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Precisionsound releases Retro Gadgets Vol.4

Precisionsound Retro Gadgets Vol.4

Precisionsound has released Retro Gadgets Vol.4, a sample library featuring rare and unique sounding instruments.

We recreated the sounds of these keyboards and also used the potential of the sampler engines to create polyphonic pads, leads etc. based on the core sounds. This technique to use the multisampled keyboard sounds as oscillator’s gives a more analogue and organic result than using VA oscillators, in our opinion.

Retro Gadgets Vol. 4 is more that authentic sounding toy instruments it’s a collection of unique and inspiring sounds for HALion and NI Kontakt.

Retro Gadgets Vol.4 features

  • Sampled instruments: Polivox Faemi mini, Concept 2000, Mix Me DJ, Yamaha PS1, Stylophone Woodstyle.
  • 453 24bit mono wav files.
  • 4 Rx2 files.
  • 38 programs for HALion 1.1 and above.
  • 42 programs for NI Kontakt 1.2 and above.

Retro Gadgets Vol.4 is available for download for $25 USD (+$11 USD for optional CD/DVD-rom).

More information: Precisionsound / Retro Gadgets Vol.4


de la Mancha releases styrofoam

de la Mancha styrofoam

de la Mancha has released styrofoam, a freeware stylophone emulation VST instrument for Windows PC.

styrofoam is a lovingly rendered emulation of the classic ROFL Harris endorsed analog synth of yesteryear. Take a nostaligic stroll in soft-focus, sepia-toned memories, when summers lasted for 16 months and you could still buy Penny Chews for a penny. Bring back the sounds of living room renditions of your favourite hits, in splendid monophonic square-wave glory with this faithful emulation, minus the crappy vibrato, that was, let’s face it, crap.

styrofoam features/non-features

  • one waveform, but a mighty fine one
  • no GUI controls at all
  • 4 presets, covering the full range of cleanliness
  • TruANAL® technology used to provide authentic pitch variation
  • no filters
  • no envelopes
  • no LFOs
  • no mod matrices
  • no crappy vibrato
  • er, that’s it, what more do you want?

Visit de la Mancha for more witty copy information and a link to download styrofoam.