Synth Programs releases Grain Field

Synth Programs Grain Field

Synth Programs has released Grain Field, a collection of 64 patches for Rhino 2 by Big Tick.

Daniel Maurer writes:

An exciting bank that uses samples from a type of synthesis not found in my previous banks; grain generation.

New waves include animals, acoustic instruments, vintage digital synths and more. By combining with FM and Rhino’s deep modulation possibilities, most of the patches have a morph slider which alters the patches, sometimes subtly, sometimes drastically, giving access to almost double the timbers.

Grain Field is available for purchase for $13.50 USD.

More information: Synth Programs


Synth Programs releases Scanned Synth Pro Bank 1

Human Sound Systems Scanned Synth Pro 2

Daniel Maurer of Synth Programs has released SSP Bank 1, a collection of 128 patches for Scanned Synth Pro.

Daniel writes:

Scanned Synth Pro is a very capable instrument, but is a little more difficult to program than the average synth. Being one of the original sound designers for the factory presets, I’ve come to know this jewel quite well and would like to offer my first set of 128 programs.

Included in the bank are a variety of solo and section strings, trumpets, French horns, saxes, flutes, harmonicas, organs with rotating speaker effects, plucked strings, pianos, guitars, basses and, of course, the interesting synth sounds it is best known for.

All the sounds have parameters assigned to the modulation wheel, aftertouch and velocity; sometimes dramatically, sometimes subtly. This will add a ton of expression to your playing. Also, all the sounds are sorted by category to make finding what you want quick and easy.

SSP Bank 1 is available for purchase for $13 USD.

Visit Synth Programs for more information and a demo mp3.