Root-sounds releases Percussive Innuendo sample library

Root-sounds Percussive Innuendo

Root-sounds has launched Percussive Innuendo, a multi-format percussion library featuring over 2,000 samples mapped for EXS24, NI Kontakt, Reason NNXT and ProTools Structure.

You can never have too many percussion sounds. Percussive Innuendo is the perfect way to expand your existing percussion library with instruments or playing techniques not found in most libraries. For example, Tam-tam hits or rolls are great, but how about the dramatic effects you get from bowing and scratching for instant mystery or horror scores. For better blending, there are, of course, also normal soft and loud hits. We have also included some rare sounds, like a siren which is called for in very few orchestral scores (like Ionization by Edgar Varèse).

We were fortunate to be able to raid the percussion rooms of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. These sounds make up the bulk of the library, but you also get selected sounds from the collection of the University of Victoria, B.C., Mills College, California, as well as private collections.

Percussive Innuendo Gold edition (contains dry and wet versions) is available to purchase for $89 USD, a Standard edition (wet versions only) is $59 USD.

More information: Root-sounds / Percussive Innuendo


ToneBuilder releases Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back sample library

ToneBuilder has released Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back, a drum and percussion sample library.

ToneBuilder Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back

“What if a time-capsule was discovered that contained never before heard drum machines… With the classic character of the 909, 808, 707, SP1200, Drumulator, and Linns…”

“What if Don Buchla created a drum machine…”

“What if that time-capsule also contained a drum machine from the future…”

These are the questions I had in mind, a game I played, during the creation of Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back. But the real questions are what would you do today with these sounds, what genres could you invent, who’s mind could you blow?

A few people enjoyed Driven Machine Drum and wrote in asking me to continue working on sound design, so I decided to sell a large portion of my kit and double down on some of the best analog and digital synthesis technology available today… if not the best.

DMD Strikes Back features

  • 2072 Premium Designer Drum Samples.
  • 24-Bit/96kHz WAV, 24-Bit/96kHz AIF.
  • Intelligently organized and labeled for optimal creative work-flow.
  • 16-Bit/44.1kHz WAV, featuring premium dithering/SRC and 8 character names for classic samplers such as the MPC and Akai series.
  • 22 FXPansion Geist and Guru Kits.
  • Deluxe Edition: Logic EXS-24 programs (also compatible with Digidesign’s Structure).
  • Deluxe Edition: Native Intruments Kontakt programs.

Driven Machine Drums Strikes Back is available to purchase for the introductory price of $69 USD (Standard Edition) $77 USD (Deluxe Edition) until October 31, 2011.

More information: Driven Machine Drums


Avid updates Pro Tools to v9.0.5

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Avid Pro Tools 9

Avid has released version 9.0.5 of Pro Tools, the audio and music production software for Widnows and Mac.

This is an officially qualified and recommended update for all Pro Tools 9 and Pro Tools HD 9 users on Mac OS X 10.6.x (Snow Leopard) and Windows 7. Although not officially qualified, Pro Tools 9.0.5 also adds public beta support for Apple’s OS X Lion operating system.

