SuperMegaUltraGroovy and toastycode announce TapeDeck 1.5 + Holiday Sale

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SuperMegaUltraGroovy TapeDeck

SuperMegaUltraGroovy has announced the release of TapeDeck 1.5, the long-awaited sequel to the powerful and fun audio recorder for Mac OS X.

This new release adds support for high-resolution Retina displays, and improved YouTube uploading with high definition output. Just in time for the holidays, you can purchase TapeDeck 1.5 for only $4.99 US (regular MSRP $19.99 US) for a limited time at

“When TapeDeck first launched in 2008, we worked hard to make an application that took full advantage of Core Animation to deliver a delightful user experience,” said Chris Liscio, SuperMegaUltraGroovy’s founder. “Now with the new Retina displays, we can continue delivering that experience at an even higher fidelity.”

As its predecessor, TapeDeck 1.5 features the cool retro interface reminiscent of an 80’s tape recorder. It offers a quick-capture workflow, allowing you to automatically save your recording as soon as you hit STOP. Using the Apple Lossless Audio Codec, TapeDeck captures its High Quality recordings with full fidelity, ensuring that your musical ideas are kept intact when moved to Garage Band or Logic.

“TapeDeck is such a popular application with songwriters, physicians, students, musicians, teachers,” says Liscio. “The user base is very diverse,and always growing. This release embraces Apple’s newest OS technologies in order to continue delivering its delightful and unique experience to a growing pool of diverse Mac users.” TapeDeck 1.5 requires a Mac running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, and also adds support for Apple’s Sandboxing security feature while also adopting other new technologies under the hood. In addition, this update includes many performance and stability improvements.

Changes in TapeDeck v1.5

  • TapeDeck now supports the Retina display, and it looks great.
  • Uploading to YouTube is improved: Now with HD videos.
  • TapeDeck is now a sandboxed application.
  • Performance has been improved for large collections of tapes.
  • Scrolling behavior is much better in the tape box.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.

TapeDeck is available for $4.99 USD for a limited time, a 75% discount off its regular price of $19.99 USD.

More information: TapeDeck


SuperMegaUltraGroovy updates Capo for iOS to v1.2

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SuperMegaUltraGroovy has announced the release of Capo 1.2 for iOS, which adds audio effects that help users learn their favorite music by ear.

SuperMegaUltraGroovy Capo for iOS

Capo 1.2’s mono re-mixing effect allows music students to isolate the left or right channel in their learning materials. For instance, a student learning to play the saxophone might have practice songs that contain a saxophone panned to the left, with the rest of the band panned to the right of the song. The student can now choose to slow down and learn the saxophone part on its own, or play along with the band.

Most importantly, Capo’s powerful vocal reduction effect from the Mac app has been brought to the iOS platform. This helps singers practice along with their favorite songs, and allows instrumentalists to push the vocals out of the way while learning to play their favorite parts.

“Users have emailed me repeatedly about the effectiveness of Capo’s vocal reduction feature on the desktop,” says Chris Liscio, SuperMegaUltraGroovy’s founder. “It was clear that I needed to bring this technology to the mobile version as soon as possible.”

Capo 1.2 also includes a 10-band equalizer that allows frequencies to be better separated while trying to learn parts that are difficult to hear in a full song. Bass players often use the equalizer effect, as it allows them to focus on the low end of a song without being distracted by the rest of the instruments.

Capo 1.2 is available now from the iTunes App Store for $20 USD. Existing Capo customers can update Capo for free from the App Store app on their devices, or using iTunes.

More information: SuperMegaUltraGroovy / Capo for iOS


Capo Software Wins 2011 Apple Design Award

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SuperMegaUltraGroovy Capo

SuperMegaUltraGroovy, makers of innovative music tools for Mac, is celebrating their 2011 Apple Design Award by offering a 20% discount on all purchases made from June 15 through June 30, 2011.

“In addition to positive customer feedback, winning an Apple Design Award tells us that we’re on the right track with Capo software,” said Chris Liscio, SuperMegaUltraGroovy’s founder. “We encourage our customers to take advantage of the discount to add the iPhone/iPad App or welcome new customers to discover a great way to learn music at their desk or on the go.”

The award was given to SuperMegaUltraGroovy at a ceremony held during the 2011 Apple World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) held earlier this month in San Francisco. Capo won in the Mac Developer Showcase category.

