Standalone-Music releases Strobe Soundset + Bundles now available

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Standalone-Music Strobe Soundset

Standalone-Music has released its Strobe Soundset, a collection of 145 presets by 7 Skies, for the Strobe synthesizer of Fxpansion’s DCAM Synth Squad.

Reviewed as “one of the best Strobe soundest to date”, the Standalone-Music | Strobe Soundset is huge and versatile 145 presets bank for the tiny but powerful synth by Fxpansion.

Many often confuse Strobe as a “bass only” synth but this soundset will prove you otherwise, the patches vary from rich lead sounds to sweet analogue pads, supersaw-like sounds to nasty dubstep sounds and of course a huge variety basses, making this bank extremely versatile and perfect for every kind of music you produce, wether it’s Electro, House, Trance, Dubstep, Pop or Hardstyle.

The soundset is available to purchase for 25 EUR.

Standalone-Music has also announced it is now offering various bundles of its soundsets.

If you ve ever purchased 3 or more of our products in a row you probably noticed that in the past we gave you a little discount. This was never a “public” action on our website, however, we’ve always cared a lot about the support you show us by legally download our releases, so we’ve always tried to be fair with you as you were with us.

It is for this reasons that today we launch “Standalone | Bundles”, 3 different collections (Everything, Virtual and Hardware) that allow you to get 2 or more soundsets at a time but for a different and lower price compared to the one you would get by purchasing the same soundsets separately.

More information: Standalone Music / Strobe Soundset



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This page contains patches and sound banks by sound designer / music producer David Boldini of Standalone-music.

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Standalone-music releases Standalone | Massive


Standalone-music has released the Standalone | Massive, a collection of 127 patches for the Native Instruments Massive virtual synthesizer.

If you are not familiar with Native Instruments Massive you probably can’t tell the reason of its name, but for all those who know this powerful synth, the name perfectly makes sense.

With this soundset Standalone-music delivers some of the finest patches available for this plugin, from wide pads, to catchy leads and then fat basses and complex sequences.

Standalone | Massive features

  • 127 up to date patches, perfect sound bank for Trance, Progressive, House & Electro, and Hard Dance.
  • Each patch includes one or more macro controls assigned to quickly change and in some occasion completely change the character of the sound.
  • Full use of the tag and browse functions for cataloging the patches and quickly find them.

Standalone | Massive is available to purchase for the introductory price of 25 EUR.

More information: Standalone-music / Standalone | Massive