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Spitfire releases Felt Piano for Kontakt + 4 new LABS instruments

Spitfire Audio Felt Piano

Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Felt Piano, a virtual piano instrument performed by Mercury Award nominee Gwilym Simcock.

By popular demand, Spitfire are delighted to release a full featured felt piano – after the huge success of our soft piano in the LABS range.

Why be a jack of all trades when you can be a master of one? We have searched high and low for the most beautiful, sensitive and honest soft piano sound. Perfect for those delicate ballads or that intimate heart rending cue.

While experimenting a few years ago we discovered the beautiful world of the upright piano played softly with the middle “practice felt” or “celeste” pedal engaged. Unsophisticated, yet gentle and touching, we have found the ideal instrument, and asked our friend, and Mercury nominee, Gwilym Simcock to perform.

Recorded via a number of rarefied microphones and perspectives, into Neve pre-amps, giving you the maximum flexibility to tailor the sound to your application.

The Felt Piano for Kontakt (full version 4.2.4 or higher) is available to purchase for the introductory price of £59 GBP (regular £79 GBP). Subject to VAT in the EU.

Spitfire has also announced four new LABS instruments: Bell Tree, Mini Pan, Kalimba, and Crumhorn.

Spitfire Audio LABS instruments

In our continued efforts to democratise the world of sampling, to spread the ‘Spitfire word’ and to continue to raise money for a noble cause, Paul and Christian are once again opening their personal jewel boxes for everyone to enjoy.

Between now and Christmas we will release as many of these little gems as we can! Having updated the livery of all of the labs range, we are also pleased to announce that this season’s range features the artwork of Peter Buwert, a fantastic artist and designer.

The instruments are available to download free of charge for existing Spitfire Laboratories members.

More information: Spitfire Audio


Spitfire launches Producer Portfolio series of Kontakt libraries

Spitfire Audio has announced the launch of its new Producer Portfolio range of sound libraries.

With Spitfire’s existing orchestral and definitive ranges, we’re very proud of the “impression” that the hall at Air studios gives, but it’s not right for every application.

With this new range, we have recorded in smaller spaces, close, mid range and room perspectives with carefully positioned, fine, ‘A class’ mics and pres to give you the raw materials you need to make these sounds your own, and at an affordable price.

Spitfire Producer Portfolio

Producer Portfolio features

  • Analogue Foundry #1 Pylons – A definitive collection of phrases, squeaks, bleeps, hits and FX from their enormous selection of classic vintage synths.
  • Kitchenware #1 – Metal – Sampled from 12 specially selected (with a variety of both simple and complex harmonic sonority) bowls, jugs and cups, this new sound-set will provide you with hours of inspiration.
  • Frank Ricotti – Marimba – Ricotti Marimba features 7.6 GB of compressed content from over 11,700 samples, over 24.5 GB samples in WAV format (this losslessly compresses very efficiently in Kontakt!)

The libraries are available to purchase at a 20% introductory discount until December 4th, 2013. Requires Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher, full version.

More information: Spitfire Audio / Producer Portfolio


Spitfire releases Enigma for Kontakt + Hans Zimmer Percussion Vol 1 announced

Spitfire Enigma

Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Enigma, a collection of inspirational DNA for your tracks created exclusively for Spitfire by Leo Abrahams.

Leo Abrahams is a trailblazing musician, composer, and producer who has recorded and toured with such successful artists as; Imogen Heap, Ed Harcourt, Roxy Music, Grace Jones, and Pulp. Leo began to write and produce for a catalogue of aspiring singers and bands, which led him to creating his own records including The Unrest Cure, featuring the vocal stylings of; Brian Eno, KT Tunstall, Ed Harcourt, Foy Vance, and Bingo Gazingo. Leo has produced for a number of artists including Paolo Nutini, Wild Beasts, Frightened Rabbit and Carl Barat of the Libertines; he has composed such incredible soundtracks as that of The Lovely Bones (with Eno) and Hunger (with David Holmes); and he is also credited as the guitarist in such fantastic film scores as that of Oceans 12, Twilight and Green Zone. Leo’s talent has extended across multiple genres of music, and it is his devotion along with his raw talent that has brought him the success he has today.

