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Noisecrux releases free Synth1 Preset Bank

Noisecrux Synth1 Preset Bank

Noisecrux has released the Synth1 Noisecrux Preset Bank, a free collection 128 presets for the Synth1 software synthesizer by Ichiro Toda.

I have built a library of presets over time and now I’ve decided to share some of my favourite ones.

This is Synth1 bank of 128 original presets covering basses, leads, keys, pads, FX and percussion sounds.

They are useable for a wide variety of electronic music styles, but probably more oriented towards ambient, chill, drum and bass, glitch or dubstep.

The soundset is a free download at Noisecrux.

More information: Noisecrux / Synth1 Preset Bank


Ichiro Toda intros Synth1 for iOS

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Ichiro Toda has posted a teaser screenshot of iPhone and iPad versions of Synth1, the popular freeware synthesizer plugin.

Synth1 for iOS

synth1開発は思うように進んでないけど、来年の春までにはiPhone/iPad版をリリースしたい。その前にMac AU版を出さないとな。そしてその前にsubversionのセットアップしないとな!


My Japanese isn’t too great, but it seems that an iOS version of Synth1 is scheduled for release in Spring 2013.

More information: Ichiro Toda


Rage free Synth1 soundset by Emerge Audio

Emerge Audio has announced the release of Rage, a soundset for the Synth1 software synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

Rage for Synth1

Emerge Audio proudly presents a new free soundbank of 40 patches for Ichiro Toda Synth1.

It contains basses, arps, pads and other presets. They are categorized and available for free download.

Rage is a free download (no registration required).

More information: Emerge Audio


The Analog Dream Soundbank for Synth1 by TNK

TNK aka Philippe Meisburger has released the Analog Dream Soundbank, a collection of 128 patches for Ichiro Toda’s Synth1 software synthesizer.

Demo video for the Analog dream soundbank for Ichiro Toda’s Daichi labs Synth1 VSTi.

I hope you’ll enjoy those carfully crafted patches, and that you’ll have fun and that you’ll do great music with them :-)

It contains 128 sounds in various genres : leads, pads, basses, keys, FXs,…

The soundset is a free download.

The Analog Dream Soundbank Download size: 1.49 MB

More information: TNK Music


Ichiro Toda updates Synth1 to v1.12

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Ichiro Toda Synth1

Ichiro Toda has released version 1.12 of Synth1, a freeware virtual synthesizer plug-in for Windows.

Changes in Synth1 v1.12

  • External bank (ZIP file):
    • Now able to read ZIP file of compressed .sy1 files.
    • Now able to select it from the patch selection window of Synth1 only by putting the zip file on the external bank folder (default is “zipbank”).
    • Two or more folders can be included in one zip file with the hierarchy.
    • It is not possible to write it in an external bank. It is only for reading.
  • The preservation place of the set up information was changed from the Windows registry to the ini file:
    • The event that the set up information was not preserved on 64-bit OS or it was not possible to refer occurred.
    • Therefore, when the setting of existing Synth1 is succeeded, it is necessary to execute set succession tool (reg2ini.exe).
    • The ini file is “APPDATA\Daichi\Synth\synth1.ini”.
  • GUI:
    • The method of selecting the bank in the patch selection window corresponding an external bank was changed to the tree view form.
    • Memo (readme.txt) of each bank folder was confirmed and it preserved it in the patch selection window.
    • It was able to be set whether to use a transparent window on the patch selection screen etc. by an optional dialog.
  • Sound Engine: High-pass/Low-pass filter was added to Delay’s feedback loop.
  • BugFix: Problem that slider was displayed in LCD parts at setting that doesn’t use slider window.

Synth1 is available to download as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Ichiro Toda / Synth1


Ichiro Toda updates Synth1 to v1.11

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Ichiro Toda Synth1

Ichiro Toda has released version 1.11 of Synth1, a free VST synthesizer instrument for Windows.

Changes in Synth1 v1.11

  • Sound Engine:
    • The sub oscillator was added:
      • The same pitch as oscillator1 or one octave under can be selected.
      • When OSC1 is eight multiple unison, the sub-oscillator becomes similar, too.
      • FM modulation also influences the sub-oscillator as well as OSC1.
      • The sub-oscillator doesn’t influence the AM modulation.
      • When the amount of the sub-oscillator is raised, the entire volume is automatically adjusted not to grow.
      • The wave pulse of the sub-oscillator always becomes a square wave regardless of a pulse width parameter.
    • The saw wave was changed from rising type to the descent type:
      • To operate the sub-oscillator effectively, it changed.
      • The amplitude value by 0 phases changed from 0 to +1.
    • The accuracy of the envelope of Amplifier has been improved.
    • The limiter algorithm of Filter is changed, and the noise has been improved only a little.
    • The performance of OSC1 at eight unisons has been improved a little.
  • System requirements:
    • It did not operate in CPU that did not support SSE2:
      • It seems to cause the expansion of the source code when keeping supporting it any further. To our regret, it was assumed operation off the subject.
      • The error message is displayed in the upper part of the panel when operating with CPU that doesn’t correspond, and the sound is not generated.
  • Small improvement and change of GUI:
    • A part of objection of the parameter name was corrected.
    • The patch selection window etc. were shut with the escape key.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Problem of operation of sustaining pedal.
    • Problem that old FM setting value remained at voice trigger.
    • Problem that loudness at unison has changed in old version.
    • Problem that gain knob of Amplifier did not occasionally work.
    • Problem that patch change with program change spin button was not made good after it writes it in another bank.
    • Problem with thing that Synth1 window flickers according to environment.
    • Problem that position where parameter selection window etc. are displayed does clip to primary monitor in multi-monitor environment.

Synth1 is available to download as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Ichiro Toda / Synth1


Ichiro Toda updates Synth1 to v1.10

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Ichiro Toda Synth1

Ichiro Toda has released version 1.10 of Synth1, a free synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

The version history for v1.10 shows some more improvements and fixes.

Changes in Synth1 v1.10

  • The switch which chose the right or wrong of the patch choice from the vst host GUI was added to an optional dialogue.
    • The phenomenon that patch choice mechanism of the vst host side became unstable in occurred frequently. It is the result that expanded the number of the banks to 100. The switch is a thing to avoid this phenomenon.
    • When this switch is on, tone choice is possibility from the vst host GUI; (as before). However, depending on the vst host, a patch is not chosen, and there is a thing kept waiting for several seconds.
    • When this switch is off, you cannot choose a patch from vst host GUI. However, the trouble mentioned above does not occur.
    • It is by default off.
  • BugFix
    • The problem that pingpong delay did not become effective.
    • The problem that failed in the conversion of the patch of Synth1 of the old version.
    • The problem that a patch name did not synchronize with a VST host between Synth1 well.
    • When did over of a mouse in voice status; the problem that mouse shape became the hand shape.

Synth1 is available to download as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: Ichiro Toda / Synth1