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Starplugs releases THS Synthesizer MK 1

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Starplugs THS Synthesizer MK 1

Starplugs has released THS Synthesizer MK 1, a synth plug-in featuring the TransHarmonic Synthesis algorithm.

THS Synthesizer MK 1 features

  • TransHarmonic Synthesis – New Synthesis algorithm.
  • Morph up to 8.000.000 waveforms into each other – ultra fast real-time calculation.
  • New developed 3D wavepad.
  • 1 voice monophone – classic old school modular architecture.
  • THS Oscillator – enough waveforms.
  • 1 Quantum Filter – multimode (LP / AP/ HP), Filter 12-24 dB/oct, self oscillation possible.
  • 2 Modulation Sequencer – 1 Panstep Sequencer.
  • 2 Envelope Generators – with shape controller.
  • 1 Delays – midi syncable, cross mode.
  • 3 Low frequency Oscillators – midisyncable, 8 waveforms.

THS Synthesizer MK 1 is available for 99.99 EUR / $144.99 USD.

Visit Starplugs for more information, audio demos and a link to download a demo version of THS Synthesizer MK 1.


Starplugs releases Runtime Panner

Starplugs Runtime Panner

Starplugs has released Runtime Panner, a freeware A-B stereo microphone simulator plugin for Windows PC.

The Starplugs RuntimePanner can adjust the panorama position of the incomming signal using runtime differences between the first wavefronts. The result of this panning tool is very close to the panning effect when using an A-B stereo microphone configuration and is very usefull for panning accoustic signals like guitars and voices. Pan your tracks without level differences between left and right channel.

Runtime Panner features

  • A-B stereo microphone simulation.
  • Mono & Stereo Mode.
  • PDF Manual.

You’ll need to have a (free) user account to download this plug-in.

Visit Starplugs for more information.


Starplugs releases XPressure

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Starplugs XPressure

Starplugs has released XPressure, a classic high precision mastering multi-band compressor specially designed for mastering stereo tracks.

XPressure features

  • TSP© (Transient Stable Power) processing
  • classic analogue warmth + classic density
  • real loudness
  • 5 high-end phase shifting-free and resonance-free bandpass filters
  • Master TSP© (Transient Stable Power) stage
  • in- and output level meters + processing meter
  • absolute steep transients for best impulse reproduction

Starplugs XPressure is available for Windows PC and costs 39.99 EUR / $56.79 USD plus 19% VAT.

Visit Starplugs for more information and a link to download the demo of XPressure.


Starplugs releases VU2 VST

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Starplugs VU2 VST plug-in

Starplugs has released VU2, a free 2-channel VU-style high precision level-meter plug-in.


  • Peak Meter
  • Program Peak Meter
  • VU Meter
  • Power Meter
  • Correlation meter
  • Over LED
  • Peak Needle
  • PDF Manual

To download VU2 you will need to register with Starplugs.

Visit Starplugs for more information.


Starplugs releases SiX-2-2 VST

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Starplugs SiX-2-2 Stereo downmixer VST

Starplugs has released SiX-2-2, a 5.1 to Stereo downmixer VST effect plug-in for Windows.

With SiX-2-2 you can adjust the virtual center amount of the front and rear channels to avoid overemphasizing of the virtual center in the stereo downmix. You can also set front and rear channels in a different base-width to make the downmix more transparent and less “overloaded”.

The SiX-2-2 comes with a delay to reduce phase problems between front and rear channels that allows you to set the rear channels up to 50 ms before or after the front channels.


  • Virtual center level control
  • Different base-width for front and rear channels
  • Delay to reduce phase problems
  • 25 Hz high pass filter

Visit the Starplugs website to check out the demo version of SiX-2-2.