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Stretch That Note releases Killa Kits sample library

Stretch That Note Killa Kits

Stretch That Note has announced Killa Kits, a comprehensive urban, dance & electronica drum library.

Nothing in rap, hip-hop and dance music screams ‘amateur’ more than limp, lifeless, lacklustre drum sounds. Thankfully, beat-making legends Stretch That Note (STN) have made it easier than ever to avoid this production pitfall with their latest release, Killa Kits.

If you’ve tried our other products, you’ll know that here in the STN labs, we do some very clever things with samples, but this time we kept things deliberately simple. You just get pristine quality, beautifully sculpted sounds that are perfect for any type of modern song construction.

Killa Kits is a comprehensive, downloadable library, bursting with the latest cutting-edge drum, percussion and FX sounds, each one of which has been expertly crafted specifically with urban and electronic genres in mind. We don’t use the word ‘comprehensive’ lightly, either! There are over 6,000 professional-quality drum samples, marshalled into 96 presets for the industry-standard NI Battery and Kontakt sampling software. Each preset features multiple drum kits — so this package gives you literally hundreds of the choicest kits.

Pretty much any percussive requirement your mind can conjure up is catered for, from electronic percussion to impacts, from grimy kits to scratch kits, from sparkling percussion to hard-hitting spot FX. The various kits are layered to provide you with the extra thump and bottom end that modern mixes demand, and unlike in some libraries the scratches are recorded from a genuine vinyl performance by a leading scratch artiste. We’re particularly proud of our hard-hitting hip-hop and dance drum kits, which offer brain-bashing, spine-rattling mega drums, with kicks that punch hard enough to burst your spleen, and snares that cut so hard they’ll make your eyes bleed.

Ranging from stalwarts like shakers and tambourines, via club cowbells and latin percussion to filtered tabla, and more weird and wonderful pieces like Tibetan bells, there’s everything in the percussion kits you could want — and in the FX library, there’s a whole lot more besides. Have you ever heard reverse cowbells, or processed the chunky mechanical sounds of a factory? Or grinned at the sound of huge, resonating toms run through a Harmonizer? Now you can.

All samples were recorded and processed through a meticulous chain, making use of select analogue and digital gear. Each kit and every range of samples was then edited and mapped across the keyboard, to provide the user with an instrument that’s as playable as it is programmable.

The sample library is available to purchase for $50 USD. A free demo with two full presets (each featuring a number of drum kits) can be downloaded from the product page.

More information: Stretch That Note / Killa Kits


Stretch That Note releases Motion 3D electronic cinematic percussion sample library

Stretch That Note Motion

Stretch That Note has announced Motion, a 3D electronic cinematic percussion sample library created with the STN approach of phase cancelled samples with a minimum of 2 layers per sample.

Boasting a huge sample count of over 500 samples, Motion takes the user to a land far, far away where frequency smearing, summing and cancellation exist no more.

Each sample is a combination of two sample layers with each layer performing a different motion: this means you have a sample with two layers behaving in different ways: be it panning, modulation of filters and so on. The result is an interesting combination of both texture and motion. Some samples will ‘move’ behind you when using headphones to audition the sounds. These are not binaural recordings – the way 3D movement is created using filters and modulators. I have included one or two examples of this in the free sample demo pack.

If you like sounds that grate, resonate, die to static and so on then this pack is for you. If you don’t then it’s not.

The sample library costs $50 USD. A taster pack of 20 assorted samples is available free of charge (free account signup required).

More information: Stretch That Note / Motion


Stretch That Note releases DruMM Elements Series 4: Hats

DruMM Elements Series 4 Hats

Stretch That Note has released DruMM Elements Series 4: Hats, a collection of Kontakt instruments.

Sample-layering pioneers Stretch That Note (STN) have released a brand new virtual instrument to their innovative DruMM Elements series. Having previously delivered a wealth of uniquely controllable kick, snare, claps and bass instruments, STN have now trained their sights on the world of hi-hats — and more specifically to the kind of hi-hat that can transform a dull and plodding hip-hop, pop or RnB demo into a cutting-edge masterpiece with attitude!

If you prefer working directly in your DAW, the DruMM series modules are all downloadable as raw layered WAV sample sets — but what really makes these instruments tower over the offerings of other manufacturers is the powerful Kontakt scripting, which has been carefully programmed to do all the difficult sonic manipulation stuff for you, via an easy-to-use interface.

You want to manipulate the timing and phase relationships of different layered samples to make things sound brighter, darker, snappier or smoother? There’s a knob for that. And if you want to take advantage of Mid/Sides processing to get the stereo image of your final layered sound just right there’s a knob for that too. You can also crush the sound, add dirt, tweak the amp and filter envelopes… and a whole lot more. If you want something really refreshing, you really need to try washing your hats down with a good dose of ‘fizz’!

The collection of modules is available to purchase for $50 USD, or $10 USD for each single module. Individual Sample Layering Packs are sold at $10 USD each as well.

A free module is available to download, and by signing up at Stretch That Note you get 3 free modules added to your account.

More information: Stretch That Note


Stretch That Note releases DruMM Elements Claps

Stretch That Note has announced the release of DruMM Elements Claps, the 3rd sound library in the Elements Series.

Stretch That Note DruMM Elements Claps
The DrUMM Elements series is available for NI Kontakt and as layered sample packs.

The Elements Series are aimed at single hit sounds with with acres of tools to warp sounds on the fly – utilising the STN method of phase cancellation and M/S for depth and width.

