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XILS-lab intros LX122 rotating speaker cabinet plugin

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XILS-lab has introduced LX122, an emulation of the the Leslie rotating speaker.

XILS-lab LX122
XILS-lab’s LX122 offers a rotating speaker emulation with treble output in a rotating horn, and bass output in a rotating drum.

Although there is a lot a various models, the classic Leslie speaker consists of two driver units – a stationary treble unit with spinning horns (called Horn here), and a stationary woofer and spinning rotor (called Drum here), with two filters, which divide the frequency spectrum between the horn and the woofer.

Both the horns and a sound baffle for the bass are rotated to create Doppler effect based vibrato, tremolo and chorus effects. The rotating elements can be stopped, switched between slow (chorale) and fast (tremolo), or transitioned between the two settings. Not only the unit gives this particular effect, but also the ensemble it creates with the room where it is located.

The LX122 emulates the Horn and the Drum, as well as the room where various coherent reflections are occurring when they are rotating. It also emulates the tube base amplifier as well as the intrinsic characteristics of the Drum (woofer response and drum size) or the Horn (Tweeter response, horn size and diffusers).

The internal cabinet refexions, which give this known mellow specific sound, are also taken into account but with the never done possibility to increase or decrease their effects, going from a standard closed cabinet to a opened air rotating speakers.

The LX122 is the indipensable companion for your keyboards and organ , but if you like to tweak parameters, if you want to build your own cabinet, change its characteristics, if you want to experiment further in recording this device, using two independant microphones in various rooms, then go to the LX122 Premium, you won’t be despointed. A wide range of stereo effects, space feeling, pitch modifications are straight to your hands.

LX122 and LX122 Premium are available to purchase for the introductory price of 29 EUR / $37 USD (LX122) and 45 EUR / $58 USD (LX122 Premium) until December 5th, 2012. The plug-ins are serial number-protected products — no iLok required.

More information: XILS-lab / LX122


Win a pair of KRK Rokit 5 G2 speakers in Point Blank prize draw

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Point Blank KRK contest

Point Blank is offering you a chance to win a pair of Generation 2 Rokit 5 speakers by KRK.

The Point Blank YouTube Channel is the central hub for all our free tutorials. There you’ll find hundreds of videos providing expert advice about music production, sound design and DJing from our team of pro producer tutors and regular guest artists.

The best way to ensure you don’t miss anything is to subscribe to the channel and thanks to our friends at KRK and Focusrite we are giving away a pair of KRK RP 5 G2 Speakers (worth £250) to one lucky subscriber!

To be entered into the prize draw just subscribe to the Point Blank Youtube channel by Tuesday 23rd October 2012… it’s that simple!

The winner will be drawn at random and announced on Wednesday 24th October 2012.

More information: Point Blank / KRK Competition


Time+Space announces iZotope and ESI competition

Time+Space has announced a new competition in which you can win ESI monitoring speakers and iZotope effects plugins.

Time+Space iZotope and ESI giveaway

You’re pleased as punch with the bassline, the chords are catchy and the lyrics are simply genius but unless you’ve got the right tools for mixing and mastering, your track will probably lack that professional polished finish.

Thanks to software developers like iZotope, this can all be achieved easily in your home studio with plugins such as Ozone 5 Mastering Suite, Alloy 2 Essential Mixing Tools and Nectar Vocal Suite all helping you to get impressive results with relatively little outlay.

Of course, you need a decent set of monitoring speakers as well, and that’s where ESI come in. Earlier this year the German audio specialists released their Unik product line – professional quality active reference monitors that produce a clear, strong and precise sound thanks to the extraordinarily light membrane of the ribbon tweeter.

UK-based distributor Time+Space are giving you the chance to win a pair of Unik monitors plus iZotope software in their October competition with a total prize giveaway totaling over £1600!

