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Sunsine Audio intros Snowflake for Arctic Keys

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Sunsine Audio has announced Snowflake, a collection of 64 original and royalty free presets for Arctic Keys, the virtual analog synth for iPhone and iPad.

Sunsine Audio Snowflake

Utilizing all the features of the instrument these presets deliver everything you need to start making tunes now! From heavy-weight basses to cutting leads and heavenly, angelic pads. We even threw in some drum hits!

Arctic Keys truly delivers sound comparable to a hardware synthesizer. With a high degree of precision and quality sadly lacking in many iOS releases, it raises the bar. We designed these presets with love to showcase this wonderful synth, and we focused on playability rather than on complex Modulation fireworks. What does that mean? It means you get less sci-fi effects and bleeps and more presets you’ll actually use. Re-up now and get jamming!

The Snowflake soundset is available to purchase for $2.49 USD.

Sunsine has also updated its Sinerise Vol 2, which caused Sunrizer XS tpo crash with some presets.

We solved the problem by making 19 new presets for Sunrizer XS! What does this mean? It means Sunrizer XS users get a fully functional bank but it also means Sunrizer users get an extra 19 presets! All users who have already purchased have received an email with the update, and all users who purchase in the future receive these extras! We hope this makes up for any problems encountered!

A bundle of all 8 of iOS soundsets (626 presets in totoal) is now available as well, priced at $19.99 USD.

More information: Sunsine Audio


Sunsine Audio releases GlitchLoops for GlitchBreaks + new factory loops

Sunsine Audio has announced it has partnered with Alex Matheu, to deliver content for the GlitchBreaks loop manipulation tool for iOS.

Anyone who has seen, heard or played with it can vouch for its quality and flexibility. It puts buffer override, scrubbing, beat-juggling, and pitch and time stretching all within the palm of your hand, cheaply. We got so excited about this App we contacted GlitchBreaks about partnering, and the fruit of that can be seen in the 20 new free factory loops we provided for version 1.03.

Sunsine Audio GlitchLoops

We are pleased to premiere our first loop-pack intended for use with GlitchBreaks. Containing 49 high quality abstract 1 bar loops, this pack is designed for the glitchhead who can’t get enough. Already glitchy in their nature these loops will send you spinning off into microcosms of uncontrolled electronic pleasure when paired with GlitchBreaks. Prepare to travel down the rabbit hole, and bring your headlamp because the journey will get dark, dirty and shocking!

All loops are provided in 16-bit as well as high quality 24-bit files, for use in any desktop DAW and numerous other iOS apps.

GlitchLoops features

  • 49 16-bit/44.1 khz Wav files.
  • 49 24-bit/48 khz Wav files.
  • All files tagged with BPM (tempo) and initials.
  • Installation Instructions for GlitchBreaks included.

The GlichLoops pack is available to purchase for $2.99 USD.

More information: Sunsine Audio / GlitchLoops

Available at –


Dubstep Exciter bass presets for Massive by Sunsine Audio

Sunsine Audio has announced Dubstep Exciter, a soundset featuring 64 bass presets for the Massive software synthesizer by Native Instruments.

Sunsine Audio Dubstep Exciter

Each one of these new presets has been sculpted and crafted with a fine attention to detail and presence, including mapping of dynamic modulators like velocity to ensure a moving, expressive sound. In addition, all 8 Macro knobs are programmed with important routings on every single preset!

With a set of tools like this, it’s not hard to sculpt and perfect your own sound. If you like it dirty and want to make it shake this pack is for you! While being perfect for Dubstep this pack will find favor in any modern or urban style, from exploratory Hip Hop, Electro, and Glitch to D&B, House, IDM, Pop and many others. Any producer seeking a massive injection of sub-bass should be pleasantly surprised, and their neighbors will be absolutely pissed! Most presets can play double duty as leads or pads as well. Get nasty, and knock the block down now.

The soundset is available to purchase for the introductory price of $11.89 USD until June 30th, 2012 (30% off regular $16.99 USD).

More information: Sunsine Audio / Dubstep Exciter


More sounds for Sunrizer: Sinerise Vol 2 by Sunsine Audio

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Sunsine Audio has announced Sinerise Vol 2, the second installment in the Sinerise series from Sunsine Audio for Sunrizer Synth, containing 128 new presets.

