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The Interruptor updates free VST plug-ins

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The Interruptor has released updates for its Bionic Delay, Analogic Delay, Dub Siren, Wow & Flutter, Echolive, and Echomania plug-ins for Windows.

The Interruptor Echomania
Echomania is capable of stereo delays, ping pong delays, multitap delays and complex delay textures.

Changes in plugins

  • MIDI Learn: Each control can be automated via MIDI controllers. To assign a controller right-click on a control then choose “Learn” from the pop-up menu and twiggle the hardware controller you want to assign. Alternatively choose “Unlearn” or “Edit..” to assign a controller from a list.
  • Rebuilt with the current version of SynthEdit. This improves performance on recent PC systems.
  • Echomania: Added delay time smoothing to prevent digital clicks when switching delay times.

The Interruptor plug-ins are available for Windows PC (VST) at no cost.

More information: The Interruptor


Meesha Damatriks free virtual modular synthesizer for Windows

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Meesha has released Damatriks, a free modular synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

Damatriks is a “classic” modular synthesizer system VST plugin, inspired by the modular analog synths.

With many different modules in place, endless creativity is guaranteed. These modules can be patched using a CV (control voltage) matrix module, creating complex CV patches.

Meesha Datmatriks
Damatriks virtual modular synthesizer built with SynthEdit (Windows VST only).

Datmatriks features

  • Many different modules: MIDI/cv, vco type 1 (2), vco type 2, vco link (sync/Xmod), mixer (with noise gen), envelope type 1 (2), vca type 1, filter type 1, filter type 2, delay, phaser, clock (with multiplier), stepsequencer, lfo type 1, lfo type 2, s/h, cv mixer, cv matrix 9->14, output.
  • Endless patch possibilities.
  • Great analoge sound and feel.
  • Double rack space.
  • Audio path is hard wired.
  • Monophonic.

The plug-in is a free download (Windows VST).

More information: Meesha / Damatriks


Fretted Synth releases SafFronSE SoundFont synth plug-in

Fretted Synth has released SafFronSE, a free SoundFont synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows.

SafFronSE is an update to the original SafFron MIDI triggered sound font synth with a beautiful UI by Vera Kinter (ArtVera)

Fretted Synth SafFronSE
Fretted Synth SafFronSE

New in SafFronSE

  • Made with the current version of SynthEdit (should fix use of multiple instances of SafFron).
  • Can now load sound fonts with layers and velocity splits.
  • Load up to three sound fonts with separate controls for on\off, level, pan, course and fine tuning.
  • Updated filter with separate envelopes for cutoff and resonance.
  • Added a five band equalizer and limiter (the limiter is only designed to work with fast peaks, pushing it too hard with sustained material will result in a not pretty distortion).
  • Updated all of the effects.

SafFron SE is available to download as a freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows.

SafFronSEDownload size: 3.7 MB

More information: Fretted Synth


Chris Kerry releases X-Jupitae and Multi-FX, VST plugins

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Chris Kerry X-Jupitae
Chris Kerry Multi-FX

Chris Kerry has released X-Jupitae, a virtual synthesizer instrument plug-in for Windows, and Multi-FX a separate unit from the multi effects featured in X-Jupitae.

X-Jupitae features

  • 3 powerful dual voice ‘Flexi’ oscillators (Xmod, FM, PhaseDist, Ringmod etc).
  • Dual multi-mode filters, series, parallel or independent. (12, 24, 36, 48+ db).
  • 4 freely assignable Graphic 8 stage multi-contour envelopes with one-shot and repeating options.
  • Very flexible modulation options – up to 4 modulators each (Pitch, Pan, Cutoff, Amp etc).
  • Performance based:- Ribbon and XY Pad controllers, great for live sound manipulation.
  • 28 note polyphony (unrestricted), Polyphony Limiting option (removes voice stealing clicks and limits CPU), Mono mode.
  • Interactive 32 step 12 note pattern arpeggiator.
  • Multi-FX section: Degrader, Limiter/Distortion, Eq, Ensemble, Auto-Panner, Stereo Imaging, Chorus(2v), Echo(5tap), Reverb.
  • Compact User interface using Paged panels.

