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Image-Line releases Deckadance v1.5 + 20% discount

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Image-Line Deckadance

Image-Line has released version 1.5 of Deckadance, the DJ mixing software for Windows and Mac.

Deckadance 1.5 is available for MAC and PC and gains a new audio engine with an amazing high quality of the sound. Version 1.5 now supports batch beat-analysis of the songs (reducing load times/CPU load during a performance) and time-stretching/compression technology. DJs can enjoy new playlist design with variable font sizes, view modes and the ability to import iTunes playlists.

To aid setup, the input and outputs of the program now appear as stereo channels making installation and routing of audio inputs/outputs more intuitive. Finally, users can choose between “Auto” or “Manual” beatgrid analysis modes, on a song-by-song basis, according to their preferences and the complexity of the source audio.

Also new in Deckadance v1.5

  • Native support for the latest generation of MIDI controllers (Vestax VCI-300, DJ-Tech Kontrol One, Stanton SCS-3D, Hercules DJ Control Steel, EKS Otus, Omnitronic MMC-1).
  • Improved seek waveform that shows the start and cue points.
  • OpenGL render engine for Windows.
  • Unicode support for playlist/browser items.
  • Beatgrid move via mouse over the waveform.
  • Improved DVS engine when elastique time-stretching is disabled, etc.
  • Option to switch between the old and new sound engine by the improved interface of the setup panel.
  • Fully compatible with Open Labs DBeat portable DJ instruments.

Deckadance is available for purchase with a 20% discount until 20 June, 2009 (regular price is $179 USD for the Club Edition, $99 USD for the House Edition.
A fully functional demo version of Deckadance 1.5 is available for download here.

Visit Image-Line for more information.


Image-Line updates Deckadance to v1.5 (RC)

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Image-Line Deckadance

Image-Line has released version 1.5 (RC) of Deckadance, a DJ mixing application for Windows and Mac.

Deckadance is a DJ mixing application that works either as a standalone program OR as a VSTi plugin inside your favourite host.

You can control Deckadance using your mouse, keyboard & most existing midi controllers & timecoded vinyl and CD systems.

Changes in Deckadance v1.5

  • Deckadance 1.5.0
    • Batch analysis of songs.
    • Added native support for Vestax VCI-300.
    • New beatgrid move via mouse over the waveform (SHIFT+CLICK+MOVE).
    • Improved DVS engine when elastique time-stretching is disabled.
    • Improved loop/leap exit function (more smoother now).
    • Improved cue jump when loop/leap is active (it will be disabled automatically).
    • Fix a bug when unplug midi devices at runtime on windows computers.
    • Fix several bugs and maintenance.
  • Deckadance 1.4.6
    • Fix a problem when dropping songs into decks.
    • Fix a problem when scracthing with some controllers.
  • Deckadance 1.4.5
    • Added BPM read from ID3 tags.
    • Added support to load/import iTunes playlists.
    • Improved audio engine (more faster now).
    • Improved automix engine (fixed some problems).
    • Improved Windows graphic render (waveforms & fonts).
    • Improved Windows open folder dialog.
    • Fix a problem in the browser search function (related to case sensitive words).
    • Fix a problem with the “start in beat sync” feature.
    • New OpenGl render engine for Windows.
    • New Font size function (small, medium, large).
    • New Playlist size function (small, medium, large).
    • Added function to select “Auto” or “Manual” beatgrid mode.
    • New support for ID3V1 and ID3V2 tags.
    • New unicode support for playlist/browser items.
    • Improved playlist/browser drawing.
    • Added support for Dj-Tech Kontrol One.
    • Added support for Stanton SCS-3D.
    • Added support for Hercules Dj Control Steel.

Deckadance is available for Windows and Mac starting at $99 USD. New customers can use this promo link for 10% discount.

Visit Image-Line for more information.


djDecks v0.94 released

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djDecks, a computer mixing program for both beginning and professional DJ’s, has been updated to version 0.94.

This version brings support for the EKS Otus and the Stanton SCS.3d DaScratch. It also introduces a new tag database, which improves browsing speed and allows for dynamic playlists (based on queries) to be created. As always there have also been various other fixes and improvements.