We’re delighted to announce today’s release of “ENIGMA” a collection of awe inspiring sounds and tools created exclusively by Leo in conjunction with Spitfire Audio. As composers ourselves we have been itching to get our hands on what we know will become essential DNA for future compositions and productions.

Created largely on a rusty Trussart guitar plugged into Leo’s infamous pedal array, with over 300 presets including weird and wonderful sounding guitars, synths, pads, atmos, phrases and over 200 loops. This library is 5GB (compressed from 10GB) of pure inspiration.

The sample library is available to purchase for the introductory price of £75 GBP until December 2nd, 2013 (RRP £99 GBP).

Spitfire HZ01

Spitfire has also announced that HZ01, the first volume of Hans Zimmer Percussion, will be shipping on November 26th, 2013.

HZ01 ships in November as over 160GB of compressed content (from over 600GB of mixed and edited WAV data) and the initial release has material from Hans Zimmer, Alan Meyerson, and Geoff Foster. Two free updates are following with Steve Lipson and Junkie XL’s material. The final library will be north of 200GB of compressed content (from over 700GB of mixed and edited WAV data)

The library consists of microphone positions, ‘perspective elements’ and full mixes (as detailed below) mixed in stereo and 5.1 by Grammy and Oscar winning engineers and producers: Alan Meyerson, Steve Lipson, Junkie XL, Geoff Foster and Hans Zimmer himself.

The library will be available to purchase for the introductory price of £299 GBP for the first two weeks (RRP £399 GBP). It will include an additional 25% off voucher for future purchases.

More information: Spitfire Audio


Spitfire releases Low Brass library for Kontakt

Spitfire Audio BML Low Brass

Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Low Brass, the fifth instalment in its definitive BML (British Modular Library).

Providing you with the most solid foundations for your orchestral palette, Spitfire’s Low Brass celebrates some of the greatest players on the world stage today.

Recorded in Lyndhurst Hall – Air Studios, one of the finest scoring stages in the world, through rarefied vintage valve and ribbon mics, via the unique Neve “Montserrat” pre-amps via a Neve 88R desk onto a pristinely maintained Studer 2″ tape machine and digitised via the finest Prism A-Ds. With a huge host of mic positions to choose from alongside mixes from our chief engineer Jake Jackson: Low Brass offers the definitive edition of these instruments:

THE TUBA – Played by Owen Slade one of the most called-upon session musicians in the country, Owen conjures a beautiful lyricism made from pure Chocolate, to monstrous side ripping lows and gentle and warm humorous parps.

THE CONTRABASS TROMBONE – Wagner Strauss and Schoenberg are some composers who put this instrument through its paces, however, Samuel Adler in his book “The Study Of Orchestration” rather flippantly remarked “Since the contrabass trombone taxes the performer so greatly, we advise not to write for the instrument…” Pah to that! London has a handful of fine players and in this library we have the finest.

THE CIMBASSO – Or Verdi Trombone Basso. Until recent times quite a rarefied instrument, now making a come back on many of the big studio picture scores. In it’s lower dynamic range it’s not unlike a Tuba. But it’s not this that we’re looking for with a Cimbasso, for the real character of the instrument is in its upper dynamics and Cuivre style of playing. For therein lies a sound that could have sprung straight out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting.

CIMBASSO A2 – As above but with 2 two different players playing at the same time. Combine the two patches and you have three Verdi trombone bassos!

The library is available to purchase for the introductory price of £184 GBP for a limited time (regular RRP £245 GBP). Subject to VAT in the EU. Requires full version of Kontakt v4.2.4 or higher.

