Sample Magic releases Soundtrack & Chill

Sample Magic has released Soundtrack & Chill, a new multi-format sample library. 1.75GB of the deepest cinematic moods and organic ambience for Soundtrack and Chill, featuring hundreds of trembling textures, Vangelis-soundscapes, sultry keys, ambient guitars, … read more

Tonehammer releases Emotional Piano

Tonehammer has announced the release of Emotional Piano, a deep-sampled library dedicated to soundtrack piano and focused on capturing the warmth, the wideness, the deep resonance and softness of a world class grand. We’ve spent … read more

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Bluezone releases Dark Atmospheres & SFX 02

Bluezone has announced the release of Dark Atmospheres & SFX 02, a new downloadable sample library. This new sound bank offers a lot of possibilities for sound creation for films, TV, Soundtrack and video games, … read more

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Native Instruments releases Evolve Mutations Bundle

Native Instruments has released the Evolve Mutations Bundle, a bundle of both Evolve Mutations products for Kontakt. This bundle contains both versions of the Heavyocity-designed EVOLVE MUTATIONS Kontakt instruments. Together, this bundle delivers 4 GB … read more

Short links for March 2nd, 2010

Some interesting things I found recently: # cl516: ProLoop iPhone App by Trapcode Calvin Cardioid on ProLoop for iPhone: I've been searching a long time for something like this. It's not on OSX, and it's … read more

Togeo Studios releases Dreamscapes 4

Togeo Studios has released Dreamscapes 4, a free Ableton Live Pack. Part 4 of the Dreamscapes series, another free Ableton Live pack from Togeo Studios is now available for download. Dreamscapes has always been one … read more

Music for Our Future: Free 13-track compilation inspired by SyFy’s Caprica

Music for Our Future is a special compilation inspired by the SyFy original series, Caprica. Peter Kirn writes: Working with music production today is a bit like science fiction. It’s fitting that visions of technology’s … read more

Mini-Review: Sonokinetic Felt Force One & Q’s – Designed Sound

Sonokinetic recently launched with some new production tools for composers and sound designers. The two guys behind Sonokinetic are Dutch sound designers and composers Son Thomsen & Rob Vandenberg. On their website they write: Our … read more

Review: Cinesamples Drums of War

Cinesamples Drums of War is sample library featuring a variety of cinematic drums. Reading through the Drums of War manual I liked the intro text so much I’m just going to share it here: Drums … read more

Review: Native Instruments Acoustic Refractions

Acoustic Refractions is Native Instruments’ latest addition to the KORE SoundPack family. From the product page: The brand-new ACOUSTIC REFRACTIONS KORE SOUNDPACK delves into a weird and wonderful world of highly idiosyncratic sound design. Ever … read more

Review: Native Instruments True Strike Tension

Native Instruments‘ True Strike Tension is the latest in the ever growing collection of KORE SoundPacks. This new expansion brings a collection of percussive sounds for cinematic scores to KORE. The title of this SoundPack … read more

Outbound link: Native Instruments – Related: , , , , , , Posted in reviews on Dec 05, 2008 - comment 4 comments releases Sounds of a Different Realm has released Sounds of a Different Realm, a sound effects library featuring sounds by Alan Splet and Ann Kroeber. Alan Splet was considered by many to have been the world’s greatest motion picture sound … read more

Splurgo Audio releases Female Background Vocals Pack 2 and Ambient Pads & Spheres Collection

Splurgo Audio has released Female Background Vocals Pack 2 and Ambient Pads & Spheres Collection, two new downloadable sample packs. Female Background Vocals Pack 2 contains 39 adlibs and full sung phrases in Sony Acid … read more

Review: Soniccouture Balinese Gamelan

Soniccouture recently released Balinese Gamelan, a 24GB sample library featuring the sounds of a Balinese Gamelan. So, what is a Gamelan? A Gamelan is an ensemble of instruments originating from Indonesia. The majority of Gamelan … read more