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Cinematic Strings 2.0 sample library for Kontakt released

Alex Wallbank has announced the release of Cinematic Strings 2.0, a string instruments sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Cinematic Strings 2.0 is a completely redesigned and updated version of the original library. Whilst retaining the warm luscious tones produced in the world class Verbrugghen Hall of the Sydney Conservatorium, the new version features a sleek new interface and even smoother legato.

Because Cinematic Strings was created to meet the needs of working composers in today’s film, television and video game industries, our focus has been to maximise both efficiency and authenticity. With this in mind it provides a realistic mockup tool, and an inspiring instrument – which will save you from all the hassle and wasted time spent tweaking parameters, modifying CC data, or applying drastic EQ and reverb effects to emulate the sound you’re after.

Cinematic Strings 2.0 features

  • Brand New Interface – Thanks to the cutting edge GUI, Cinematic Strings is incredibly easy to use. Loading and unloading articulations, assigning keyswitches, adjusting the microphone balance using the new mixer, and controlling a built-in reverb are all just a click or two away.
  • New Legato Engine – Real legato transitions were sampled for Cinematic Strings. The new legato engine is designed to be more authentic and efficient, allowing the transitions to be integrated seamlessly into your melodies. This is made possible by the advanced scripting system that adjusts the dynamics and timbre automatically while you play. The new engine compensates for your playing speed automatically, so that when you play fast, shorter more natural legato transitions are triggered.
  • New “Mix” Microphone Position – Cinematic Strings utilises three microphone positions – close, stage, and room. Mixing these three together will allow you to take advantage of the deep concert hall warmth captured in the recordings. Additionally, you can achieve a full sound while saving on computer resources by using the new “mix” microphone position.
  • Compatible with the free Kontakt 5 Player – Cinematic Strings 2.0 is now Kontakt Player 5 compatible, meaning it will work as a standalone product without the need to purchase any additional 3rd party software.
  • Other features and enhancements:
    • Controllable vibrato using a MIDI CC (user selectable).
    • 4 dynamic layers for all articulations.
    • All common articulations sampled: Sustains (with and without vibrato), Tremolo, Trills (half and whole tone), Staccato, Pizzicato (with Bartok Snap).
    • Specialised ‘Runs’ mode for creating realistic fast string runs.
    • 4 x Round Robin samples for all short notes – essential for realistic repeated notes.
    • Repacked using Native Instruments lossless compression algorithm to reduce per-sample footprint.
    • New staccatissimo samples – for when you need that extra bit of nimbleness!.
    • User-adjustable short note lengths.
    • Built-in algorithmic reverb, adjustable from main GUI page.
    • Intelligent controllable vibrato. The system doesn’t enable vibrato samples unless you move the controller – this saves resources if you’re not using this feature.
    • Selectable high and low playing positions – controlled via GUI control or velocity sensitive keyswitch.

Cinematic Strings 2.0 is available to purchase for $499 USD.

More information: Cinematic Strings

Organic Loops releases Live Dubstep Strings

Organic Loops Live Dubstep Strings

Organic Loops has released Live Dubstep Strings, a collection of string loops.

For Producers working in Downtempo, Dubstep, Hip Hop or Bass Electronica who are looking for real strings played by live musicians, scored and played with feel and emotion and with an edge like no other string samples ever before available – Live Dubstep Strings has arrived!

These Emotional, Serious and Grand String Parts have been created especially for this project and give producers worldwide a chance to sculpt new music using these superbly inspirational loops.

Live Dubstep Strings features

  • 97 Full Ensemble String Loops.
  • 28 Single String Loops.
  • 12 FX String Loops.
  • 137 Rex2 Files.
  • 515MB content, 24-bit quality.

Live Dubstep Strings is available to purchase from Loopmasters for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Organic Loops / Live Dubstep Strings

Loopmasters Deal Of The Week: Organic Loops Real Strings Vol. 1 Pads

Organic Loops Real Strings Vol 1 Pads

Loopmasters has launched a limited time promotion for Real Strings Vol. 1: Pads, a sample library by Organic Loops.

Real Strings from Organic Loops is the brand new samplepack of stellar quality loops by Pete Whitfield. These authentic samples were recorded in Pete’s studio where he records real strings for major labels, TV companies and radio/media companies as a highly sought after arranger.

