K.M. Krebs QM-Synth

QM-Synth by K.M. Krebs is a synth implementing Quantized Modulator (QM) synthesis. Zed @ Synth Of Mine explains Quantized Modulator synthesis: You take a simple wave (sin wave at the picture) with a frequency X … read more

Venuc releases Ansine v2.0 and Disine v2.0

Venuc has released version 2.0 of Ansine and Disine, two freeware VSTi plug-ins made with SynthEdit. Ansine is a virtual analog synthesizer and Disine is a phase distortion / frequency modulation synthesizer. New in v2.0 … read more

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Wizoobooks releases Visual VST/i-Programming

Wizoobooks has released Visual VST/i-Programming, a comprehensive guide to creating VST effects and instruments with SynthEdit. This E-Book (.pdf) was written by: H.G. Fortune (Editor), creator of many cool synths like STS and ProtoPlasm and … read more

O’Malley Sound VSTi

O’Malley Sound released 5 freeware VSTi plugins a few years ago. The O’Malley website is no longer available, so the plugins –2 subtractive, 1 FM, 1 SF2 player, and 1 helicopter synth– are now hosted … read more

Dover Audio plugins

Dover Audio has released a large number of plugins over the past year or so. They are done in SynthEdit and span all kinds of effects and synths. A new one is B.D. Dover, a … read more

Venuc releases Disine v1.0

Venuc has released Disine, a freeware frequency modulation synthesizer created with SynthEdit. Disine features 3 Operators Frequency Modulation synthesis Filter ADSR EG Amp ADSR EG Pitch LFO Buildt-in delay and reverb Mono mode – Glide … read more

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Kriminal releases TWILIGHT VSTi

Kriminal, who helped in the development of the first Karnage synth by Krakli, has released a number of plugins over the past few weeks. The latest synth is TWILIGHT, a freeware synth featuring 2 OSC’s … read more

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Venuc releases Ansine v1.0

Venuc has released Ansine, a freeware virtual analog synthesizer created with SynthEdit. Features 2x VCO – 7 waveforms – Sync Filter ADSR EG Amp ADSR EG Pitch LFO Built-in delay and reverb Mono mode – … read more

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DSK Music plug-ins by Víctor Márquez are created with SynthEdit and SynthMaker and released as freeware for Windows PC. Before you download, please note! You will need software that can host these VST plug-ins. Read … read more

Hosted plug-ins

rekkerd.org hosts several plug-ins which are conveniently listed below. If you are a developer and you need a place for your plug-ins don’t hesitate to drop me a line. Donations are much appreciated. Developer Description … read more

SynthEdit v1.009 beta released

Jeff McClintock has updated SynthEdit to v1.009 beta. SynthEdit is a Modular Synthesizer which allows you to create retail modular audio synthesis software for Microsoft Windows. new Russian translation by Max Brezhestovski fixed ‘Module found … read more

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