ZAOR expands MODULAR CONCEPT with smaller-scale addition to MIZA lineup

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ZAOR is has introduced MIZA Jr., expanding its MODULAR CONCEPT with a smaller-scale addition to its mushrooming MIZA line of flexible media workstations and accessories.

ZAOR Miza Jr.

As the smallest scale addition to the MIZA media workstation lineup to date, MIZA Jr. is a comfortably compact design, perfectly tailored to musicians and media professionals who spend the majority of their creative lives working on a computer-based setup. As such, below the desktop surface is a 1129 mm-wide roll-out shelf, height adjustable in 16 mm steps from between 5-16 cm below the desktop surface itself to comfortably accommodate a computer keyboard and mouse, as well as the usual (more musical) suspects, such as MIDI keyboard controllers, synthesisers, drum machines, DJ mixers, and all manner of other periphery. An attractive choice, then, for creative music producers and DJs alike, although more generalised computer programmers and even graphic artists or smaller-scale video editors will feel equally at home here — with the right tools at their disposal, of course.

Today’s media workstations are more often than not tasked with accommodating dual-computer monitor setups as creative professionals gravitate towards needing more visual feedback than ever before, thanks to today’s increasingly powerful DAWs — in the case of modern-day music production. Indeed, when working with audio, accommodating such computer screens can represent an unwelcome obstacle to maintaining a professional listening experience due to computer monitor manufacturers taking different design approaches to their bases with wildly varying shapes and heights. Here, too, MIZA Jr. shines like no other, solution-wise, with a second platform level sited below the rear of the main work surface that is also height adjustable in 16 mm steps down to 16 cm below a removable top plate. What’s more, that top plate is helpfully divided into three segments so one or two computer monitors can be perfectly positioned with their respective lower viewable edges level with the edge of the main work surface. The benefits of this typically well-thought-through ZAOR design approach are both aesthetically pleasing and acoustically advantageous as all cables, power supplies, and USB hubs, etc, can be banished to below work surface level, leaving a clutter-free workspace optimised for promoting creative workflow.

The layout of the MIZA Jr. is distinctly urban, designed to slip into the tightest of spaces in the smallest of workrooms, thanks to its diminutive dimensions (depth: 700 mm, width: 1250 mm, height: 776 mm). As such, it remains resolutely modern in its outlook as large-format mixing consoles and extensive outboard collections are steadily forsaken for taking the more cost-effective and space-saving route of in-the-box mixing — particularly prevalent in today’s chart-dominating EDM (Electronic Dance Music) genres where DJs are often the production hotshot heroes. ZAOR effectively pays tribute to this trend with the MIZA Jr. by shedding any superfluous attributes while adopting a unique flexibility that turns it into a smart companion for such media-savvy creatives.

Like its MODULAR CONCEPT-sharing bigger brother, the MIZA Z media production workstation, MIZA Jr. can be easily expanded to integrate several specific add-ons as the user (and available space) sees fit. These include the equally-well-thought-through MIZA GRIPRACK, a MIZA Jr. colour-matching 2U- or 4U-sized rack space with a padded top section upon which a nearfield monitor speaker can conveniently be protectively positioned, or MIZA Jr. colour-matching MIZA D-STAND, a sensible solution for precisely positioning nearfield monitors on the MIZA Jr. work surface, helpfully height-adjustable to the millimetre, thanks to a hidden screw thread — slowly spin the padded top section of the speaker stand to easily reach the optimum listening level for the user concerned. Couldn’t be simpler, surely?

MIZA Jr. is produced in the EU (European Union) using melamine-faced chipboard panels with solid wood additions, and comes flat-packed ready for delivery through a worldwide network of retailers with only the smallest of ‘obstacles’ between it and its proud owner to be. Which is? Its €450.00 EUR pleasing price tag, of course!

The MIZA Jr. media workstation is available for purchase starting at an RRP of 450 EUR (including 15% tax, plus shipping costs) for the basic version. It is available in Black/Cherry, Titanium/Bleached Oak, or Titanium/Wengé colour combos, as well as Black or White.

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