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Stanton announces Scratch DJ Academy MIX! DJ Software

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Stanton Scratch DJ Academy MIX!

Stanton has announced the release of Scratch DJ Academy MIX, an intuitive DJ software application developed by Scratch DJ Academy, which helps music fans mix their digital music files while they learn the DJ basics along the way and inspires professional DJs to better analyze their tracks.

Scratch DJ Academy MIX! is an exciting DJ software application that is perfect for the aspiring DJ who is advancing their skills, all the way up to the professional who needs a sophisticated tool to perfect their game. DJ’s can practice or perfect a mix within the software using intuitive tools to create high quality, professional mixes time after time.

Scratch DJ Academy MIX! features

  • Accurate tempo (Beats per Minute) detection.
  • Automatic Beat Mapping using advanced transient and customized groove analysis.
  • Automatic Key Detection, with accurate, cross genre results.
  • Playlist Hints highlight all compatible songs using BPM and Key matches.
  • Helpful mixing and DJ hints from Scratch DJ Academy curriculum.
  • Customizable Scratch FX created by Scratch DJ Academy Instructors.
  • Import music by individual song or folder.
  • Drag and Drop music with iTunes®, Windows Explorer® and Mac OSX Finder.
  • Instant previewing of each song transition, for faster mixing.
  • Preset mixing points of where Song B mixes into Song A, making mix placement simple.
  • Preset length of each mix to 4-16 bars, or “drop“ setting, for all styles.
  • Advanced Mix Editing with Cue Adjustments and Waveform View with variable zoom.
  • Sessions can be saved for sharing and future editing, enhancing and sharing.
  • Volume normalization and automatic Crossfade of mix transitions.
  • Integrated MP3 ID3 Tag Editor to make your corrections viewable in other applications.
  • Customizable, searchable and sortable list views of your music collection.
  • Song Information window with TAP BPM Correction, Beat Grid view and Bar/Beat display.
  • Compatible with MP3, AAC, AIFF, ALAC, and WAV formats.
  • Completed mixes compatible with iTunes®, iPhone, and iPod. iPad
  • Automatic software updates.

Scratch DJ Academy MIX! will be available soon for PC and Mac.

More information: Stanton / Scratch DJ Academy MIX!


Stanton intros Stanton Control System 4DJ

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Stanton SCS.4DJ

Stanton has introduced the Stanton Control System®4DJ (SCS.4DJ), a fully integrated digital DJ MixStation.

Immediately upon seeing it in action, it is very apparent something is missing: the laptop! Taking a fresh design approach – the SCS.4DJ was designed with a powerful internal processor that makes fully standalone operation a reality. All users have to do is add their own music and they’ll be ready to go.

SCS.4DJ features

  • Ability to play and mix two tracks directly from the majority of mass storage devices.
  • Automatic Tempo and beat grid calculation allowing tracks to be synchronized quickly.
  • 4.3 ” high resolution widescreen LCD with dual frequency dependant color waveform displays, makes visual beat matching easy.
  • Comprehensive Browse, Search and Sort capabilities presented in a simple and intuitive user interface.
  • 8 x “Soft” buttons allowing direct access to features, functionality and navigation.
  • 4 x “Direct Access” illuminated buttons, with a navigation section.
  • Dual high-resolution 4.75″ touch-sensitive weighted platters, utilizing a high resolution scratch algorithm.
  • Dual built in effects unit functionality with full beat synchronization.
  • Record your mixes directly to WAV format files for sharing or distribution while you play.
  • Auto-DJ mode will mix your playlists automatically using the calculated beat grids.
  • Microphone input with high-headroom and low noise performance.
  • 60mm Pitch control, with pitch bend buttons and high quality keylock performance.
  • Multiple USB Connections (1 x Top, 1 x Rear, 2 x Base plus host connection for MIDI Controller mode).
  • Transport controls featuring PLAY/PAUSE, CUE, SYNC and TAP tempo.
  • 1/4″ Balanced TRS and Unbalanced RCA outputs, dual headphone outputs.
  • Internal Media Bay compartment for placement and connectivity of media storage devices.
  • Fully capable MIDI controller functionality.

More information: Stanton / SCS.4DJ


Stanton SCS.1, major update for mixer control surface

Stanton has announced several new update developments to the SCS.1, the Stanton Control System1 mixer control surface.

Stanton SCS.1

The SCS.1, with its built-in FireWire® audio interface, assignable encoders, and tight, two-way software control is now better than ever, offering expanded presets, new ASIO drivers, updated firmware and DaRouter software.