Multi-FX features

  • Stereo Gate.
  • Stereo Compressor.
  • Stereo Degrader (3 modes).
  • Stereo Limiter/Distortion.
  • Stereo 3 Band EQ.
  • ‘True’ Stereo Reverb.
  • Ensemble.
  • Chorus 2, 3 or 4 voice.
  • 5 Tap Echo with Pre or Feedback Filtering.
  • Auto Panner.
  • Stereo Imaging (Centre and Side).
  • Compact User interface using Paged panels.

X-Jupitae is available to purchase for £10 GBP, Multi-FX is £6 GBP. Both are available as VST plug-ins for Windows PC.

More information: CK Modules


de la Mancha Noise ‘n’ Bass Pack, special offer on 4 synth plugins for Windows

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de la Mancha Noise 'n' Bass Pack

de la Mancha has announced a special offer on the Noise ‘n’ Bass Pack, a bundle of 4 synthesizer instrument plug-ins for Windows.

Until the 03 Aug 2010, the Noise ‘n’ Bass pack is reduced in price to only $30

This saves $33 off the price of buying the plugins individually and $18 off the normal bundle price

Noise ‘n’ Bass Pack includes:

  • bassbomb – monophonic bass synth
  • dirty harry – lofi noisemaker
  • subhuman – sub-bass specialist
  • PULS – squarewave quirky synth

Note: The plug-ins were recently updated to SynthEdit 1.1 (except Subhuman) which elimates any potential problems of multiple instance on some multi-core CPUs.

More information: de la Mancha


de la Mancha updates plugins (SynthEdit v1.1), fixes multi-core CPU issues

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de la Mancha SynthEdit 1.1

de la Mancha has announced that some of its plugins have been updated using SynthEdit version 1.1.

Some users with multicore processors and certain hosts have reported issues when trying to load multiple instances of the same SynthEdit plugin.

This update eliminates any problems of multiple plugin instances with some multi-core CPUs.

More details here:

Updated de la Mancha plug-ins

  • GTO/GTX/GTA/GTS Compressors.
  • QB-3 Vintage EQ.
  • dirty harry lofi synth (also includes additional features with more dirt types, more lofi options, arp octave range and additional presets).
  • bassbomb bass monosynth.
  • PULS lofi synth.

The Vintage Colour and Noise ‘n’ Bass bundles are also updated for these plugins.

Existing customers will get free updates, with download links being sent out currently and over the next days. In the near future, some of the other de la Mancha plug-ins will also be updated.

More information: de la Mancha


Jeff McClintock updates SynthEdit to v1.1850

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Jeff McClintock SynthEdit

Jeff McClintock has released version 1.1850 of SynthEdit, a modular plug-in development environment for Windows.

Designed for Windows XP and Vista, with SynthEdit you can design your own Soft Synth from the ground up. Drag and drop modular components, connect them with virtual “patch cords”.

Want to share your synth with others? SynthEdit’s Save-as-VST function makes your own VST plugin synth or effect. Use your synth in major DAWs like Cubase, Sonar, or Fruityloops Studio.

Explore Virtual Analog synthesis, techniques like Frequency Modulation, Phase Distortion and Sampling. Create your own drum synth or effect unit.

Changes in SynthEdit v1.1

  • Improved multi-core stability.
  • Right click menus – your controls can now have their own customised right click menu.
  • MIDI learn – controls now have learn,unlearn, and manual set MIDI controllers.
  • New MIDI Controllers supported for automation like pitch-bend and note-on.
  • MIDI Tuning Standard support (for micro-tuning).
  • Tool tips.
  • Improved voice stealing – with configurable voice overlap or voice hold back, or soft steal modes.
  • New attractive resizable keyboard module.
  • Full set of conversion modules.
  • New polyphonic scope module.
  • New sample playback modules with choice of interpolation method.
  • MIDI SYSEX support. Controls can send arbitrary SYSEX messages (but can’t receive yet).
  • Smoother animation due to faster screen update rate.
  • Many bug fixes including support for multiprocessor hosts.
  • And for module developers a new version of the SDK with more power to tweak synthedit than ever before.

SynthEdit is available to purchase for Windows PC, priced at $50 USD (excl. VAT). A demo version (non-expiring) can be downloaded from the SynthEdit website.

More information: SynthEdit