Competition prizes

  • First prize: Pair of ESI Unik 08 monitoring speakers and iZotope Ozone 5 Complete Mastering Suite
  • Second prize: Pair of ESI Unik 05 monitoring speakers and iZotope Nectar Complete Vocal Suite
  • Third prize: Pair of ESI Unik04 monitoring speakers and iZotope Alloy 2 Essential Mixing Tools

The competition is only open to European residents and ends on 31st October, 2012.

More information: Time+Space


Blue Aura intros v30 Blackline Hybrid Vacuum Tube Amplifier + WSTxR Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit

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Blue Aura has announced the availability of the vv30 Blackline retro-elegant hybrid vacuum tube amplifier with an integrated DAC.

The wireless-ready two-channel audio system uses valve technology to replace the full spectrum of sound lost through the digital conversion process, bringing music back to its original velvety warmth and exacting detail for retail, office or home environments.

“The striking beauty and engineering of the v30 is revealed throughout the product. We put our craftsmen to work and they created a retro-designer amplifier complete with vacuum tubes and a stunning black and chrome exterior that Buck Rogers would yearn for,” commented Alex Chiou, president of Blue Aura North America.

Blue Aura v30 Blackline
The front features large chrome knobs, allowing user volume control and switching between sound sources.

v30 Blackline features

  • 2 x 20W hybrid vacuum tube amplifier.
  • Frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz +/- 1.5dB.
  • RCA, USB mini B, and 3.5mm mini jack for connecting digital sound sources, or analog stereo input, plus a headphone output.
  • 2 two-way bass reflex speakers are comprised of a low frequency 3.5 inch paper cone and high frequency 3/4 inch soft dome tweeter, with a frequency response of 55Hz – 20kHz.
  • Includes rubber stands, remote control and quality cabling.

The v30 Blackline is available to purchase from retailers for MSRP $549 USD. The WSTxR Wireless Transmitter and Receiver Kit, which will turn any powered speaker into a wireless speaker, is available now priced at $149 USD.

More information: Blue Aura / v30 Blackline


Two Notes Audio Engineering updates Torpedo PI-101 and Remote + 12 free speaker cabs added

Two Notes Torpedo PI-101

Two Notes Audio Engineering has updated its Torpedo PI-101 effect plugin and Torpedo Remote software for Windows and Mac.

The PI-101 comes in 4 versions: Vintage, Bass, Modern, and Wall of Sound Choose your style! Vintage includes a nice collection of both vintage and reissue cabs with a sound reminiscent of the 60/70′s, Modern will seduce all amateurs of modern guitar sounds while Bass is specially dedicated to bass layers. The WoS version includes the whole Two Notes cab collection.

Changes in Torpedo PI-101 v2.0.24

  • Complete display of Presets and User-Impulses folders in tree view.
  • Management of missing impulse files.
  • Fixed: CPU peaks when moving the microphone.
  • Fixed: preset compatibility between Torpedo Live, C.A.B., and PI-101 products.
  • Fixed: reading Aiff files.
  • Improved: typing in values for potentiometers.
  • Fixed: audio click in certain preset-change cases.
  • Fixed: sampling rate conversion on .wav-based .tur files.
  • Volume and Pan update when a channel is deleted.
  • Fixed: some minor graphical bugs.

Changes in Torpedo Remote v2.1.8

  • Added: a rename feature in “Managers” during file transfer.
  • Fixed: a bug in resampling wav files.
  • Some minor bugs fixed.

Two Notes has also announced the release of a collection of 12 new speaker cabinets.

Two Notes speaker cabs

We told you we would do it, and we just did! To celebrate our first 1000 Facebook fans, we are releasing for free no less than 12 new, exceptional speaker cabinets!

Discover RackHero, Can Abyss, Monarch, R2D2 and the others, and enjoy the sounds of some of the greatest classics in the history of electric guitar and bass.

To download them, update your Torpedo Remote or PI-101 WOS with an active Internet connection.

