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Spektro Audio updates Komplex synth for Max for Live to v1.1

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Spektro Audio has released version 1.1 of Komplex, a Max for Live synthesizer instrument inspired by the Buchla 261e module.

Spektro Audio Komplex

The 1.1 update fixes a couple of issues that we had with the 1.0 version and brings many new features such as polyphony, envelope curves and new waveforms for the Mod LFO.

Changes in Komplex v1.1

  • Major sound engine improvement – We re-designed the sound engine to make Komplex sound a lot better!.
  • Polyphony – Komplex can now play up to 8 voices! You can now use Komplex to create some beautiful FM keys.
  • Improvements to the Wave Morph section – morphing between the 3 waveforms sounds a lot smoother.
  • Improvements to the 3 ADSR E.G.s – adjustable curves (Log – Lin – Expo) and equivalent ranges to all 3 E.G.s.
  • New “Vel” buttons let’s you enable or disable velocity control for the FM and Morph / Shape envelopes independently.
  • Improved FM section – we’ve fixed some issued related to the FM section and the modulating wave’s phase.
  • You can now choose from 6 different waveforms for modulation: Sine, Triangle, Saw, Ramp, Square and S&H.
  • Minor design improvements to improve usability.
  • Fixed Shaper control range.
  • New preset bank.

Komplex is available for purchase for $8 USD.

More information: Spektro Audio / Komplex


Spektro Audio releases Wired Bass free Live pack

Spektro Audio Wired Bass

Spektro Audio has announced Wired Bass, a free Ableton Live instruments pack.

This instrument pack contains 10 multi-sampled bass patches for Ableton Live’s Sampler instrument. These patches were created using a Eurorack modular synthesizer and CV Toolkit – Standalone Version.

We tried to come up with analog bass sounds that can work great in many different music genres by using variety of different oscillators, filters and synthesis techniques.

The pack is available to download from Spektro Audio at no charge.

More information: Spektro Audio / Wired Bass


Spektro Audio releases DRG – Dual Rhythm Generator

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Spektro Audio has released DRG – Dual Rhythm Generator, a Max for Live device capable of generating clocks and rhythms that can be used with analog synthesizers and drum machines via control voltage.

Spektro Audio DRG

By using a combination of two clock generators and an optional boolean logic operator, DRG can generate anything from simple clock divisions to complex rhythms.
DRG is great for clocking analog sequencers, triggering envelopes, sequencing drum modules and etc.

DRG can be used in different situations. The workflow was thought out to work great both in the studio and in live concerts. Everything on the front panel, from the simple layout to the LEDs colors, was design to give you instant feedback of whats going on. Features such as the MIDI Controlled Presets let’s you add variation to your track and change the settings using either MIDI clips or any MIDI controller.

DRG requires an audio interface with DC-Coupled outputs or an Expert Sleepers ES-3 / ES-4 / ES-40 module.

DRG is available for purchase for $9.99 USD.

More information: Spektro Audio / DRG – Dual Rhythm Generator


Spektro Audio updates CV Toolkit (Standalone) to v1.1

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Spektro Audio CV Toolkit Standalone Version

Spektro Audio has announced the release of a version 1.1 update for CV Toolkit – Standalone Version, an application that can be used to control analog synthesizers by sending CV signals through any DC-coupled audio interface or Expert Sleeper’s module.

The update includes two new virtual modules (MIDI to CV and CV Quantizer), native Smux support (Mac only), and many different improvements to the “Scangraph”, “Envelope” and “Step Sequencer” virtual modules.

