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Amp Modeler Pro 40% off at VST Buzz

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VST Buzz has launched a limited time deal, offering a 40% discount on the Amp Modeler Pro guitar amp modeling plug-in from Studio Devil.

Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro

Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro is the ultimate guitar amp modeling and audio effects plug-in for both Mac and Windows platforms. Its got everything you need for writing rock, pop, metal, ambient or even film score music using your guitar. It can be used with an electric guitar, or by using a sample library like Archtop or Shreddage to get the perfect sound.

Amp Modeler Pro has 15 Preamp Models which cover every range of playing styles and its modeled using Studio Devil’s proprietary digital vacuum tube modeling technology. Nothing else sounds as real as Studio Devil because it uses exclusive and patented tube modeling algorithms!

It responds exactly like a real tube amp with authentic gain, bass, mids, treble and presence controls and is super simple to use. Perfect for recording DI (direct input) guitar, Amp Modeler Pro is a must have, no matter what style of guitar music you write!

The plugin is available for purchase from VST Buzz for $89 USD until August 19th, 2014.

More information: VST Buzz


Studio Devil intros AmpliFIRE

Studio Devil has announced AmpliFIRE, a new amp-modeling/multi-effects floor pedal in collaboration with Atomic Amplifiers.

Atomic AmpliFire

Studio Devil and Atomic Amplifiers have teamed up to bring world class amplifier modeling to an amazingly compact and standalone unit for both floor pedal and desktop use…more to be unveiled in the days to come at NAMM 2014…

Studio Devil will be showing this amazing product at the NAMM Show 2014 in Anaheim, California from January 23rd through January 26th… stop by Studio Devil in Booth #6721 Hall A to see this amazing product in person!

More information: Studio Devil


45% off Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro at VST Buzz

Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro

VST Buzz has launched a promotion on the Amp Modeler Pro effect plug-in by Studio Devil.

If you’re looking to record guitar, you NEED this plugin! “Basically, it’s everything you could possibly need to create a complete, professional-sounding guitar tone.” – Music Tech Magazine

Amp Modeler Pro is an incredible guitar amp modeling and audio effects plug-in by Studio Devil. It has 15 preamp models, 4 effects, impulse-based cabinet emulations, a 7-band graphic EQ, 1-band parametric EQ, compressor, gate, echo, reverb and wah-wah which covers every range of playing styles! Its exclusive modeling algorithm makes it one of the most realistic amp modelling plugins out there.

The Amp Modeler Pro plug-in is available to purchase at VST Buzz for $79 USD until November 18th, 2013 (regular $149 USD).

More information: VST Buzz


Studio Devil launches Summer Sale

Studio Devil Summer Sale

Studio Devil has announced a Summer Sale, offering its effect plug-ins at a discount for a limited time.

Studio Devil is running its first Summer Kickoff Sale! You thought it was gonna be hot this year? Hotter than Hell with Studio Devil…check this out…

If you were waiting for a reason to get the best tube modeling on the planet, now’s the time.
Until June 30th, enjoy these awesome discounts on Studio Devil’s world-class tube modeling plugins…for Bass Amp Modeling, Guitar Amp Modeling, and Tube Preamplifier Modeling for your mix:

  • Amp Modeler Pro: $79 (normally $149)
  • Bass Amp Pro: $59 (normally $99)
  • Virtual Tube Preamp: $69 (normally $129)

The sale ends June 30th, 2013.

More information: Studio Devil


Studio Devil releases Virtual Tube Preamp plugin

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Studio Devil Virtual Tube Preamp

Studio Devil has announced the release of Virtual Tube Preamp, a tube preamp modeling effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

This product marks a new advancement in non-linear circuit modeling. We have created new algorithms and techniques to improve the accuracy and authenticity of vacuum tube and analog circuit modeling that we like to call “second-generation” Studio Devil technology. By focusing on modeling a single-stage tube preamp, we have been able to place a larger amount of CPU resources on this one task. The result is the most advanced and highly accurate digital reproduction of tube preamp analog circuitry.

Virtual Tube Preamp features

  • Discrete Vacuum Tube Preamplifier Channel using the best vacuum tube modeling technology available to faithfully emulate the dynamic and expressive nature of real vacuum tube preamplifiers using Studio Devil’s proprietary vacuum tube circuit modeling technologies.
  • Input Drive Control adjusts the strength of the signal feeding the input grid of the virtual tube preamplifier.
  • Output Level Control to adjust the output signal strength and to compensate for low drive settings.
  • Bass Contour Control to sweep the value of the cathode bypass capacitor which controls the low frequency and dynamic saturation responses of the preamp.
  • Treble Rolloff Control to tweak the value of intrinsic and parasitic capacitances in the simulated vacuum tube preamp, giving control over the natural warmth and softness associated with real vacuum tube preamps.
  • Bias Switch to select from two preset tube bias levels which vary the interaction of gain, asymmetrical drive, and dynamics of the preamplifier.
  • Invert Switch permits controlling the phase of the preamplifier and the polarity of the class-A asymmetry.
  • CPU Switch adjusts the modeling algorithm to balance the tradeoff between accuracy and CPU load allowing multiple instances to run on even slower workstations.
  • Overload LEDS assist in setting healthy levels by indicating when the input signal is overdriving the tube preamp and when the output level clips.

The Virtual Tube Preamp is available for the introductory price of $99 USD through December 31st, 2012 (regular $129 USD). Existing Studio Devil users can get the plug-in for $79 USD.

More information: Studio Devil / Virtual Tube Preamp


Studio Devil updates Guitar Amp for iOS with Delay Box

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Studio Devil Guitar Amp

Studio Devil released version 1.2 of Guitar Amp, a guitar tube amplifier emulation effect for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Added the Delay Box effect: a delay pedal / echo modeler effect with level, delay, repeats, and style controls for spacious lead tones! Style knob lets you dial in digital delay, analog delay, or tape echo effects…and anywhere in between!

Guitar Amp for iOS is available to purchase for $4.99 USD. The Delay Box update is available as a free update to existing owners.

More information: Studio Devil / Guitar Amp


Studio Devil updates Mac plug-ins (64-bit support)

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Studio Devil

Studio Devil has announced the release of updates to all of its plug-ins for Mac, featuring 64-bit compatibility.

This latest update affects all Studio Devil plug-ins on the mac platform (BVC, VGA, VGA II, VBA, VBA Pro, and AMP). Now, you can run your favorite Studio Devil plug-in on both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts.

This update also fixes various issues across the entire plug-in line, so make sure to update your products even if you aren’t yet ready to switch to 64-bit!

Windows updates and Windows 64-bit compatibility are coming soon!!!
Thanks for making us a part of your sound…and thanks for rockin’ with us!

More information: Studio Devil