Puremagnetik releases alphaSynth sound library

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Puremagnetik has released alphaSynth, a library of old-school sounds captured from an early Apple home computer with an Alpha Syntauri music system.

Puremagnetik alphaSynth

The Alpha Syntauri was a music system designed around the expansion capabilities of the Apple ][. The hardware consisted of an external piano-style keyboard, with a 3-card set that plugged into the Apple ][, including a keyboard interface card, and the two-board Mountain Computer Music System. Software was designed to support music composition and performance.

Puremagnetik has captured the 8-bit charm of this early home computer music system and reprogrammed everything for the modern music workstation.

Whether you are looking for aliased chippy sounds, lo-fi leads or quirky percussion, alphaSynth brings one of the best things about 1982 right to your desktop!

alphaSynth features

  • Over 20 multi-sampled instruments with expressive articulations.
  • Hundreds of expertly recorded multi-samples.
  • Advanced Ableton Live Racks with customized Macro Controls.
  • Kontakt KSP easy edit GUI.
  • Logic EXS version includes Channel Strip Settings with Logic effects.
  • EXS Universal file format for easy importing into any audio host.

The alphaSynth micropak is now available to download for Puremagnetik subscribers.

More information: Puremagnetik / alphaSynth


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