Changes in Pro Tools v9.0.5

  • When using Satellite Link or Video Satellite with two or more satellite systems, after fast-forwarding or rewinding, satellite systems would not always stop on the same frame as the admin system. All Satellite systems now stop on the same frame if the Stop command is issued from a Pro Tools system. If the Stop command is issued from a Video Satellite (Media Composer) system, a two-frame offset between the Video Satellite and the Pro Tools Satellites may occur.
  • When Pro Tools is configured for Remote Mode operation, switching in and out of Remote Mode would take a long time. Pro Tools now switches in and out of Remote Mode in a shorter time.
  • While Pro Tools is in X-OR Solo mode, disengaging solo from the MIDI Editor window caused the Solo mode to change unexpectedly to Latch, without changing the displayed mode. Disengaging solo from the MIDI Editor window no longer changes the Solo Mode.
  • Large, densely-automated Pro Tools sessions could encounter out-of-memory errors or unexpected asserts during editing. Automation breakpoint memory usage has been optimized to reduce the total amount of memory required. The amount of reduction depends on the structure of the session and the amount of automation in the session. If out-of-memory errors persist, you can thin automation data (Edit > Automation > Thin All) to reduce the occurrence of these errors.
  • Certain NewsCutter AAF files did not import into Pro Tools correctly. NewsCutter AAF files now import into Pro Tools correctly.
  • The Original Time Stamp of MXF media files in an AAF export was not being exported correctly, resulting in a timecode offset. The Original Time Stamp of MXF media files in an AAF export is now correct.
  • Certain commands were incorrectly listed in the undo queue, resulting in “error -35” messages. Commands that are cancelled during operation, and thus should not be available in the Undo Queue, are now properly not included in the Undo queue.
  • HD Native firmware 1.02 (shipped with Pro Tools 9.0.4) is not compatible with Windows. HD Native firmware has been updated to 1.03 and is now fully compatible with all supported Mac and Windows configurations. Be sure to update HD Native firmware to version 1.03 before updating to Mac OS X 10.6.8 or Mac OS X 10.7.x (Lion). It is not possible to upgrade HD Native firmware from those versions of Mac OS X.
  • It was not possible to set Pitch Bend value to zero while editing MIDI data. It is now possible to set Pitch Bend value to zero while editing MIDI data.
  • Bounce to QuickTime would not work if the bounce source was multichannel (greater than stereo). Bounce to QuickTime now works with all source channel formats. Bouncing any source (including greater-than-stereo) to QuickTime results in a stereo file.
  • Pro Tools would crash when swapping plug-ins while in Learn mode for HyperControl. Pro Tools does not crash when swapping plug-ins while in Learn mode for HyperControl.
  • When Project Mix I/O was used in conjunction with a second control surface, the bank select function on the Project Mix I/O would cease to function. Project Mix I/O can now be used simultaneously with other control surfaces.
  • When using HyperControl, the Sends Soft Key would not scroll through the Sends. When using HyperControl, the Sends Soft Key now scrolls through the Sends.
  • When using HyperControl, it was possible to lose contact with a Master Fader track for a few seconds if the track was in the selected bank and was alternately controlled with a bank fader and a Master Fader. When using HyperControl, Master Fader control will not be lost if controlling the fader from two locations.

More information: Avid / Pro Tools


Avid announces promotions for wide range of studio products

Avid M-Audio Mbox

Avid has announced promotions for a wide range of studio products.

There’s never been a better time to pick up studio and stage gear from Avid.

Effective immediately, Avid is rolling out a variety of specials and price reductions across our product lines.

Avid Promotions

  • Buy a Pro Tools or Pro Tools MP bundle, get award-winning drums, keys, and guitar amp plug-ins at no extra charge – When customers purchase and register any Pro Tools + Mbox® family or Pro Tools MP + M-Audio® interface bundle*, they’ll receive a promo code to download three award-winning plug-ins—Eleven® LE, Strike®, and Velvet®—at no additional charge**. Valued at approximately $950 USD, this collection delivers ultra-realistic guitar amp emulations trusted by world-class guitarists, the ultimate virtual drummer instrument, and stunningly faithful emulations of popular electric pianos.
  • Upgrade from any single Avid virtual instrument^ to the Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack** and save – Want even more great instrument sounds? For a limited time, customers who purchase a single Avid virtual instrument can upgrade to the complete Pro Tools® Instrument Expansion Pack—featuring the Structure® sampler workstation, Transfuser® groove creator, and Hybrid™ synthesizer—for an extra-low price.
  • Get incredible savings on PA speakers and recording systems – Customers save up to 25% on all GSR PA speakers—and enjoy special promotional pricing** when they buy multiple GSR models at once.

More information: Avid / M-Audio

* Includes Pro Tools MP + MobilePre, Pro Tools MP + Fast Track Pro, Pro Tools MP + Fast Track Ultra, Pro Tools + Mbox Mini, Pro Tools + Mbox, and Pro Tools + Mbox Pro; Avid hardware bundles containing Pro Tools SE or Pro Tools LE software do not qualify for this promotion.
** Offer valid from August 12, 2011 – December 31, 2011.
^ Includes Strike, Structure, Transfuser, Velvet, and Hybrid.