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Venuc releases Ansine v2.0 and Disine v2.0

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Venuc Ansine v2.0

Venuc has released version 2.0 of Ansine and Disine, two freeware VSTi plug-ins made with SynthEdit.

Ansine is a virtual analog synthesizer and Disine is a phase distortion / frequency modulation synthesizer.

New in v2.0

  • Improved sound quality
  • HP,LP,BP,BR Multi Filter
  • Filter LFO (Ansine)
  • Hybrid synthesis (Disine)
  • Phase Distortion / Frequency Modulation (Disine)
  • Cool Graphical Interface (Thanks to Artvera knob design)

Visit Venuc for more information, audio demos, and links to download Ansine and Disine v2.0


Wizoobooks releases Visual VST/i-Programming

Wizoobooks has released Visual VST/i-Programming, a comprehensive guide to creating VST effects and instruments with SynthEdit.

Wizoobooks Visual VST/i-Programming

This E-Book (.pdf) was written by:

  • H.G. Fortune (Editor), creator of many cool synths like STS and ProtoPlasm and the X-Wheel of Fortune
  • Peter Schoffhauzer, from Scoofster Audio
  • and David Haupt, well known creator of SynthEdit modules.

The 300-page Visual VST/i-Programming E-Book is available for $14.99 USD / 11.44 EUR. It comes with some resources which can be downloaded from this page.

Visit Wizoobooks for more information.


Dover Audio plugins

Dover Audio has released a large number of plugins over the past year or so. They are done in SynthEdit and span all kinds of effects and synths.

A new one is B.D. Dover, a freeware basskick drum synth. This plugin is capable of some nice bass and club-type sounds as well.

If you’re familiar with Dover’s plugins, you’ll notice this plugin looks a little different than the average Dover Audio plugin.

Normally Dover’s plugins look like kind of plain SynthEdit-ish:

Dover Audio Daisypusher Extended v1.0
Daisypusher Extended v1.0

Thanks to Grymmjack, the B.D. Dover looks like this:

B.D. Dover
B.D. Dover (Grymmjack skin)

Now I’m not saying Dover’s GUIs are crap. Obviously it’s a matter of taste and they have their charm (just like many of Jack Dark’s plugins for instance).
And it’s true that whatever a plugin looks like doesn’t change it’s sound or performance, but it sure makes you think it is better. Seeing a nice GUI like the one on B.D. Dover does persuade me to download it and try it.

Anyway, check the free plugins on Dover Audio’s website for more free plugins. I’m sure you will find something useful.

B.D. Dover doesn’t seem to be on the free plugins page yet, so download it here.


Venuc releases Disine v1.0

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Venuc Disine v1.0

Venuc has released Disine, a freeware frequency modulation synthesizer created with SynthEdit.

Disine features

  • 3 Operators Frequency Modulation synthesis
  • Filter ADSR EG
  • Amp ADSR EG
  • Pitch LFO
  • Buildt-in delay and reverb
  • Mono mode – Glide
  • Designed for live use

Visit Venuc for more information, a few mp3 showcasing the synth and a link to download Disine v1.0.


Kriminal releases TWILIGHT VSTi

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Kriminal, who helped in the development of the first Karnage synth by Krakli, has released a number of plugins over the past few weeks.

The latest synth is TWILIGHT, a freeware synth featuring 2 OSC’s (EVM LightWave), each with its own filter, filter envelope and amp envelope. It also has MOD and Chorus, and LFO controls. According to Kriminal it’s good for delicate/digital/metalic sounds.


Kriminal also released:

  • DANTE, a 2 OSC poly synth
  • KRM-101, a simple synth capable of some cool bass/lead sounds (based on the 80′s Roland SH-101)
  • NIETZSCHE, a basic synth using 2 Unison OSC’s and a Sub OSC
  • SARTRE XT, a 2 OSC synth where each VCO can produce 6 diff waveforms similatneously
  • VOLTAIRE, a simple 1 OSC (saw/sq) monosynth for making old school acid basslines
  • PULSE80R, a 8 OSC synth with pulse waves only
  • KOMBAT, a synth suitable for bass and lead sounds
  • CZAR, a Phase Distortion synth
  • KRM-SFP, a simple Soundfont Player

All these plug-ins are made with SynthEdit. They can be downloaded from Kara-Moon.


Venuc releases Ansine v1.0

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Venuc Ansine v1.0

Venuc has released Ansine, a freeware virtual analog synthesizer created with SynthEdit.


  • 2x VCO – 7 waveforms – Sync
  • Filter ADSR EG
  • Amp ADSR EG
  • Pitch LFO
  • Built-in delay and reverb
  • Mono mode – Glide

The synth comes with a few nice presets.

Visit Venuc for more information, a few mp3 showcasing the synth and a link to download Ansine v1.0.


SynthEdit v1.009 beta released

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SynthEdit Modular Synthesizer

Jeff McClintock has updated SynthEdit to v1.009 beta. SynthEdit is a Modular Synthesizer which allows you to create retail modular audio synthesis software for Microsoft Windows.

  • new Russian translation by Max Brezhestovski
  • fixed ‘Module found twice” message in SE with modules unloaded from a VST plugin
  • translation page link corrected

SynthEdit is available for the Windows platform as shareware which can be registered to enable all features.

Visit SynthEdit for more information and a link to download SynthEdit v1.009 beta.