Retro’, a collection of patches for FXpansion’s D-CAM:Synth Squad Strobe synth.

This bank contains 128 patches. Each patch is designed to be as expressive as possible, making full use of Synth Squad’s new Transmod system.

The main focus of the ‘New Retro’ bank is on keyboard sounds, rhythmic pads, arpeggiated synths, sequenced basses and textural sounds.

Strobe ‘New Retro’ is available for purchase for $25 USD.

More information: SoundsDivine


Soundsdivine releases Chakra

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GForce ImpOSCar

Soundsdivine has released Chakra, a collection of patches for ImpOSCar.

The Chakra sound bank is based on the Chakra (a Sanskrit term meaning wheel or disc).

Chakra features

  • 72 presets split into 2 separate banks: Base – Heart & Heart – Crown.
  • 10 presets for each of the chakras, i.e. Base/Sacral/Solar/Heart/Throat/3rd eye & Crown.
  • Each preset has been specifically tuned to a corresponding chakra.

Chakra for ImpOSCar is available for the introductory price of $7.77 USD until 7 June, 2009 (regular price $15 USD).

Visit Soundsdivine for more information and sound clips.