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Point Blank offers free studio setup with every diploma course

Point Blank has announced it is offering a free studio setup with every one of its diploma courses.

Free studio setup at Point Blank

Every student who books a diploma course with Point Blank will receive a free studio setup courtesy of Novation/Focusrite! The brand new gear collection includes KRK Rokit RP5 G3 monitors, Novation LaunchKey 25 keyboard, Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 soundcard and a laptop bag.

Diploma students will also receive Ableton Live Lite 9, Scarlett plugin suite, Focusrite Midnight, Novation Basstation and Novation V-Station plugins, a Loopmasters sample pack and Novation LaunchPad and LaunchKey iOS apps!

Everything you’ll need to start making great music is included so visit Point Blank London now to find out more about their diploma courses.

More information: Point Blank Online

Voxengo Custom Drum Recording Sale – 2 weeks left

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Voxengo Custom Drum Recording

Voxengo announced that its custom drum recording service will be retiring soon.

As we are planning to put our Voxengo recording studio room to a more profitable use and thus stop accepting drum recording orders, we decided to offer anyone the last chance to get a professional drum recording performed by Max Sivkov at a greatly reduced price – US$39.95 only.

This offer will be effective for 2 weeks starting today.

The service will become inactive in March, 2014.

More information: Voxengo / Custom drum recording

Harrison Consoles unveils 950mx Analog Console

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Harrison Consoles has announced the release of the 950mx, its newest analog console.

Harrison Consoles 950mx

The 950mx is intended for facilities that need an analog monitoring, mixing, and summing solution when working with a DAW. It provides large-format console sound and construction while forgoing the expensive multitrack buses and inline monitoring features that have become less necessary with modern DAW workflows. The 950mx is the perfect centerpiece for a commercial recording studio, live 2-track recording rig, or project studio.

Harrison has been building consoles since 1975, and the 950mx incorporates design elements found across a wide range of console models such as the 32 Series, MR Series (2, 3, 4, 5 and 7), SeriesTen, SeriesTwelve, MPC and LPC.

The 950mx was designed by Harrison’s most experienced analog designers who were challenged to make the best-sounding, highest-spec analog console available today. The 950mx features a robust ground plane, gold module connectors, gold-plated switches, conductive plastic knobs, and fully-differential balanced I/O at every point. The summing busses are carried via PCBs, not ribbon cables. A custom-designed linear power supply provides rock-steady voltage for clean sound, robust EQs, and generous headroom.

The 950mx is the latest model in Harrison’s 950 series consoles, introducing various user-suggested improvements. All 950mx mono input modules now feature individually switchable, sweepable high-and-low pass filters, and 3-band sweepable EQ – featuring the same circuitry as the original Harrison 32-series consoles. Mono input channels also feature switchable inserts, a mic pre (switchable to a line input), 4 aux sends, 100mm P+G faders, 2 Mix Bus assignments, and a post-fader direct output. Stereo input modules feature switchable high-and-low pass filters, 3-band tone controls, balance, channel reverse, mono-sum, input trim, 4 aux sends, 100mm P+G faders, and 2 Mix Bus assignments. Another user-requested feature was the addition of an alternate speaker output.

The mono and stereo modules of the 950m and 950mx are interchangable. 950m users can arrange to have their mono channels updated to the reflect the new features of the 950mx.

The 950mx console features 2 discrete mixbusses, each offering a different flavor at mixdown. Mix Bus 1 features a transformer-balanced output, while Mix Bus 2 is electronically-balanced. The buses can be used separately or may be summed to achieve effects like parallel compression.

The 24-module version is now available in a standalone format with optional legs. For customers with existing analog gear, Harrison has designed a matching line of studio furniture to complement the 950mx console. These pieces include a “sidecar” which provides 10 rack spaces at the desk surface, and a 16-space standalone rack. Both pieces use the same laser-cut and powder-coated aluminum framing as the 950mx – providing a professional and cohesive look for any 950mx user.

More information: Harrison Consoles / 950mx

iMusicAlbum releases Audio Mastering for iPad

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iMusicAlbum has announced the release of Audio Mastering, an audio mastering app for iPad.

Audio Mastering app
Audio Mastering is an AudioCopy / AudioPaste compatible mastering app for iPad.

The first fully functional audio mastering application for iPad. For everyone who wants to make own music tracks excellent quality. Based on the same algorithms which used in professional plug-ins this application turns your iPad into a real mastering studio.

This all-in-one tool lets you process sound, convert audio formats, change sample rate, convert bit depth, cut part of track for preview and make fade-in and fade-out.

With very easy and clear interface you can tweak all controls in real time and listening to the final result right away.

Built-in presets let you quickly find the general mood of your composition and a slightly tweak to get a best result. If you make own preset that you want to use later, you can save it as a preset hotkey.

The Audio Mastering app for iPad is available to purchase $9.99 USD.