Controls such as ‘Air’, ‘Funk’ & ‘Bloat’ let you easily manipulate multiple effects in one easy dial – it’s never been easier to get highly useable claps which mix beautifully into your tracks!

There are six NI Kontakt modules in the series, priced at the staggeringly small price of $10 for each module or $50 for the set of six.

By signing up for an account at Stretch That Note (which is free!) you not only get one of the DruMM Series 1 modules (the Big Grease Kit), but now we’re including an extra DruMM Elements Series 3 Claps module too! Now there’s no excuse not to give DruMM Elements a go!

Not got Kontakt? No problem: The DruMM magic of sample layering is available in pure sample form too – expertly prepared samples fit for layering with no phase issues.

More information: Stretch That Note


Stretch That Note: Phatten Up For Christmas – 40% off sample library bundles

Stretch That Note has announced a Holiday sale, offering its sample libraries at a limited time discounts.

Mince pies, egg-nog and turkey aren’t your only route to a fat bottom end this Christmas — because Stretch That Note’s Layered Sample Madness sale kicks off on Friday 14 December. Lasting right through the holiday period, the sale gives you a whopping 40% off a collection of the very best kick- and bass-layering instruments you could wish for!

Everything you need to spend your Christmas and New Year carefully crafting the tightest, phattest and freshest of beats has been wrapped up in two tidy collections.

Stretch That Note Low-End
  • Offer 1: Sort out your low-end (NI Kontakt modules) $100

    Comprising all three DruMM libraries (DruMM 1,2 & 3) and two bass instruments from the same series, L.E.W.D. and PULSE, which combine kick and pitched synth sounds to give you an earthquake-inducing foundation for your tracks.

Stretch That Note Sample Madness
  • Offer 2: Layered Sample Madness (WAV samples) $100

    Comprising samples from all three DruMM libraries (DruMM 1,2 & 3) and the new RAW layering Kits. These aren’t just ‘sample libraries’, though — drawing on STN founder Eddie Bazil’s decades of experience in sound design they combine the expertly chopped and layered attack, decay, sustain and release elements of various acoustic and electronic drums giving you unparalleled and dynamic control over the sound. The sophisticated layering techniques also make clever use of frequency-specific phase cancellation and Mid/Sides processing, giving you — quite literally — an added dimension to your layered sounds.

The offers are available for $100 USD (over 40% off regular of $170). The sale ends on 2 January 2013, at 5pm GMT.

More information: Stretch That Note


Stretch That Note launches DruMM Elements Series 2

Stretch That Note DruMM Elements Series 2

Stretch That Note has announced the second product in their DruMM Elements range of sample based drum-layering instruments.

While the first series focused on kick sounds, DruMM Elements Series 2, which is available in both Kontakt and raw WAV format, provides a tasty array of acoustic and electronic snares, with an emphasis on the weird and wonderful — but always usable and, at only $10 per module, affordable too.

The aim is to take the pain and effort out of translating the beats in your head into sounds coming out of your speakers: you take care of the creativity, we do the hard work. So, despite a frightening degree of under-the-hood sophistication, the interface is intuitive and easy to use. You have speedy access to a world of wonderful presets, which can be manipulated in moments.

You want more snap to the transient, or a smoother attack? There’s a dial for that. More body, or a longer release? Ditto. More width? You can have that too. You can even add in subharmonics, courtesy of an impulse response that’s designed to work with specific frequencies. Other convolution effects include ‘Funk’ which uses pre-delay to make the snares ‘shuffle’, and ‘Presence’ which employs specially filtered close-miked impulse responses to create a really big sound. In short, everything you need to tailor a sound to your track in seconds is there.

Like all DruMM modules, these are based on Native Instruments’ class-leading Kontakt sampling software — though if you don’t have Kontakt, you can buy the DruMM elements sample layers as a collection of well organised WAV files, allowing you to layer and tweak to your heart’s content in your DAW.

This is much more than a collection of samples, though. Stretch That Note have used Kontakt scripting to select, blend and manipulate different sample layers that are all guaranteed to be perfectly phase-aligned: there’s no mud, no smearing, and nothing disappears in mono. Just brilliant, tightly controlled drums. No other software offers this degree of control over your beats.

All the DruMM Elements Series 2 instruments are available to purchase for $10 USD each, or all 6 bundled for $50 USD.

More information: Stretch That Note / DruMM Elements Series 2


Stretch That Note DruMM Elements—Drum modules for Kontakt released

Stretch That Note DruMM Elements

The innovative and experimental arm of Samplecraze, Stretch That Note have released DruMM Elements, the latest in their on-going range of the DruMM series entitled.

Elements concentrates on providing individual sample category modules: kicks, snares, claps and so on utilising the STN method of phase cancellation and M/S for ‘depth and width’ .

The first collection of 6 NI Kontakt drum modules, also provided as stand-alone sample sets, with serious warping and mangling tools, concentrates on kick samples. Affording extreme yet highly useful dynamic tools such as Sub Harm, Space, Saturation, Mash, Wreck, Presence and a host of others, DruMM continues the STN philosophy of ‘if it can be warped, stretched, mashed or bludgeoned then so be it’.

6 sexy GUIs carrying 360 samples with manic tools affords the user an unprecedented level of control over sample manipulation and ensures that the sheer size, depth and width of the results cannot be matched by others.

The DruMM Elements modules are available to purchase for $10 USD each; the complete set is $50 USD.

More information: Stretch That Note / DruMM Elements