Changes in CV Toolkit v1.1

  • New “MIDI to CV” module with auto-calibration and transpose. Calibrate your VCOs and play them in tune!
  • New “CV Quantizer” module – Quantize signals coming from other virtual modules to a specific Scale (Chromatic, Major, Minor, Minor Harmonic or Blues) and note range.
  • ScanGraph improvements:
    • ‘Rand’ button – Generates a random graph.
    • Snap breakpoints to the grid by holding down the “S” key.
    • Use these two new features together in order to generate random graphs with all breakpoints snapped to the grid.
  • Envelope improvements:
    • ‘Rand’ button – Generates a random graph
  • Step Sequencer improvements:
    • Velocity Layer – The velocity layer can be used to control the gain of the AD envelopes for each of the steps. You can also turn a step off by setting it’s velocity to zero.
    • Shift the sequence by pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard.
    • “Rand”, “Clear”, and shifting operations can be applied to the Velocity layer by holding down the “V” key.
    • Adjustable number of steps (Min: 4 / Max: 16).
    • New option for changing the output signal from Bi-Polar to Positive-only (available on the Options window).
    • New option for disabling triggers generated by the Sequencer (available on the Options window).
  • Native SMUX support (Mac only) – You can now use CV Toolkit together with an Expert Sleepers ES–3 module at higher sample rates (above 48kHz).
  • The GATE outlet was removed from the Routing Matrix for a better user experience. You can still output gates through the Mix module. We’ve also added an option for swapping the TRIGGER outlet on the Routing Matrix for a GATE outlet.
  • New option for disabling the transmission of LEDs to the Lemur for a smoother integration (available on the Options window).
  • The Trim dial is now called “Output Trim” and it has been moved to the Options window. It’s value will now be stored as a global settings and will be automatically recalled every time you open the program.
  • You can now hold down the “G” key to activate guidelines on the Routing Matrix.
  • Lemur template updated.
  • Many misc / minor bug fixes.

The application is available to purchase for $19.99 USD.

More information: Spektro Audio / CV Toolkit – Standalone Version


Spektro Audio releases CV Toolkit application

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Spektro Audio has introduced the CV Toolkit, a software application for sending CV signals.

Spektrum Audio CV Toolkit

CV Toolkit is a standalone application for both Mac and PC that can be used to control analog synthesizers by sending CV signals through any DC-coupled audio interface or Expert Sleeper’s module.

The 1.0 version ships with 13 virtual modules that offer different modulation options such as LFO, sequencer, envelope generators, etc.

You can route the output of any of any module to analog outputs, analyzers (LED / Oscilloscope) or even to the input of certain modules (S&H / Biased Switcher / Slew).

CV Toolkit features

  • Standalone application – doesn’t require any additional software.
  • MIDI Clock – sync it to your favorite DAWs, drum machines, iOS apps and etc.
  • Hands-on Experience – control all parameters from you iPad using the Lemur app (native OSC integration).
  • Routing Matrix – route signals.
  • ScanGraph – a new concept of modulation.
  • Biased Switcher – let the program flip a coin and decide how it’s inputs will flow.
  • Eight analog outputs – you can use up to eight analog outputs to send signals to your modular synthesizer.
  • MIDI In / Out.
  • Works on both Mac and PC.
  • 64-bit application.
  • Clean and simple interface.
  • Save and recall patches.

CV Toolkit is available to purchase for the introductory price of $14.99 USD (regular $19.99 USD).

More information: Spektro Audio / CV Toolkit


Spektro Audio updates Spektro Nucleation for Max for Live to v2.0

Spektro Audio has released version 2.0 of Spektro Nucleation, a Max For Live device that functions as a waveshaper and bitcrusher.

This major (and free!) update brings some exciting new features to our beloved waveshaping device.

Spektro Nucleation

Changes in Spektro Nucleation v2.0

  • gen~ processing: During versions 1.0x, Nucleation, like most MaxforLive devices, processed sound in blocks of samples. Now, in version 2.0, it upsamples the signal by 2x and then uses the gen~ technology to process sample-by-sample! This new processing method results in less digital artifacts, less aliasing and a more pleasing timbre for your sound.
  • New controls for you to shape your sound even further: offset and shift! Even tho the Offset control already existed in the previous versions, it now works differently due to the new gen~ processing method. The new Shift control allows you to shift the waveform forward in time, completely changing the sound.

Spektro Nucleation is available to purchase for $5 USD. A free lite edition is available to download.

More information: Spektro Audio / Nucleation


Spektro Audio releases Spektro Komplex Max for Live device

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Spektro Audio has announced Spektro Komplex, a new Max for Live synthesizer instrument.

Spektro Komplex

Spektro Komplex is a MaxforLive monophonic synthesizer designed to create complex and unique sounds.

Like the Buchla 261e module, Komplex uses two oscillators to produce FM sounds. What really makes this synth stand out is it’s habilities to morph the waveform of the first oscillator (carrier) and use a different waveform for the second oscillator (modulator).

You can use Spektro Komplex to create anything from classic FM bass to metallic percussion sounds. It’s also a great tool for sound designer who want to create complex synthetic sounds.

The device is available to purchase for $8 USD.

More information: Spektro Audio / Spektro Komplex