Intermorphic releases Mixtikl V1

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Intermorphic Mixtikl V1

Intermorphic has released Mixtikl V1, a powerful & integrated suite of music making applications with integrated Noatikl generative music engine & Partikl modular synth.

Create on mobile & finish on Mac/PC. Or perhaps vice-versa. The Mixtikl VST & AU Sequencer plugins bring you the freedom to choose.

Mixtikl V1 features

  • IT’S OPEN & FUN: Use your own content, add-on Paks, Tiklpaks.
  • For: Mobile phone / cellphone / smartphone; Pocket PC / PDA.
  • For: “PC” (Personal Computer – Mac OS X & Windows XP).
  • VST / AU plugin version for Desktop Music Sequencer.
  • Capture / mix / work on content on the move on your mobile.
  • Move your mixes between mobile and PC and back again.
  • Use audio loops, MIDI, generative music & modular synthesis.
  • Performer‘ app – Perform music on your mobile.
  • Remixer‘ app – Create quick mixes, and mix and match sounds.
  • Partikl‘ app – Sound and FX design, exporting mix files
  • Player‘ app – Play lists of Ogg, MIDI and generative music.
  • Pitch shift your loops and apply a range of realtime FX.
  • Sound generators include a DLS MIDI Synth and a powerful modular synth.
  • Modulatable FX units include: filter, reverb, chorus, delay, compressor, overdrive, amp, EQ.
  • Includes integrated Noatikl generative music engine.
  • Acts as VST or AU plugin in your VST/AU enabled sequencer.
  • Incorporates over 750k lines of code!
  • More fun than words can convey : try it yourself and explore!

Pricing starts at $9.99 for the mobile versions, and at launch Intermorphic is also unveiling a number of special offers and bundles for Mixtikl as well as all its products. 30 day full save trial versions are available from the Mixtikl download page. Versions for Symbian, iPhone and Antix Game Player are to follow from early 2009.

More information: Intermorphic


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