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StrayWorx releases SIDized for SIDizer

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StrayWorx SIDized

StrayWorx has announced the release of SIDized, a collection of 100 presets for the SIDizer virtual synthesizer instrument from HyperSynth.

Handcrafted with love for chiptunes and modern electro-sound-design. Usage is not limited to chiptunes only, SIDized preset pack includes a wide range of sounds: from 8bit Nintendo-ish blip-blops to Skrillexing bass-growls, through analog-ish pads and ring-modulated madness. Don’t forget to use mod-wheel, it can beat the **** out of the already modulated sounds.

SIDized features

  • 3 channels of oldschool coolness.
  • Retro-nostalgic feelings and childhood memories.
  • Blip-blop, boing, bleeeep, doink.
  • Character and unique personality.
  • 6581, 8580, MOS, SID.
  • Commodore 64.

The soundset is available for $16 USD.

More information: StrayWorx / SIDized


StrayWorx releases TeH Fl0ppy v2.0 sample library

StrayWorx TeH Fl0ppy

StrayWorx has announced TeH Fl0ppy v2.0, an updated version of the sample library featuring chromatically sampled floppy disk drives.

Do you remember the funny videos on various sites where floppy disk drives played popular melodies? Now you can do it without disk drives, micro-controller and wires. Use your DAW and sample players like NI Kontakt or SF2 players and more to play TeH Fl0ppy Disk Symphony.

This library sounds cool in modern electronic music as sound design element and works well as retro-floppy-emulation-awesomeness too. Add your own effects to distort, bend and loop the base sounds as much as you want. Just check the demo sounds on the bottom of this page for examples.

TeH Fl0ppy v2.0 features

  • New, fancy GUI (Graphic User Interface) for Kontakt version.
  • Optimized file size.
  • Optimized Renoise .xrni files.
  • Smaller memory footprint.
  • 5 Kontakt patches (Full Kontakt 4.2.4. or newer required).
  • 5 Renoise .XRNI patches.
  • 5 SF2 patches.
  • 241 files, 150Mbytes (zipped).

The sample library is available for $10 USD.

More information: StrayWorx / TeH Fl0ppy


StrayWorx releases TAL-isman soundset

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StrayWorx TAL-isman

StrayWorx has announced the release of TAL-isman, a collection of presets for the BassLine-101 and U-NO-LX synthesizer plug-ins by Togu Audio Line.

The soundset contains 50 presets for TAL-U-NO-LX and 50 presets for TAL BassLine-101.

Inspired by the good old synthesizer sounds from the 80′s. It is available to buy in separate packs and in bundle too.

TAL-isman costs $15 USD. The individual BassLine-101 and U-NO-LX packs are $10 USD each.

More information: StrayWorx / TAL-isman


ADSR Sounds intros Gripping Massive Soundset by Strayworx

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Strayworx Gripping Massive

ADSR Sounds has introduced the Gripping Massive Soundset by Strayworx, a collection of presets for the Massive software synthesizer from Native Instruments.

If you:

…are tired of dubstep
…want fresh and inspiring sounds
…produce electronic music
…don’t stuck to one genre

Gripping Massive SoundSet contains 88 preset for NI Massive (1.3+), covers the range of 8bit, retro, 80s, 90s and modern electronic genres.

The soundset costs $20 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds / Gripping Massive Soundset


StrayWorx releases free Fujiya MC-3A for Kontakt

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StrayWorx has introduced Fujiya MC-3A, a free sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt featuring the sounds of the Fujiya MC-3A toy synthesizer.

Staryworx Fujiya MC-3A

StrayWorx is proud to present the faithful recreation of this fabolous gem, entirely made with NI Kontakt. Originally, this sound library meant to be an entry for KVRaudio DC2012 competition but due to various reasons, there wasn’t enough time to finish it until deadline.

It is still not complete but we’d like to release it to the public as a Christmas gift. Download and enjoy this weltmeister sound library and have fun with it.

The sound library is a free download at Strayworx.

More information: StrayWorx / Fujiya MC-3A


StrayWorx releases DruMOD drum sample library for Kontakt

StrayWorx DruMOD

StaryWorx has announced DruMOD, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt with an alternative approach to drum kits.

There is an incredibly vast range of drum and snare samples on the market, some better, some worse. The most important common characteristic is all of them have been recorded in sets, and consume gargantuan amounts of HDD space, memory, and are often very complicated to manage, and set up their proper ‘sound’.

An alternative approach to drum kits

We have applied an alternative method to record drum samples: bodies and hi-hats have been recorded one by one with three separate microphones, while snare got a nice four-mike treatment.

All drum units have been recorded with 2 close- and one overhead microphone – easy to route output signals
Volumes and panning can be modified separately, and all signals can be sent to individual outputs. You can completely customize the drum’s sound experience by setting the appropriate balance between the three microphones’ signals, each representing individual audio characteristics. You can also apply your favorite effects to create an entirely personalized and unique percussion support.

Staryworx DruMOD
The DruMOD sample library for NI Kontakt features Gretsch and Zildjian pieces.

DruMOD features

  • Modularity – units can be individually loaded, an entire set as a complete drum kit, load the „multi-patch”, and create your entire drum track.
  • Low memory and CPU need.
  • Features dynamic sample loading and memory management.
  • 11 drums/cymbals included – Gretsch Broadkaster drum bodies (20×16 Kick, 14×5.5 Snare, 10×8 High Tom, 12×8 Low Tom, 14×14 Floor Tom), Zildjian K series hi-hats (14K hi-hat, 16K Crash, 17K China, 18K Crash-Ride, 20K Ride, 22k Istanbul).
  • Standard general midi drum map.
  • Extra articulation for all drum units.
  • Custom scripting – multiple round robin and velocity levels.

The DruMOD sample library is available to purchase for $16 USD. Requires full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or newer.

More information: StrayWorx / DruMOD


StrayWorx releases TeH Tul0k sample pack

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StrayWorx has announced TeH Tul0k, a sample library for Kontakt.

Be prepared for wicked and sick audio experience and cheer with us at the London Olympic Games with our new product called: TeH Tul0k!

TeH Tul0k is a custom made mini soccer horn-like plastic instrument with a lot of additional gadgets like plastic tubes, wooden sticks, tapping hands, and a lot more. Use it as a musical instrument or layer it on the top of a bass. Create cheering stadium sfx, use it as sound design element. …just let your mind flow and do whatever you want.

TeH Tul0k features

  • 3 Kontakt patches (Full Kontakt 4.2+ required).
  • 55Mbytes (lossless Kontakt compressed).
  • 44.1kHz / 32bit (float).
  • 196 files.
  • Multiple round-robin.
  • Unique, wicked and sick sounds.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $4 USD.

More information: StrayWorx / TeH Tul0k