Tim Dorwart CEO of Stanton comments: “Our team is very pleased to be able to announce these updates. The new capabilities of the SCS.1d enhance the performance of both scratch and general platter control. This should certainly help those migrating from traditional DVS turntables, to controllers who require the additional features integrated into the platter, right next to the place their fingers are when manipulating the platter. The new presets for both SCS.1d and SCS.1m extend this functionality to a whole host of other applications for DJ’ing live, composing and mixing”

Development Updates features

  • NEW Presets – Stanton has released a new preset for Native Instruments Traktor Pro® application, updating it to match the new features. Additional new presets include new Generic presets (4 in all) that allow the SCS.1 to be mapped into most DJ software packages; an Ableton Live preset for the SCS.1m, which fully supports clip and scene launching, mixing control, sends/groups, and FX control; a HUI preset that allows the SCS.1m to be used as a DAW controller for many common software packages (ProTools®, Nuendo™, Cubase™, Logic™, Sonar™, etc). Because Stanton utilized the HUI protocol, there is little to no mapping needed on the user’s part.
  • NEW ASIO Driver – This new ASIO driver for Windows® fully supports not only Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit varieties), but also is backwards compatible with Vista64 and XP. They also separated this installer from the DaRouter installer to make it easier on the end user to update components.
  • NEW DaRouter Software – A new SCS.1 DaRouter has been developed, which implements a better scratching algorithm. In response to user requests, it also allows for multiple instances of DaRouter to run simultaneously, which allows for the use of (for instance) 4 SCS.1ds at once. Of course, this version of DaRouter will also bundle in all the new presets so users have instant access to the new features.
  • NEW SCS.1M Firmware – Stanton has also updated the SCS.1d firmware, which not only improves the scratching performance of the SCS.1d, but also makes it more compatible with current DJ software. Like the ASIO driver, they’ve also separated this from the DaRouter installer to make installation and updating straightforward and error-free.

More information: Stanton / SCS.1


Mixxx 1.8.0, free DJ software updated

Mixxx, the free, open source software for performing live DJ mixes, was updated to version 1.8.0.

Developed by a diverse community of DJs, Mixxx is a complete replacement for a conventional “turntables and mixer” DJ setup, and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Mixxx (Deere skin)
“Deere” skin, new in Mixxx 1.8.0

Changes since Mixxx v1.7.2

  • Looping
    • Loop-in, Loop-out, and Reloop/Exit buttons added to our main skins.
    • Loop point indicators on main waveforms and waveform summary displays.
  • Hot cues
    • Most of our skins gained 4 hot cue buttons, and Mixxx now internally supports up to 32 hot cues per deck.
  • A brand new database-powered library, with:
    • iTunes library and playlists access (Windows and Mac OS X)
    • Rhythmbox library and playlists access (Linux)
    • A brand new, faster library scanner
    • Crates!
    • A simple Auto DJ mode, which crossfades to the next track in the Auto DJ queue.
    • Analyze view, which allows you to run bulk BPM detection on your songs
    • Featured Artists bundle (Windows and Mac OS X)
    • Revamped Song Properties dialog
    • Re-arrangeable, hide-able columns
  • Tons of new artwork:
    • New Deere, Shade, Phoney, and LateNight skins
    • Better descriptions in tooltips and snazzy new look
  • MIDI
    • New PortMidi-based MIDI device backend, supports using multiple devices at once
    • Timers in the MIDI scripting engine
    • New MIDI mappings:
      • Hercules DJ Control e2
      • DJ TechTools MIDI Fighter
      • Reloop Digital Jockey2
    • Updated MIDI mappings:
      • Hercules DJ Control MP3, RMX, MK2
      • Stanton SCS.3d, SCS.3m
      • M-Audio Xponent
      • Behringer BCD3000
      • Vestax VCI-100
      • MixMan DM2
  • Other stuff:
    • A massive rewrite of our internal mixing engine
    • More intelligent disk access to help optimize audio latency
    • Optimized waveform rendering at 30 fps
    • Ramping pitch-bend option, smoothly applies temporary pitch adjustment for nudging
    • Import comment tags from MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC/WAV metadata.
    • New library and preferences icons
    • Improvements to UTF-8 handling
  • Over 50 bug fixes and more!

More information: Mixxx


Stanton introduces M.203 Entry-Level 2-Channel Mixer

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Stanton M.203

Stanton has introduced the M.203, an entry-level 2-channel mixer.

The M.203 breaks all barriers in terms of what DJ’s have come to expect in its price class. The clean and intuitive layout was designed by working DJs with the goal of giving aspiring DJs a comfortable layout with a minimum of fuss – yet even experienced pros will be able to appreciate the robust feature set of the M.203.

“There’s not a lot of mixers at this price point offering the rugged build quality, 3-band EQ with complete kill, soft start, and versatile “switching” inputs in such a compact 2-channel design,” offered International DJ and Stanton Product Specialist Darrin “B-SIDE” Young. “This mixer gives you a lot more for your money including “FET Circuitry” on the crossfader. The M.203 provides DJs with every feature they need to start out, grow and excel in their craft – it definitely makes the Cut!”

The M.203 not only provides an amazingly comprehensive feature set, but also shares the same attractive design and rugged steel inner-chassis construction as the M.207, giving it a look and feel far more expensive than its price would indicate.