More information: Two Notes Audio Engineering


Salk Sound reestablishes legendary loudspeaker brands

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Bud Fried Tower

Fried Products Corporation has announced that Salk Sound has been selected to design and build a new line of high fidelity loudspeakers based on Bud Fried’s legendary work. Salk Sound now holds exclusive licenses to both the Fried and IMF brands first established by Fried.

Irving M. “Bud” Fried was a true pioneer during the golden age of high fidelity audio, creating several speaker designs that are now common place. During a time when most loudspeakers had a traditional paper cone or horn–loaded tweeter, Fried’s designs favored a soft dome direct radiator. His IMF products championed the difficult to implement and costly to execute transmission line approach. He also brought to market the first example of what is now called a satellite/subfoofer speaker system and the first integrated speaker with individual sub–enclosures optimized for each driver. Among his other insights was the establishment of the distinctive Quad electrostatic and Lowther high efficiency loudspeaker brands in the United States.

Pontiac Michigan–based Salk Sound, known for their very high quality designs, no holds barred customization, and exceptional craftsmanship, were identified by Fried Products as the perfect fit to carry on Bud Fried’s legacy. Jim Salk, founder of Salk Sound, felt that the engineering insight and innovation Fried brought to bear on the home hi–fi space was due for some renewed respect and forward movement. “At Salk, we’re very meticulous about all aspects of our designs, from the electromechanical and acoustical engineering, to the fit, finish and aesthetics of our cabinetry. Irving Fried was an innovative and outspoken pioneer, and we look forward to reintroducing his important concepts to today’s new wave of budget–conscious audiophiles.”

One of the engineering aspects that Salk and Fried designs share is an appreciation for particular, high performance transducers from Denmark. “For many years, we at Hiquphon had a close, personal working relationship with Bud Fried,” said Oskar Wroending, manager, owner and sole proprietor of Hiquphon. “We are very excited about the rebirth of Fried Products and look forward to providing our cutting edge tweeter technology in the new Fried designs.”

The Bud Fried Towers are priced at $2995 USD per pair.

More information: Fried Audio


Dynaudio Professional intros M3VE main monitoring solution

Dynaudio Professional has announced the M3VE, a main monitoring solution which combines world-class driver and cabinet technology from Dynaudio Professional with cutting-edge amplification and signal processing from Lab.gruppen and Lake.

Dynaudio Professional M3VE

M3VE takes monitoring to a whole new level with a significant upgrade from its predecessor – the renowned M3A 3-way monitor. To top it off, the speakers are powered by a four-channel Lab.gruppen PLM10000Q amplifier, using the integrated, active crossover between LF and MF by Lake, while passively filtering the MF/HF cross-over point.

Sporting the newest and most pristine Dynaudio ESOTAR² driver technology, M3VE takes over where most other monitor systems give up. With unsurpassed attention to detail, underpinned by an impressive 22Hz – 21kHz frequency response and beyond 133dB SPL, M3VE leaves no room for desire in terms of resolution, range or sheer power. The only difference between M3XE and M3VE is that the latter is powered by a single Lab.gruppen PLM10000Q amplifier rather than two.

The cutting-edge combination of Lab.gruppen and Lake technology forms the ultimate backing for M3VE and ensures unlimited power and the tools for optimizing any room to become the perfect listening environment.

In short, M3VE surpasses any and all main monitor expectations!

M3VE features

  • Natural and Uncolored – Painstakingly Accurate Audio Reproduction.
  • Carefully Selected Materials – From Handmade Drivers to First-grade Wood, Cables and Connectors.
  • Extremely Powerful – 4,700 W Per Monitor.
  • ESOTAR² – Aluminum Voice Coil Technology.
  • Heavy Internal Damping – Minimum Cabinet Resonance.
  • Protection and Redundancy – Always Reliable.
  • Exclusive Lake Processing Algorithms – Raised Cosine Equalization, Linear-phase Crossovers and Limiter Max Loudspeaker Protection.

The M3VE is available for 27,300 USD / 20,300 EUR.

More information: Dynaudio Professional / M3VE