More information: Spitfire Audio / BML Low Brass


Spitfire releases Plucked Piano sound library for Kontakt

Spitfire Audio Plucked Piano

Spitfire Audio has announced Plucked Piano, a virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

As composers we’re always on that quest to find a “lead” string instrument that does the job of a piano, harp, or guitar without sounding like one, without having the stereotypical association. Or indeed that can play like a dulcimer or cimbalom, but doesn’t have the geographical connection or insinuation. So Spitfire took quarter of a million pounds worth of concert grand heard on countless film scores, from Harry Potter to Inception, and… well, we plucked it.

Recorded by Jake Jackson at one of the finest scoring stages in the world: Lyndhurst Hall – Air Studios, through an array of priceless vintage microphones via Neve “Montserrat” pre-amps, to a beautifully serviced Studer 2” tape machine and then into digital at 96k via the best Prism AD converters: this is an unparalleled signal chain.

We’ve sampled the full range of the piano diatonically with two plucking styles; finger pad and nail with a selection of mic positions for you to mix to get up front and personal. Or a more contextual perspective that will mix seamlessly in with your Albion and BML ranges of orchestral tools. What’s more, we’ve included both direct and tape signals for if you’d prefer pristine and clean to that rounded top and tidy bottom of tape!

In addition to the main delight we have included a fun box of sound design presented in our custom synth front engine to Kontakt which you can use to add some spice to your productions!

The library is available to purchase for the introductory price of £20 GBP until October 10th, 2013 (RRP £25 GBP). Requires Kontakt full version.

More information: Spitfire / Plucked Piano


Spitfire Audio releases Skaila Kanga Harp Redux for Kontakt

Spitfire Audio Harp Redux

Spitfire Audio has announced Skaila Kanga Harp Redux, a classic relaunched with added sample content and extended functionality.

Recorded at Air Studios, Lyndhurst Hall, one of the greatest scoring stages in the world and showcasing the extraordinary talent of legendary harpist Skaila Kanga, Spitfire Harp is a new benchmark in expressiveness and sound for commercially available orchestral instruments.

The delicate sound blossoms beautifully in the Hall, and the loudest layers ring the walls of Lyndhurst with urgency. As with all of our modules, this is designed specifically for the media composer and we hope it will be a valued tool for music makers to use for generations to come.

Harp Redux features

  • A New Articulation – ‘Slid’ notes – specifically recorded and designed for glissando building, but also a great new playable sound in its own right!
  • Pedalling Options – you can now set the harp pedals graphically and then play the white notes – makes playing glisses easy!
  • Rescripted From The Ground Up – using the engine from our latest BML range.
  • Fully Tweaked – for smoother dynamic response.
  • Recorded through an unparalleled signal chain including priceless vintage mics, Neve Montserrat preamps, a Neve 88R desk to tape and then through Prism converters to Protools at 96k for editing, and presented to you in Kontakt format at 48k, 24bit. (designed to be used in conjunction with a full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or Kontakt 5 – This will not work with the free Kontakt Player).

The Harp Redux library costs £129 GBP. Until August 5th, 2013, a 10% discount voucher for future purchase(s) is included.

More information: Spitfire Audio / Skaila Kanga Harp Redux


Spitfire Audio releases Horns Section 1 sample library

Spitfire Horns Section 1

Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Horns Section 1, a new British Modular Library series sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Spitfire are delighted to announce the release of BML Horns vol 1 featuring essential articulations for both solo horn and horns a2. Three unique players, and arguably one of the greatest in the world, having played on scores as diverse as Inception, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, Shrek, Prometheus, The Lion King, Tron legacy, Bond, Twilight, and many more box office smashes.

Recorded through an unparalleled signal chain including priceless vintage mics, Neve Montserrat preamps, a Neve 88R desk to tape and then through Prism converters to Protools at 96k for editing, and presented to you in Kontakt format at 48k, 24bit. (designed to be used in conjunction with a full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or Kontakt 5 – This will not work with the free Kontakt Player)

Horns volume 1 is available to purchase for the introductory price of £127 GBP until July 1st, 2013 (25% off RRP of £169 GBP).

More information: Spitfire Audio / Horns Section 1