M.203 features

  • Rugged steel inner chassis design.
  • Adjustable crossfader curve with FET-isolated “Cut” setting.
  • 1 Phono/Line (switchable), 1 Line RCA inputs per channel.
  • 3-Band EQ per channel with complete kill (-64dB).
  • Cue pan fader.
  • Master/Cue headphone source switch.
  • Mic input with tone control.
  • RCA Master & Record Outputs.
  • 45 mm user replaceable/long-life Alpha crossfader.
  • Two 10-segment LED ladder meters.
  • Cue/Master meter switching.
  • Striking black/gray color scheme.
  • Matte finish minimizes distracting reflections.

The M.203 will be available soon for an MSRP of $99 USD.


Stanton introduces RM.416 Rackmount Mixer

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Stanton has introduced the RM.416, a mixer for the demanding mobile or club DJ featuring a vast array of traditional/USB channels & connectivity for DJing or recording in real-time.

The RM.416 is the latest in Stanton’s RM (Rack Mount) series of mixers. Stanton, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of professional audio products for DJs, has created an exceptional mixer for the most demanding mobile or club DJ. With four channels coupled with two microphone channels—in addition to a vast array of traditional connectivity—the RM.416 features a USB connection for either playing music from your favorite application or recording your mix in real-time.

Additionally, the RM.416 offers a subwoofer output with built-in crossover control, minimizing the need for an external crossover while maintaining the ability to adjust the output to perfectly match your sound system. All of these features are packed into a 4-space rack unit with a rugged metal inner chassis ensuring that the components are protected from damage and assuring a long product life.

Stanton RM.416
Stanton RM.416 Rackmount Mixer

RM.416 features

  • 4 Channel 19” rackmount mixer.
  • Soft power on/off for silent operation.
  • 2 Front panel microphone inputs with Gain and 3-band EQ.
  • USB connection for recording to or playback from a computer.
  • 3 Band EQ per channel (-26 dB to +10 dB).
  • Subwoofer output with gain and crossover (40Hz-200Hz) control.
  • VCA crossfader reduces noise and improves life of fader.
  • User replaceable crossfader and linefaders.
  • Balanced XLR master output with trim control.
  • Balanced p” zone output (Booth/Aux out).
  • 3 Microphone, 8 stereo line, and 3 stereo phono/line switchable inputs.
  • Talkover control for front panel microphone inputs.
  • A / B / Bypass crossfader assign per channel.
  • Signal indicator for each channel.
  • 10 segment LED metering for master output.
  • Versatile cueing section with cue/master mix control.
  • Illuminated CUE and Fader Start buttons.
  • Unbalanced Stereo RCA record output.
  • Internal power supply (AC 110-240V switchable).
  • Fader start control for triggering external CD players with crossfader.
  • Mono / Stereo switch for master output.

More information: Stanton / RM.416


Stanton DJ updates SC Systems Presets & Application support

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Stanton DJ DaRouter

Stanton DJ has announced software updates to their SCS.1 and SCS.3 product lines.

The SC System is Stanton’s innovative line of digital controllers for the professional DJ, and is currently comprised of the SCS.1d deck controller, SCS.1m mix controller, the SCS.3d touch sensitive deck controller, and the SCS.3m touch sensitive mix controller. The free software updates enhance the System’s features and compatibility with leading industry applications.

The updates consist of a new version of DaRouter, Stanton’s innovative MIDI and system control software that allows the SC System controllers the ability to send and receive information from host applications. For the SCS.1 products, the new version has automatic firmware checking and updates, improvements for better performance of scratch detection and encoders, and a more responsive motorized slider. New DaRouter presets for SCS.1 and SCS.3 series components provide indirect and direct support for Traktor Pro, PCDJ, and Virtual DJ programs, DJ Decks, Tracktor LE, Mixx, and Deckadance. The SCS.1 also benefits from new firmware that improves its MIDI timing and accuracy and reduces latency.

Other improvements to DaRouter software include

  • Master preset allows for 1 preset to encompass the following hardware setups (2 decks x 1 mixer; 1 deck x 1 mixer; 2 decks standalone; 1 deck standalone; 1 mixer standalone).
  • New pitch slider control logic.
  • Presets decoupled from deck and mixer. Both products can change controls of encoders without being linked.
  • New deck select logic allows direct access to any onscreen deck by holding deck select button. Also multiple physical decks can be assigned to the same deck.
  • Quick switching between presets: tap a preset on the hardware to change. Press and hold to change a parameter and automatically switch back to previous control.
  • FX preset drastically updated; FX selection possible by holding the preset button. Every Traktor effect shows up on the LCD’s when selecting and using.
  • Major updates to mixer presets including Transport (allows for scrubbing, pitch control, sync control, and pitch bends all from the mixer), Loop/beat jump (allows for looping, moving and beat jumps all from the mixer), FX1 and FX2 (allows FX selection by name and all parameters shown, plus various other feature improvements).

The updates are available now for free download at:

More information: Stanton DJ