Musicrow releases Vintage Strings MkIII

Musicrow has released Vintage Strings MkIII, a new super realistic virtual string machine that perfectly recreates the lush sound of analog string machines. The distinctive sound of vintage string machines like the Arp Solina or … read more

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Audio Impressions releases DVZ v2.0

Audio Impressions has released version 2.0 of DVZ Strings, a virtual instrument featuring 70 string instruments. Included are every possible playing style and effect for every instrument, not just for some. All possible combinations of … read more

easy#toolz releases easy-mr. stringer

easy#toolz has released easy-mr.stringer, a freeware string synth module for Windows PC. easy-mr. stringer features 2 Oscilators (2 x 17 various string waves), 5 Octave, tuning and level. 2 Filters (Lowpass, Bandpass), 1 LFO, ADSR, … read more

Syntheway updates Strings to v2.5

Syntheway has released version 2.5 of Syntheway Strings, a “rich-sounding” sample based string VST instrument. Syntheway Strings has the ability to produce beautiful and lyrical lines, as well as powerful and forceful articulations. You’ll find … read more

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Vienna Symphonic Library releases Chamber Strings II

Vienna Symphonic Library has released Chamber Strings II, the sequel to Chamber Strings I, offering all-new articulations and sonic subtleties for the small string ensembles. Chamber Strings II contains many of the playing techniques that … read more

Safwan Matni releases MatniTron

Safwan Matni has released Matnitron, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC. Matnitron features Multi purpose strings section. ADSR envelope. Simple but sweet! Visit Safwan Matni to download Matnitron.

Ableton releases Orchestral Instrument Collection

Ableton has released Orchestral Instrument Collection, a bundle package of the Strings, Brass, Woodwinds and Percussion sample libraries produced in partnership with SONiVOX. Each instrument has been painstakingly recorded in a number of velocities and … read more

Swar Systems releases Volume 4

Swar Systems has released Volume 4, a sample collection of Indian instruments for use with Swar products. Volume 4 is our latest addition of rare instruments from all regions of India. Some of them are … read more

PowerFX releases Gabi Masso Oriental String Sessions Vol. 1-3

PowerFX has released Gabi Masso Oriental String Sessions Vol. 1-3 as one downloadable bundle. These Middle Eastern string arrangements were performed by top session players and were recorded in one of Istanbul’s finest studios. The … read more

Wahnsyn releases Authentic-Strings

Wahnsyn has released Authentic-Strings, a string orchestra VST plug-ins for Windows PC. Authentic-Strings features 8 different instruments available that can be played individually or as a complete orchestra. All instruments are sampled in multi- velocity-levels. … read more

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Musicrow releases Vintage Strings MkII

Musicrow has released Vintage Strings MkII, a virtual string machine that perfectly recreates the lush sound of analog string machines. Vintage Strings MkII does not use samples and its sound is purely synthesized. Based on … read more

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Ableton announces Ableton Live 7, new instruments and Ableton Suite

Ableton has announced some new products, scheduled to be released before the end of 2007: Ableton 7, some new add-on instruments, and Ableton Suite. Ableton Live 7 Ableton Live 7 renews the core of Live, … read more

Wavelore Instruments updates American Zither to v1.10

Wavelore has updated American Zither to version 1.10. American Zither is a 24-bit virtual instrument powered by TASCAM’s GVI engine. A Zither is a stringed instrument having usually 30 to 40 strings over a shallow … read more

SONiVOX MI releases new Downloadable Virtual Instruments (DVIs)

SONiVOX MI has released new Downloadable Virtual Instruments (DVIs). The DVI series products feature a large selection of affordably priced instruments and collections of instruments. SONiVOX DVI’s use TASCAM’s GVI sample playback technology. Current DVI … read more

ILIO releases Vital Arts Plectrum

ILIO has released Plectrum, a virtual instrument library featuring 185 original acoustic instruments, powered by Tascam’s GVI streaming sample playback engine. Geoffrey Gee, pianist, composer, and former Senior Soundware Engineer at Kurzweil Music Systems, created … read more

DSK releases Strings v1.0

DSK Music has released DSK Strings v1.0, a freeware classic string instruments VSTi plugin. Features 2 Layers (22 instruments) ADSR for each layer Octave and micro-tunning selector Effects: Flanger, Delay and Reverb Midi Automation The … read more

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Cakewalk releases Studio Instruments Collection

Cakewalk has released Studio Instruments Collection for PC and Mac. From Cakewalk: Cakewalk Studio Instruments is all you need to turn your computer into a Drum Set, Bass Guitar, Electric Piano, or String Section—plus you … read more

VSL announces Symphonic Cube Instrument Collection

Vienna Symphonic Library has announced the Symphonic Cube, a collection of Virtual Instruments with more than 550GB of sounds. Over the next few months, VSL will release ten Vienna Instruments that form the Symphonic Cube: … read more

Best Service releases 2 Peter Siedlaczek titles

String Essentials is a comprehensive, thought-through and ergonomic virtual string orchestra. Features 17 GB of great sounding samples in 5 lengths and 3 or 4 dynamic layers 14 violins, 10 violas, 8 cellos & 6 … read more