Not only does this collection boast the most inspiring chordal progressions, it delivers full string loops with breath-taking, epic results that you couldn’t possibly recreate. Along with these massive resonating sounds, there are stripped-back versions giving you the option to mix and match for what is suitable for your production.

Real Strings Vol. 1 Pads is available to purchase for £9.95 GBP until February 9th, 2012.

More information: Loopmasters / Real Strings Vol. 1 Pads

Loomer updates String to v1.3.7

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Loomer String

Loomer has updated the String virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows, Mac, and Linux to version 1.3.7.

String’s authentic tone comes from its accurate emulation of the divide-down oscillator technology behind the lush ensemble synths of the 70s.

Changes in String v1.3.7

  • (Windows) Fixed incredibly rare crash which may occur when first opening the plug-in on certain 32-bit VST Windows hosts.
  • (Mac) Workaround for issue that causes the preset browser to become invisible in Digital Performer 7 when the String FX Audio Unit plug-in UI is resized. This workaround, which forces this host to correctly use the Cocoa UI, can be enabled by adding the following line to the String.xml configuration file:
  • Massively improved speed and responsiveness of all UI controls.
  • Improved CPU usage when tweaking parameters from a hardware controller.
  • For the Windows VST plug-in, when using a relative path for the presets folder, the path is now relative to the plug-in’s DLL file and not the host’s executable file.
  • Standalone versions now support multiple simultaneous hardware controllers.
  • Preset searches are now multi-threaded. Preset browser can now immediately respond to user interaction, even whilst searching a massive preset library, or when browsing a folder containing a large number of presets.
  • (Windows and Linux) Preset meta data (ie, author name, notes, tags) is now correctly displayed after loading an .FXP based preset or restoring a saved project.
  • Various minor compatibility fixes for certain hosts.

String is available to purchase for £50 GBP excl. VAT.

More information: Loomer / String

Diginoiz releases Beauty Strings + 50% off extended

Diginoiz Beauty Strings

Diginoiz has released Beauty Strings, a sample pack featuring string loops.

If You are looking for high quality live violin/string loops played by professional musicians – this package has been made specially for You. 118 solo violin loops played in the Urban genre, ready to be used in Your Hip Hop / R&B or Pop production. Loops were played from 91 to 97 Bpm with root key included. Over 600 Mb of multiformat material will certainly help Your creative hit making process.

‘Beauty Strings’ contains 609 Mb, 118 multi-format loops (91- 97 BPM) in Hip Hop/R&B/Pop genre!

Beauty Strings is available to purchase for 18 EUR.

Diginoiz has extended its 50% discount sale until the end of January. Use coupon code diginoiz at checkout to take advantage of this offer.

More information: Diginoiz

EarthMoments Oriental Orchestra strings sample library

EarthMoments has released Oriental Orchestra, a sample library featuring live strings recordings recorded in world-class studios around the world.

EarthMoments Oriental Orchestra

Recorded on metronome clicks, the live strings – without any keyboards or digital inputs – link to the rules of western music, allows music producers coming from any style or genre to easily use these complex orchestral lines in their music. Oriental Orchestra Bundle contain 3 types of string sections: Quartet, Octet and Ensemble.

A classic western orchestra plays oriental lines, and unique scoring that is inspired from the rich cultures of India, Turkey and Far East. The Royalty Free collection also includes orchestral scores from the award winning projects of the EarthSync label: Laya Project, Nagore Sessions, No Stranger Here, and Voice Over The Bridge.

Oriental Orchestra features

  • 671 MB content, 24-bit quality.
  • 202 Loops and Samples.
  • Quartet, Octet and Ensemble sections.
  • All files Key and Tempo labeled.

Oriental Orchestra is available to purchase for £39.95 GBP.

More information: EarthMoments / Oriental Orchestra

Kirk Hunter Black Friday Group Buy – up to 75% off sample libraries

Kirk Hunter Studios

Kirk Hunter Studios has launched a Black Friday Group Buy, offering up to 75% off its sample libraries.

Get Kirk Hunter Sample Libraries at up to 75% OFF list price (see the chart below)!!! If you’re a current Kirk Hunter Studios customer, you’ll get an additional 10% off the final Group Buy price (Our standard upgrade pricing is not available with this deep discounts)!