More information: Audio Mastering

Phat Mastering launches online mastering service

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Phat Mastering

Phat Mastering has launched its online mastering service, offering a quality mastering service at an affordable price.

Thanks to advances in computer software and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) technology it has become extremely easy for anyone with a laptop to start recording and making their own music. Rewind back a few years, and this was only possible for those who could afford the ridiculously rather expensive hardware that was required. Naturally, this has made the cut-throat music industry all the more competitive. A good thing right?…

With the huge amount of people creating music, it is now harder than ever to stand out from the crowd and get noticed by the big label owners. And let’s be honest, we all want our music to be picked up by the big boys and have it distributed worldwide.

This has forced artists and producers around the globe to make sure that their music is mixed and mastered to perfection in order to have the best chance of standing out from the competition. Whereas before sending your song to a mastering engineer was somewhat of a commodity, it has become a requirement. Label owners are used to hearing tracks that have been fully polished and mastered to perfection, and one stands at a great disadvantage in not mastering their music before distributing it. Left unmastered, even the most original and beautiful track could fail to make an impression. Quality mastering could really mean the difference between a track that is good and one that is great.

Phat Mastering

Luckily, there are a variety of options when it comes to mastering your music. You have your local studios if you’re lucky enough to live remotely close enough to one, and then you have what is known as an Online Mastering Service. These vary greatly in quality and cost. The more expensive services offer good analog mastering performed in proper studios, but unfortunately they are very expensive, especially when you need to master each one of your tracks. With most of the cheaper options you’re probably better off not mastering your music at all. Another problem is that not all mastering engineers have the experience to master certain genres. So while one engineer might do a good job on a Techno track, that same person might not cut it on a Rock song for example.

Enter Phat Mastering. This Audio Mastering Service provides quality analog mastering at extremely affordable rates. What is also unique to this service is that it boasts a network of studios and engineers each specialized in a particular genre or style of music. Therefore they guarantee that the right engineer for the job will be used and whose strengths will compliment the style of track. What you get essentially is quality audio mastering, by the right engineer, without breaking the bank.

The mastering service is available starting at $30 USD per track.

More information: Phat Mastering

Prime Loops Audio Mastering & Mixing 30% off

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Prime Loops has announced a limited time 30% discount on its Mastering & Mixing online services.

Prime Loops Audio Service

Our studio based mixing & mastering experts have all the knowledge, skills and hardware to take your tracks into stratosphere – and make your productions SLAM on any system, device or broadcast.

Prime Loops’ exclusive online mastering and mixing services mean you can finally get your tracks officialised by the industry’s finest – from anywhere in the world.

Use coupon GETTHESOUND at checkout to get 30% discount. Offer ends March 31st, 2013.

More information: Prime Loops / Audio Services

Producertech intros In the Studio with DJ Santé production course

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Producertech In the Studio with DJ Santé

Producertech has announced In the Studio with DJ Santé, a new course that uncovers the secrets behind making a classic house track, by one of Berlin’s hottest up and coming DJs and Producers, Santé.

The latest online course in the Producertech Presents series is a brand new set of tutorials, shot live in the studio of Santé, one of Berlin’s hottest rising stars. In the course, Santé shows how he constructed the classic house track ‘Do You Wanna 808′ with his preferred music software platform, Ableton Live.

The first movie teaches how to create and edit the main building blocks for the track, those being the beats, bassline and other loops and sounds, which are then mixed and processed in the following tutorial. Then, all parts are arranged in a lengthy lesson that shows how to construct the track, by creating breakdowns, rises in tension and huge, dancefloor-destroying drops, whilst also ensuring the track has good continuity and flow. The last tutorial shows how to make final adjustments and some quick and easy ways of preparing a track for uploading or sending to a label, using Live’s various mastering effects.

The course is available to purchase at Music-Courses.

More information: In the Studio with DJ Santé

Urban Dubz launches Online Mixing & Mastering Service

Urban Dubz Online Mixing & Mastering Service

Urban Dubz has announced the launch of its Online Mixing & Mastering Service, a professional web-based audio mastering studio service by Jeremy Sylvester & Jose Suarez, providing broadcast quality masters to clients across the globe.

Our studios in the heart of the UK’s thriving music community offer superior audio mastering online.

Finalising your own music with high quality mastering in a professional mastering studio has never been easier or faster.
Try our online audio mastering service and make a good first impression for your music. Our convenient and low priced service is efficient and available around the clock.

We specialise in the following genre: EDM, House, Electro, Dubstep, Reggae, Dnb, Pop, Urban, Hip Hop, Rap, Electronica, Rock, Heavy Metal, Minimal Tech, Deep House, Tech House, UK Garage, Jacking House, Techno, Trance, Progressive House, Glitch, Funk, Soul, R&B, Blues, Indie, Breaks & similar styles.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with your final master.

The service is available now, with prices per track of up to £45 GBP for mastering and £80 GBP for mixdown/mixing.

More information: Urban Dubz