Available in a desktop version for Mac OS 10.6 as well as a mobile version for iPad, a 32GB 3rd-generation iPod touch, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or 4th-generation iPod touch with iOS 4.0 or later, Capo is a powerful, modern tool that helps users learn to perform their favorite music using the original recording. Capo makes it easy to adjust the speed of a song to learn it at individual comfort levels as well as pitch to learn songs in the key of a particular instrument. It can detect chords in real-time without pre-analysis, can create a loop to practice difficult passages and can save markers, loops, pitch and speed settings so musicians can work on a song over multiple sessions.

Capo for Mac is available for $40 USD, 20% off the MSRP of $49 USD through June 30, 2011. Capo 2.1 for iOS is available for $16 USD, 20% off the MSRP of $20 USD through June 30, 2011.

More information: SuperMegaUltraGroovy / Capo


SuperMegaUltraGroovy releases Capo 2.1

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SuperMegaUltraGroovy Capo

SuperMegaUltraGroovy has released version 2.1 of Capo, an innovative music learning software for Mac.

In this release, Capo has gained the ability to export MIDI transcription data, the waveform representation of audio has returned, and playback commands can now be controlled via learned keystrokes or external MIDI hardware.

Changes in Capo v2.1.1

  • The waveform display has now been re-integrated into the UI, and now serves as the primary loop interaction area (i.e. Where you will do your clicking to set/modify loop points.)
  • You can now export MIDI files from Capo (File > Export Note Entries…), for use in other applications such as Guitar Pro, Sibelius, Logic, etc.
  • Playback commands may now be re-mapped using either keyboard or MIDI devices.
  • Using Control > Go To Time…, you can now type in a point in time to jump to.
  • Dropping, and clicking on chord markers now plays the chord.
  • The note you are hovering over in the spectrogram is now displayed at the left-hand side of the spectrogram view, along with the existing C1, C2, … markers.
  • Spectrograms, waveforms, and chromagrams are now all cached after they’re successfully calculated. Now slower systems don’t have to suffer (and eat battery) each time a song is loaded.
  • An improved spectrogram processing front-end now uses a limiter to pull up quieter sections of audio, and keeps loud sections as they are. This results in a “hotter” spectrogram overall, but provides better balance to widely dynamic classical pieces.
  • When working with audio files at rates beyond 44.1kHz, the MIDI playback no longer sounds out of tune.
  • Capo’s chord detection now correctly reflects the combination of tuning changes and capo settings.
  • Added missing standard tunings for 5-String Bass, and Banjo.
  • The spectrogram now takes into account both channels of stereo audio equally.
  • Dragging loops now snaps precisely to marker locations.

Capo 2.1 is available now as a free update to all 2.0 customers, and is still a $19 USD upgrade for 1.x users. Capo can be purchased for $49 USD.

More information: SuperMegaUltraGroovy / Capo


SuperMegaUltraGroovy updates Capo to v1.1, iPad support

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SuperMegaUltraGroovy Capo

SuperMegaUltraGroovy has released version 1.1 of Capo, an app which allows musicians to choose music from their iTunes library and learn how to play it by ear.

Version 1.1 includes full support for iPad as well as improved graphics for current generation iPhone and iPod touch.

“Since it’s release on the iOS platform, musicians can use Capo behind the drum kit, to the piano, into the practice room, and to rehearsal,” says Chris Liscio, the company’s founder. “With support for the iPad, musicians can learn music on various sized devices to fit their needs – the desktop version in the studio, at home, or in the dorm room, and the mobile version for use on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.”

Capo 1.1 allows musicians to slow the music down to a tempo that’s comfortable for them to play, change the pitch to match their tuning or range, insert markers, and set loops, helping to quickly learn specific passages or riffs. Capo can load songs directly from the iTunes library or from the currently playing track in the iPod application. The iPad’s larger screen makes it easy for two musicians to use the app at one, great for bands as well as teachers and students.

Funk, Jazz, and R&B bass player extraordinaire Rodney “Skeet” Curtis, currently on tour with Maceo Parker said, “With this great app I was finally able to go back and learn some of my old solos,” said “Well worth the price if you serious about digging into that solo or riff that you’ve always wanted to take a crack at.”

Capo 1.1 is available to purchase on the iTunes App Store for $19.99 USD. Customers who have bought version 1.0 will get iPad functionality for free.

More information: Capo


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