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ADSR Sounds launches Circuit Bent Sounds: Speak & Spell

Tunecraft Circuit Bent Sounds Speak & Spell

ADSR Sounds has introduced Circuit Bent Sounds: Speak & Spell, a sample pack by Tunecraft Sounds featuring a collection of retro fx, letters and words culled from a circuit bent Speak & Spell.

This sample pack contains 150 unprocessed retro fx sounds with many being suitable for percussive elements, old-school gaming noises, glitch music and many more varied ventures.

The pack also features all 26 letters of the alphabet split into 3 categories titled ‘Regular’, ‘Glitched’ and ‘Distorted’, as well as a mixed bag of 43, mostly ‘as they are’, non-bent words.

With a total of 271 sounds to indulge in and include in your sonic creations, this fix of retro goodness is an essential inclusion for your sound library.

The sample pack costs $10 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Circuit Bent Sounds: Speak & Spell


Industrial Strength releases Lenny Dee Massive Hard Step

ISR Lenny Dee Massive Hard Step

Industrial Strength Records has released Massive Hard Step, a collection of presets and samples by Lenny Dee.

Lenny Dee’s Hardstep contains a wide range of NI Massive presets and small starter kits to get the juices flowing while producing Dubstep or Grime.

This is not your average pack in any way shape or form. Mr Dee’s mission was to create something new in which you can build ideas on while using this pack as well as being a perfect tool for your music productions. The pack was created in between his session work with Sound Boy Pussy at the Isr studios in Brooklyn New York.

Lenny Dee Massive Hard Step features

  • 2.17 GB content, 24-bit quality.
  • Includes 122 Rex2 Loops, 339 Apple Loops, 439 Acid Wav and various Wav files + 588 bonus samples.
  • 45 Kontakt Kits, 11 Battery Kits, 12 EXS Kits, 11 Maschine Kits.
  • 12 Speak and Spell samples.
  • 91 NI Massive patches.

Lenny Dee Massive Hard Step is available from Loopmasters for £21.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Lenny Dee Massive Hard Step


Necromare releases Dante’s Power Chords, Deep Space Explorer, and many more

Necromare Dante's Power Chords

Necromare has released another batch of free sample-based VST instruments for Windows.

New Necromare plugins

  • Dante’s Power Chords – A simple collection of muted and open powerchords. The keys are velocity triggered for each sound. On either end of the keys you will find guitar sounds mixed with demonic growls.
  • Deep Space Explorer – Great for space or ambient music this VST comes with instruments to make a complete song, all accessed via a drop down menu.
  • Bang – a collection of everyday obects in a percussive form. Drum map for easy navigation included.
  • Broken Toy – Old toy gets new life as circuit bent instrument.
  • Jazz Trumpet – Great solo instrument in its own right. Velocity sensitive, including muted trumpet and fx.
  • Bongoes – The lower registers are a set of dry bongos, the upper keys are wet.
  • Celtic Harp – A very pretty version of this beatiful irish instrument. sound great with soom room reverb.
  • Koto – This graceful instrument is reproduced here.
  • Mandolin – Exotic instrument with a nice string sound. Try and replicating the style of this instrument warning: Keep the sustain low.
  • Turntable – Recordings of various sounds from a turntable. Keyboard map included.
  • The Audience – Foley sounds, including laughter, boos, stomps and cheering.
  • Bent Furbie – Various bent phrases and effects scattered along the keyboard. Great if you into glitch or Bent music. The controls are represented as small dots.
  • PONG! – the simple but memorable blip sound from the PONG arcade video game.
  • Speak and Teach – 8 octaves of samples from speak and spell toys, great for dance, electro, art, industrial, glitch…

These Necromare plug-ins are available to download at no cost.

More information: Necromare


Loopmasters releases Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3

Loopmasters Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3

Loopmasters has released Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3, a collection of twisted beats and deformed audio sickness guaranteed to deliver a fresh bout of insanity to any production.

Back once again from the electronic surgery of the Circuitbenders labs, the products of an unholy alliance between soldering iron and sampler return to unleash another unhealthy dose of audio terrorism upon your unsuspecting senses!

From a cut-price drum toy to the mighty Roland SH101, nothing is safe from attentions, with every machine being treated with an equally relaxed concern for its basic rights to bring you this unique set of sounds.

Stepping outside of normal methods of synthesis and audio production to unlock the true potential of an otherwise ordinary bit of hardware is the circuitbenders technique, All the machines used on this release have been rewired and abused to operate far beyond their normal design limits, enabling them to produce all those sounds that the original designers either fought to avoid or just never dreamed possible.

Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3 features

  • Over 650Mb of content, comprising of over 758 samples, 283 Loops and 475 Single Sounds.
  • 209 Drum Loops, 74 Sound Loops, and 22 Sounds and FX from a simply huge collection of circuit bent toys, drum machines and instruments of all types:
    • Includes old school drum machines given a new lease of life in the form of the rare Akai XR10, the Yamaha RX7, Korg DDD1, Casio RZ1 sampling drum machine, Boss DR550 and the legendary Roland TR707, along with a host of esoteric electronic devices and toys supplying extra beats.
    • Modified keys and synths include the analogue Roland SH101, the MFOS weird sound generator, Yamaha PSS270, Casio SA5, Rocktek Delay pedal and the favourite of every lofi musician and circuit bender, the Casio SK1 sampler.
    • Rewired kids toys including Early Leaner shapes toy, Letterland toy, Bongon electronic bongos, VTech Talking Alfie teddy bear, Little Tykes guitar, Mix Me DJ toy and the classic Texas Instruments Speak & Read and Speak & Write toys amongst many others.
  • 22 ready to play patches for all the most popular software samplers including Reason’s NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ.
  • Acidised Wav, Rex2 and Apple Loop formats are all available.

Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3 is available to purchase for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3


Hollow Sun releases Taurus Pedals and Speak & Spell FreePack

Hollow Sun Taurus Pedals

Hollow Sun has released Taurus Pedals, a sample library featuring the woofer troubling sound of the legendary Taurus bass pedals.

The Moog Taurus bass pedal synth was a totally unique product (then and now) in that it was a simple bass synth that could be played with the feet.

The samples here come from Taurus Mk I owner and vintage synth aficiando Paul Ward who has carefully sampled his pristine instrument over its entire three octave range with long and sumptuous samples lasting as long as 20 seconds before Hollow Sun’s legendary seamless loops kick in. Some program variations are included but there is nothing to stop these samples forming the basis of many synth bass sounds with some creativity.

This is a woofer wobbling delight for all afficiandos of the lower end and arguably the finest representation of this classic sound.

Taurus Pedals is available for Kontakt, Akai S5/6000 (and Akai Z4/8, MPC4000 and MPC5000V2) and Alesis Fusion, priced at $20 USD.

Hollow Sun has also released the Speak & Spell FreePack, a sample library featuring sounds by Luke Smiles from motion laboratories who has put together a meticulous collection of all the letters, numbers, words and phrases from his own Speak & Spell.

More information: Hollow Sun / Taurus Pedals / Speak & Spell FreePack


Review: Dark Side of the Tune – Dirty Little Sequencer

Dark Side of the Tune is a sample company that prides itself on offering sounds that are different.

The about page on its website says:

“Artistically, we focus on the darker sounds of the underground against the bright and shiny music of pop culture,” says Shawn Shirey, founder and chief sound designer for the company. “Our question authority attitude helps us create modern vibes with a darker tone.”

After releasing Tritone — a collection of three vibe-driven, loop-based sample and sound libraries — earlier this year, Dark Side of the Tune now takes on the MPC market with Dirty Little Sequencer, a collection of three MPC kits.

Dark Side of the Tune MPC kits come in 500 or 1000/2500/5000 format. Each complete kit fills all of the pads on your MPC, offering a simplified and straightforward program at an affordable price. In this collection, we leave out parameter settings, Q links and any pre-arrangement so you can create your own custom kits. Non-MPC users can also use these sounds to build custom drum kits in their favorite sampler.

Dark Side of the Tune - MPC Kits
Drum Abrasion, Bent-O-Box and Lost Percussion

Dirty Little Sequencer MPC Kits

  • Drum Abrasion offers acoustic drums and various found instruments roughly treated with warm tube saturation, tube mic’s and compression, creating a bigger and beefier organic palette.
  • Bent-O-Box contains sounds from circuit bent toys run through analog distortion and modulation. Unearthly guttural noises and screeching digital mayhem meet MPC efficiency.
  • Lost Percussion offers new and vintage analog synthesized drums using circuit bending techniques and analog processing to give them a modern edge. All TR sounds (808, 909) are purposely avoided.

The Dark Side of the Tune MPC kits are available for download in MPC 500 format (48 samples) for $7.99 USD or MPC 1000/2500/5000 format (64 samples) for $8.99 USD.

So what do I think?

The Dirty Little Sequencer MPC Kits offer a nice selection of samples for a reasonable price. The sounds are generally quite rough and noisy, yet very usable.

Although most of the sounds in these packs aren’t necessarily essential, they are unique and full of character. Drum Abrasion and Lost Percussion include a good amount of various drum and percussion sounds. Kicks, snares, hihats, claps, percussion hits, etc… it’s all there.

The Bent-O-Box samples sound a lot like any other circuit bent speak & spell/math type sounds. They are noisy and weird, just like you would expect from this type of stuff. Good quality, don’t get me wrong, but not really my thing.

My favorite pack is Lost Percussion. This one has some lovely drum hits from machines like the Casiotone MT-45, Hing Hon EK-001 and the Yamaha PortaSound PS-200.

Now I do really like unique and unconventional sounds, but these MPC kits clearly aren’t for everyone. Make sure to check Dirty Little Sampler, a collection of exclusive out-takes from the Bent-O-Box, Drum Abrasion and Lost Percussion kits. If you like those, I am sure you will enjoy the full products as well.

More information: Dark Side of the Tune


Producer Pack releases Android Armageddon

Producer Pack Android Armageddon

Producer Pack has released Android Armageddon, a downloadable sample pack.

Android Armageddon features 100 samples of glitching robotics, robot voices, dark soundscapes, malfunctions, circuit bent toys & SpeaknSpells, straight from the guys who did Android Party, Danny Mac and DLP.

All files are in WAV format, and compatible with most software instruments, including Reason, Logic, Kontakt, Pro Tools, NNXT, Ableton Live, Cubase, Fruity Loops, Magix, Cakewalk and Sonar.

Android Armageddon costs £24.95 GBP, and is available for download from the Producer Pack website.

Visit Producer Pack for more information, and to listen to demo mp3′s.