Changes in djDecks v0.94

  • Added: EKS Otus controller support
  • Added: Stanton SCS.3d DaScratch controller support
  • Added: Create and edit Smart Playlists (dynamically generated)
  • Added: Option to disable tempocontrol while doing effects
  • Added: Sampler can be controlled using HC-4500 controller
  • Added: Support for Edcast Winamp plugin for streaming
  • Added: Dump effect
  • Improved: Completely new tag database (improves loading and browsing speed)
  • Improved: Reading iTunes playlists is much faster now
  • Improved: Compatibility with Denon HS-3700 controller
  • Improved: Selecting and re-ordering columns in playlist can now be done by right-clicking the header
  • Improved: Compatibility with 64-bit Windows versions
  • Fixed: Some crashes that could occur with certain mp3, wma and wav files
  • Fixed: BPM Detection utility stores settings correctly on Vista
  • Fixed: Various sampler bugs
  • Fixed: Problem with unicode characters in ogg and flac tags

djDecks is available for Windows PC for 117 EUR (~$154 USD). A demo version with all features of the full version is available for download here (stops working after 30 minutes of use).

Visit djDecks for more information.


Stanton introduces SCS.3m

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Stanton SCS.3m

Stanton has introduced the SCS.3m, the latest innovation in Stanton’s award winning SC System MIDI controller line.

The SCS.3m can be used as a standalone controller for basic software mixing, but when paired with the SCS.3d deck controllers, give you an unparalleled MIDI control rig that allows you to plug and play anywhere in the world within minutes. With a built-in powered USB hub and magnetic connecting system, the SCS.3m can be easily connected to one or more SCS.3d controllers for a high tech version of a full traditional DJ setup… without the weight, size and connectivity issues.

SCS.3m features

  • 4 Channel Control
    The SCS.3m features two channel strips for control of two channels of a software mixer at any one time. However, each channel strip can be switched to control an additional two channels for a total of four channels of control with the 3m, providing a scalable interface while remaining portable at the same time. When switching between decks the 3m will remember which control mode each deck was on (FX or EQ) and will automatically update the sliders to that channel’s last settings.
  • EQ / FX Control Modes
    The 4 touch sensitive sliders and 4 buttons in each channel strip can be switched to control either EQ or FX functions (or remapped for other on screen controls). This allows for 8 parameters and 8 buttons to be accessed within each channel (deck). When switching between control modes the sliders and button states will automatically update to reflect their correct settings.
  • USB Hub
    The built in powered 4-port USB hub can be used to connect additional SCS.3 products to the SCS.3m allowing a single USB cable to be connected to the computer. With 2 ports on the rear of the unit it’s possible to connect devices very quickly for fast setups in mobile environments. 2 additional ports on the inside of the back panel of the SCS.3m allow cables to be routed from additional 3 series controllers or storage devices such as flash drives. With a power connection the USB hub ensures that devices receive enough power for complete stability in any performance environment.
  • Traktor
    Every SCS.3m comes with the ability to unlock the LE version of Native Instruments’ award winning Traktor PRO software. One of the first true Traktor PRO LE controllers, the SCS.3m is specifically designed to incorporate full application feedback from Traktor, ensuring complete parity between hardware and software. iTunes® integration, broad file compatibility, and an advanced tempo detection / synchronization engine enables you to easily browse your music collection, load a song, sync the decks for an automatic perfect beat match, and start mixing in no time, even without any DJ experience. For the more accomplished DJ, Traktor PRO LE also opens the door to advanced performance techniques such as dropping FX and looping for live remixing.
  • Intelligent Firmware
    The SCS.3m features 3 intelligent firmware control modes for use with different types of applications. Standard mapping into popular DJ software such as Traktor Pro®, Deckadance®, Ableton Live®, Mixvibes or any other MIDI compatible software is achievable and easy via traditional MIDI learn. When doing MIDI learn the 3m will drive all its feedback to buttons and sliders automatically. When using software which supports MIDI feedback the 3m can also only send control information to the application and receive all of the control settings back from application. Last but not least the SCS.3m will work in a completely flat state so every button and LED can be programmed towards for use with DaRouter® and presets or applications which natively support the SCS.3m.

The SCS.3m will be available worldwide in May of 2009, for an MSRP of $249 USD.

Visit Stanton for more information.


Short links for November 6th, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently:

# YouTube – “Monkey Jazz” : BEARDYMAN & mr_hopkinson™

Fantastic video of Beardyman doing the jazz thing.

Combining the talents of 2 times UK Beatbox Champion Beardyman and master of the edit mr_hopkinson, this is a one take performance by Beardyman using live looping technology that has been visually explained and augmented by mr_hopkinson's edit and animation.

More here:

# elastic~ – the ultimate pitch-shifting time-stretching looping MaxMSP object – Incorporating the same algorhythm as software giants Cubase, Ableton Live, and Kontakt, elastic~ is a powerful and intuitive tool for looping, pitch-bending and time-stretching audio within MaxMSP.