Imagine getting Pop / Rock Strings, including the KONTAKT Player, for as little as $74.70 USD — or even less if you’re a current Kirk Hunter Studios customer!

Kirk Hunter Group Buy products

  • Pop / Rock Strings including KONTAKT Player ($249 USD list price; approx. 8 GB) – A beautiful collection of 3 string ensembles and solo strings (whole, half, quarter and solo divisions) based on our Concert Strings II library. Pop / Rock strings is perfect for rock/pop/R&B/hip hop and other contemporary genres. Includes KONTAKT Player and also works with the full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater. Features TVEC 3.
  • Concert Strings II ($799 USD list price; approx. 25 GB) – Four string libraries in one (whole, half, quarter and solo divisions). You can call up anything from a huge “Hollywood film sound” to an intimate string quartet to anything in between. Features TVEC 3 which includes SmartLegato2® as one of its features, allowing you to play chords in legato mode even while changing articulations! Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.
  • Concert Strings II Whole Divisions ($249 USD list price; approx. 5 GB) – Only the whole divisions from Concert Strings II. Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.
  • Solo Strings II ($249 USD list price; approx. 6 GB) – Solo 1st and 2nd Violin, 1st and 2nd Viola, 1st and 2nd Cello, Bass, Combinations. Coupled with innovative and progressive TVEC 3 programming, you will not find a more flexible and playable solo string library! One very nice feature is the way TVEC 3 handles the slides for Solo Strings 2. When you play a note, followed by another note you want to slide into (up or down), TVEC 3 knows whether to slide a lot or just a nudge. Also, the vibrato of the slide is now variable. The same solo strings featured in Concert Strings II, but available separately for those who ONLY want the solo strings. Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.
  • Concert Brass II ($399 USD list price; approx. 45 GB) – A gorgeous collection of concert brass featuring whole divisions (8 F HORNS, 8 TRUMPETS, 8 TROMBONES), half divisions (4 F HORNS, 4 TRUMPETS, 4 TROMBONES), quarter divisions (2 F HORNS, 2 TRUMPETS, 2 TROMBONES) and solo divisions (SOLO F HORN, SOLO TRUMPET, SOLO TROMBONE). Features TVEC 3 which includes SmartLegato2®, allowing you to play chords in legato mode even while changing articulations! Concert Brass II lets you can call up anything from a huge “Hollywood” film sound to an intimate brass chorale, solo or anything in between. You’ll be able to get big bombastic fanfares, easy to control crescendos or “spooky” and dark backgrounds. The range of programming variety is limitless. All sections were sampled in a space large enough to get the “sweet spot” for brass, yet not so ambient that you’re stuck with a mushy sound. This allows you to choose your own style of ambience without conflicts. BONUS created for this GB: We’re adding the solo tuba from Diamond to Concert Brass II at no extra charge, in order to create a more “full” brass compliment. Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.
  • Diamond ($549 USD list price; approx. 65+ GB) – At over 65GB, Diamond is a very large full-orchestral package. It combines Ruby with Emerald, so it is like getting 2 complete orchestras in one package. For the price, we’re confident that you will not find a better orchestral sample library anywhere. Features TVEC 3. Requires full version of KONTAKT 4 or greater.

The Group Buy ends November 28th, 2011.

More information: Kirk Hunter Studios

Organic Loops releases Real Strings Vol 3 – Dark Moods

Organic Loops Real Strings Vol 3 Dark Moods

Organic Loops has released Real Strings Vol 3 – Dark Moods, a new collection of strings loops by Pete Whitfield.

Real Strings 3 – ‘Dark Moods’ is the brand new sample pack of stellar quality loops by Pete Whitfield. These authentic samples were recorded in Pete’s studio where he records real strings for major labels, TV companies and radio/media companies as a highly sought after arranger.

With tempos ranging from 80 – 95 beats per minute, there are 432 Wav loops available for a variety of genres including Downtempo, Cinematic, Techno and Dubstep or Drum and Bass. Also included are 36 One Shot String samples to program your own melodies, plus 3 ready to play patches for Halion, EXS, SFZ, NNXT and Kontakt compatible soft samplers. A full pdf score of each performance is also included.

Real Strings Vol 3 – Dark Moods is available from Loopmasters for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Organic Loops / Real Strings Vol 3 – Dark Moods