Sunsine Audio Sunrizer Vol 2

Following in the steps of our bestselling Sinerise Vol 1, Vol 2 doubles the fun, providing 128 new, original and 100% royalty-free presets. Improves upon the first set in every way including better leveling between presets, more usable Mod Wheel transformations, and twice as many sounds!

Massive basses, creamy pads, acid-style glides, cutting leads, arpeggios, stabs, hits and much more! Unleash the hidden power of Sunrizer and start composing immediately by expanding your library of sounds now! Every preset can be transformed with the Mod Wheel and all are labeled with our initials (S.A.) for easy recognition. Includes easy installation instructions.

Compatible with both IPad (Sunrizer) and IPhone (Sunrizer XS) with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later.

The soundset is available to purchase for $4.99 USD.

More information: Sunsine Audio / Sinerise Vol 2


To DX With Love + Casino Soundsets for iOS Synthesizers released

Sunsine Audio To DX With Love & Casino

Sunsine Audio has released two new soundsets: To DX With Love for DXi and Casino for the Cassini synth for iOS.

Sunsine Audio’s love letter to the glorious world of 80s FM. 64 presets for the DXi iOS synthesizer, utilizing every feature of the instrument. From bright, bell-like, and cutting to dark, fuzzy and rich, these presets emphasize everything desirable about FM.

One of our favorite new synths for the iOS, Cassini is very powerful and sounds great but unfortunately doesn’t come loaded with a good deal of sounds. Casino is our response – 59 high quality presets showcasing this synths strengths, namely its ability for deep, rich evolving sounds and extensive, dynamic modulation. Thick basses, ethereal pads, glitchy “arp-chord” chiptune, vintage replications – we even threw in a oldschool gunshot!

The soundsets are available to purchase for $2.49 USD each.

More information: Sunsine Audio


Sunsine Audio releases Geometry

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Sunsine Audio has announced Geometry, its first sample library.

Sunsine Audio Geometry

Organic alien textures and timbres, solid-hybrid beats, soulful keys, naturally plastic drums, complex rhythms, and future inducing morphed samples for any modern music, from dubstep and avantgarde hiphop to post-rock and modern jazz.

Sunsine Audio is pleased to announce Geometry – our premiere royalty free sample series. The first set in the series contains over 70 loops, all delivered at 87bpm for maximum flexibility. All loops were recorded at 24bit 48 khz for sharp definition and clarity, and all run 8 bars in length. Put end to end that is over 26 minutes of music (and less than ten cents a loop)! Look no further for an affordable modern loop series. Take a lesson in Geometry now.

Geometry features

  • 100% Original and Royalty Free
  • 24 Bit, 48khz, Wav Files.
  • Compatible with all major music software including iOS apps.
  • 71 Loops at 87bpm.
  • Over 400 Megabytes of content.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $6.99 USD.

More information: Sunsine Audio / Geometry


Sunsine Audio releases iOS preset pack bundle

Sunsine Audio iOS preset pack

Sunsine Audio has announced the release of the iOS preset pack, combining three of its products into a reduced price bundle.

The three products include:

  • Animation Vol 1 for Animoog.
  • Sinerise Vol 1 for Sunrizer and Sunrizer XS.
  • Chrysalis Vol 1 for Crystal Synth XT and Crystal Synth desktop.

Animation contains 130 presets, Sinerise contains 64 presets, and Chrysalis contains 67 presets for a total of 261 presets. Priced at $7.99 that works out to less than 3 cents a preset, or a saving of $1.98 overall. They are offering this bundle only for a limited time, and all of the products are available separately. Audio demos of all three products and free preview packs of Animation and Sinerise are also available.

Sunsine asl oannounced announced a partnership with Glitchbreaks to provide free factory loops for an upcoming update.

They’ve dropped the price of Glitchchip Vol 1 to only $8.99 from $14.99. We’ve heard rumors of a new sample pack but they’re being secretive, and wouldn’t reveal any information but did say they are hard at work on a slew of new iOS preset packs. They also revamped their website, making it much easier to download the free previews and are offering an incentive coupon to anyone reading this, %10 off any purchase using this code – tenpercent

More information: Sunsine Audio