For Life magazine by Staton

# For Life – Free DJ Magazine From Stanton (pdf)

Stanton is thrilled to announce the first issue of our new hybrid magazine/lifestyle catalog, “For Life”! This new e-zine will be issued periodically to bring our DJs interesting articles, all our latest gear, and even a special “city guide” that focuses on a different city each issue and highlights all our favorite spots. We’re excited about this new venture, and hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed creating it! This issue features the new SCS.3d controller, artist Richard Devine, an insider guide to Seattle, and more! Check it out!

You can subscribe to For Life Magalog and Stanton News here.

# LP 2 FLASH – LP 2 FLASH is the fastest and easiest way to convert your vinyl recordings directly to an SD card or USB thumb drive* without the need for a computer. LP 2 FLASH listens for the silence between songs on your recordings and automatically breaks up album into individual tracks. Once converted, you can listen to your music on any audio player with a standard SD card slot, or on your computer. Converting your records is a snap with LP 2 FLASH!

# Touch the Wave – Objective-Audio – Free iPhone app for looping and scratching. More info over at CDM.

Arturia Origin

# Music Thing: Review: Arturia Origin
Tom Whitwell: It’s big, it’s expensive, it’s sexy. Why don’t I want one?

Why am I writing this, rather than playing with the thing? How come I've already taken the top off to have a look inside and see how it all works? Because the Origin has crossed that line – it's not a hardware synth, it's a computer in a box covered in knobs.

# – iPhone Synth – iPhone Synthesizer – is one of the most intriguing applications for iPhone/iPod Touch which is available exclusively on the AppStore. It is a unique, new-generation sound synthesizer for iPhone / iPod Touch featuring revolutionary user interface and technologies: ESFM, ControlSurface, SoftRibbon and many more. has hit the AppStore on the 30th of October 2008 and is available for purchase for $9.99

# Software Programmer Dreams of New, Small Music Machines – Belgian musician Marc Resibois talk about little music machines.

Peter Kirn writes:

Marc “Nostromo” Resibois, aka “m.-.n,” lives the digital life of computers. The Belgian musician and hacker [@MySpace] is renowned as a Game Boy musician, as the inventor of legendary Nintendo tracker LittleGPTracker, and even has a day job as a programmer for VJ software maker Arkaos. But lately, his thoughts have turned to more traditional synthesis hardware – hardware that acts as tiny computers. Nothing is going to shake me from my love of computers, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in having what he describes sitting next to mine. Here’s what he imagines – and it’s a variation on a theme I think we’ll see a lot in the coming weeks and months here on CDM. And without giving away the punchline, that Nintendo DS is going to make another appearance.


Short links for September 18th, 2008

Push For Free Cheese by Vidiot @ Flickr

Some interesting things I found recently:

# IK Multimedia Rebuts Mag on Free Software; Why They Missed the Point

Freeware vs Commercial software? I know what I prefer… Whatever gets the job done!

Peter Kirn wrote a great article at CDM:

There’s a strange debate going on over the free software (as in freeware, not necessarily open source) issue of Computer Music magazine. After seeing the magazine’s top 10 reasons to use free software, commercial developer IK Multimedia got surprisingly defensive, and issued a rebuttal.

# aeo: DrawSound + Balls
DrawSound is a performance instrument that uses multi-touch input technology to create sound and music from the act of drawing. DrawSound has been used live by The SINE WAVE QUARTET and aeo. It was on display at the Second International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction [Bonn 2008].

# Stanton to Release Touch DJ Controller; Surface One, Thunder, Reborn?

Peter Kirn reports on the Stanton DaScratch

Stanton is teasing a new DJ controller with touch controls, and particularly a circular scratch/control area, with live LED feedback. This allows “virtual” controllers not only for DJs, but (Stanton hopes) VJs, laptop musicians, and the like. (Stanton says “multimedia artist,” to which we suggest “visualists”.) I especially enjoy the “confidential” site, though I’m not sure marking press release with “do not publish / embargoed” has much more impact given a lot of sites these days.

# hiuman – Runaway Harp – As the 1mm water streams are interrupted, the light weakens, fingers find delights in the water harp. Echo is silent, until light returns.


FUKUCHI Kentaro writes:

TENORI-ON is one of the coolest electric musical device: it is portable, easy to play and good for audio-visual performance. But I have not purchased it yet because it is expensive and a shortage in Japan.

So he built his own version, the Tenori-Off.